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Enton Drago
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Enton Drago

Full Name: Enton Drago
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Homeplanet: Unknown

Affiliation: New Sith Empire
-Rank: Grand Admiral

Force Alignment: Darkside/Sith
-Force Rank: Sith Lord/Master

-1x BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol (worn in hip holster)
-1x Combat Knife (worn in right boot when wearing uniform)

-Blade: Single-bladed
-Blade Color: Blue
-Hilt: Simple metallic chrome cylinder with rubberized hand-grips
-Lightsaber Forms:
--Form I:
--Form II: Mastered
--Form III: Mastered
--Form IV: Intermediate
--Form V: Expert
--Form VI: Mastered (Preferred)
--Form VII: Intermediate

Short Biography:
Very little is known about Enton's birth or infancy. Nothing is known about his family. Perhaps he was abandoned as unwanted or perhaps his parents were killed while he was still a baby. He would have ended up in the hands of slavers if he had not been rescued by a NSE military detachment that was raiding a criminal hideout. His strong Force sensitivity was noted by the Sith Knight leading the raid and he was brought to the Sith Temple on Coruscant to receive training the Darkside of the Force, as well as standard primary and secondary schooling.

Academically and in terms of the Force, he excelled. He was a very intelligent and dedicated child, loyal to the Ways of the Sith, especially once it was ingrained in him that horrid life of slavery and degradation he would have been condemned to if he had not been rescued by by the New Sith Empire. He truly believes that the strong government of the NSE is the better form of leadership, able to stamp out crime and corruption, while the weak and decadent Alliance/Republic Remnant is barely able to maintain control within its own borders.

Since had been virtually raised by the Sith and entered training as a young boy and was quite proficient in his studies (both Force-related and the more mundane), he was Knighted at the age of 19 and, because of his academic prowess and his sincere devotion to the New Sith Empire, he was enrolled at the University of Coruscant, double majoring in Galactic History and Sith Philosophy (in other words, learning the more arcane and philosophical basis of Sith ideology/theology) and participating in the university's Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. After earning his undergraduate degree, he was commissioned in the Imperial Navy, although he never actually served aboard a ship or in an active-duty capacity. He would go onto earn his Masters degree in Sith Philosophy and would study various ancient Sith holocrons.

Being a handsome and charismatic--he is commonly called the "Kindly Sith" and is quite popular with the masses, his life story (especially being rescued by the Sith) turned into a fairly popular holo--man and a strong intellectual defender of the New Sith Empire, he quickly became one of the public faces of the New Sith Empire. When a disaster would befall a planet, he would often be the one seen overseeing aide efforts, visiting families, shaking hands and kissing babies. He has served in several diplomatic delegations, representing the Sith quite well and rarely failing.

Obviously, during these times, he was always training. He practiced his lightsaber skills quite frequently although he detests actual combat usually, as well as honing his use of the Force. He even took on an apprentice or two, training future Sith as it were. He loves reading and poring through ancient Sith documents and holocrons and disks. It is no surprise that his academic study of and continual training in the Force would merit him the rank of Sith Lord/Master. Even as the NSE faces certain crises, he remains loyal and he is probably one of the few Sith Lords not gunning for the Imperial Throne or playing political games. In many ways, he is an academic mixed with a man in constant competition with himself.

Very recently, he was appointed Grand Admiral--he is one of those proverbial "political" flag officers--and it is hoped that he will be one of those that can help restore order and stability to the Empire and, since he is an avowed loyalist to the Emperor, help ensure the continued reign of Emperor Drakul.

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Enton Drago
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