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Ben Watts
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                           -Name- Benjamin Shephard Watts

-Faction Affiliation- Jedi

-Profession- Killing Sith bitches. Just kidding, healer. Jedi Knight

-Species- Human

-Age- 22

-Height- 5'10

-Weight- 185

-Appearance- Ben is not a threatening figure at first sight. He is not very tall or very strong looking, but looks can be deceiving. With what he lacks in strength and height he makes up for with speed and agility. He is usually seen wearing very regular robes, preferring to look normal instead of elaborate. He also has a look of a man who is angry and wants to be left alone when in fact he is friendly.

-Distinguishing marks- None.

-Homeworld- Zeltross


Christian Watts - Father - Jedi

Sammi Watts - Mother - Waitress

-Personality- Ben is a hard worker and friendly guy. Sometimes his quest for being perfect makes him a threatening person to be around, but once someone gets to know him he is very friendly and talkative. He enjoys company and prefers it over the solitude that comes with trying to become the best at what he does. He is very loyal and very forgiving, never holding a grudge against anyone. He can forgive anyone for any crime they commit against him, a talent he was born with not something he learned. He is often times hot headed and likes to do things his way instead of how they should be done, he is very hands on and does not like to be told what to do.

-History- Ben was born into a family that, on the outside, seemed very happy. The truth was that it was hard for his father to be with them because he was not supposed to have a child. Ben and his mother were a very well kept secret, which Ben did not know until he was older. He wanted to be a Jedi more than anything when he grew up, but when he found out his father was keeping them a secret, he lost interest in the Jedi. Instead he decided to join the Republic Military. He discovered he had a pretty good knack at messing with demolitions and he became a bomb tech. He did this for about four years without receiving injury but when he realized that the force was in him, it became to much for him to handle and he knew he was going to have to go to the Jedi and seek guidance from them so he could keep his powers under control.

After training for around a year Ben was finally given his chance to become a Jedi Knight. Hes was pitted against fellow apprentice Jason Starkiller and the two were to engage in a battle to see who would be promoted. The fight was one that took a toll on both fighters but in the end both proved to be worthy of the title Jedi Knight and were both promoted. After he was promoted he focused more on the medical side of the force, receiving the training that most doctors would receive and becoming a doctor himself. He opened up his own medical practice where he would look at and heal people for free.

-Strengths- Really his only strength is his bomb defusing skills and the very few things he can do with the force.
-Weaknesses- All the weaknesses that come with being a human.
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Ben Watts
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Sorry for missing it earlier. Added to the bio list!