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Viktor Demaris' Biography
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Personal Information

Name: Viktor Demaris
Age: 27
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Chandrilla
Affiliation: Chandrilla Defense Force, New Sith Empire


Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Character Profile: Viktor is a consummate professional. A certified physician and educated in law, his disdain for non-human races has caused him to seek other less humanitarian sources of employ. Viktor's military background and his xenophobia have caused him to hate most people, but he is a loyal soldier and is ruthless and aggressive in his pursuit of excellence.

Looking to continue the family tradition of excellence to the Empire, Viktor is looking to become an Intelligence Officer. He had studied for years, the exploits of his Uncles and other family members that attended such fine Military Academies as Carida and Corulag. Born into a high class society of Chandrila's elitists, Viktor was given every opportunity and was spoiled as a child. After finishing boarding school, and The Chandrila Academy of Sciences, where he studied both Medicine and Law. He switched to the Brionelle Memorial Military Academy. He graduated top in class and immediately went to work with the Intelligence division of Chandrila's Defence Force. As of late he is looking for a little more challange and has decided to travel to Coruscant to join the Sith Empire's Imperial Intelligence Division.

Viktor is proficient in the use of various types of ranged weaponry, rifles, blasters and explosives as well as a master of stealth. He is quite often found in such outfits as those made of Shadowsilk or other types of stealth aiding armor. Also a consummate professional there is nothing more he loves than wearing a freshly pressed uniform.

(ooc: This is as best as it gets. I have done tons of Bio's over the years and it just gets boring at best so this is what ya get for Viktor. Anything else we'll consider classified or will be revealed in stories.)

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Viktor Demaris' Biography
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