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Dev Jenkins
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Full Name:  Dev Jenkins
Alias:  Maelstrom
Gender: Male
Birthworld:  Chandrilla - Hanna City
Legal  Status:  Wanted - Felony Warrants
Living  Situation:  Aboard ship, various hotels/inns as needed

  Whatever you pay him to do
Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld

Personal Skills:


Street Smart:  Because of his upbringing in a place of business from a young age, as well as his twelve years spent in the criminal underworld, Dev is extremely difficult to scam, con, or otherwise pull one over on.  Within a few moments of talking to someone, he is typically able to pick up on details such as motives, possible ulterior motives, comfort level, and can sometimes manage to come to conclusions about people or situations that allow him an extra edge in conversation or negotiations.  Dev is also able to con the average Joe-Blow without breaking sweat.
Rating:  83

Firearms:  After six years of relentless training and practice under Jax Maxxin, Dev is a crackshot with most any kind of firearm in the galaxy.  He is ambidextrous and accurate up to thirty five feet when shooting from the hip.  Dev can clean, maintain, repair, and modify most blasters as to keep them working in a manner consistent with his needs.
Rating:  94
  Further Specialization:  BlasTech E-11a1 Blaster Rifle
  Rating:  98.5

Brawling:  Dev is not a master of any traditional or formal martial art, though has learned over the years how to throw his weight around in a manner that would resemble a mixed martial art.  There is no clear technique - most of which would be considered terrible to those with formal training  - however taking advantage of his imposing size and mass allow him to strike brutally hard and incorporate effective joint locks.
Rating:  72

Intelligence Quotient:  Though Dev never graduated highschool, Dev possesses an IQ that has gifted him with above average spatial cognition and an ability to think outside the box.
Rating:  77


Alcoholism:  Dev is a functional alcoholic, though can go no longer than two waking  hours (or twenty four total hours) without ingesting alcohol in some form.  Withdrawal symptoms hit him suddenly and accutely, and include, but are not limited to:  shakes, vomitting, headache, joint pain, and extreme anger or panic.
Rating:  - 83

Fitness:  Though Dev appears to be in good shape with large muscles and surprising speed at a short sprint, Dev's endurance leaves much to be desired.  He cannot run further than half a mile without gasping for air, and his muscles tend to give out after approximately an hour of continuous maximum effort.
Rating:  - 76

Lack of Morals:  Dev is as close to amoral as any non-Force-using being in the galaxy can get.  He holds no loyalties aside to himself (and Jax Maxxin, were he to pop up again) and to credits, and can easily be bought so long as the offer is enough to offset any inherent risks of accepting.  This has  degenerated into such a state that if one is not sure how much it would  take to payy Dev off, all they'd need do is ask.
Rating:  - 90
  Underlying Issues:  Lack of Self Worth
  Rating:  - 95


Dev is a loner out of necessity, and one shouldn't expect too much conversation from him nor any favors.  Always on the prowl to make a quick buck, though, he does maintain a certain amount of approachability.  However, Dev is ascerbic, sarcastic, and an otherwise outright nasty piece of work unless he sees an immediate or short-term benefit to being anything but.  Dev prides himself on his reliability, resourcefulness, and otherwise self-sufficient nature.
Dev, however, can always  be bought.  His completely mercenary attitude, for better or for worse,  leaves him with no real feelings of loyalty to just about anybody outside of Jax Maxxin and his now estranged family.  Credits are the only thing that Dev lives for, and as such he is willing to just short of anything for anybody for the right price.  This is a compulsion, a reaction to his inability to forgive himself for having allowed someone to buy not only his, but his family and his father's reputation for a mere 12,500 credits all those years ago.  Finding solace only in the amount of wealth he can accumulate for himself, Dev has a need to "always be hustling."
Dev has also developed, over the course of several years of living under the radar in the illegal underworld, an addiction to alcohol and cigarras.  Complete with shakes, vomitting, and  mood swings until he gets a few drinks and smokes into his system, Dev has managed to keep the extent of his alcoholism under wraps; the few times he's been confronted about his drunkeness, Dev has been able to play it off as simply being rowdy or as a reaction to some traumatic experience he will make up on the spot.

Physical  Stats
Avatar:  Gary Sinise
Height:  6'4"
Weight:  243 pounds
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Dark brown
Other:  Dev is built like the proverbial "brick shit-house" due to years of working as a mechanic and daily strength training.

Known Family:
Significant Other:  n/a
Father:  Harold Jenkins (estranged)
Mother:  Karonn Jenkins (estranged)
Siblings:  n/a
Grandfather(s):  Harold Jenkins Sr (deceased), Major Tomasz Vancuosk (deceased)
Grandmother(s):  Mary Ellen Jenkins (deceased), Colonel Rachelle Vancousk (estranged)

General Appearance:

Dev is a rackishly handsome individual, though the permanent frown and stern expression he wears has barely (albeit already) started to etch lines at the corner of his eyes and on his forehead.  With a neatly trimmed hair style and a clean-shaven face, Dev retains a youthful look regardless of these signs of aging.
Dev's sense of fashion typically has him wearing clothes that do not broadcast his bulky musculature.   Though he does keep up with trends and has a knack for knowing how to make himself look good enough to stand out in a crowd, he is low-key in dress; bright colors or obvious designer logos are a rarity on Dev.


Gear:  Dev recieved his heretofore most prized possession from his mentor and good friend Jax Maxxin:  a completely refurbished suit of polished chrome Crusader MK III Armor, made from the original Mandalorian Iron/Durasteel-alloy Black Sun had developed on Endor in the Death Watch  Bunker.  This came with a stab-proof (aside from vibro weapons and lightsabers, of course) durasteel armorweave to wear beneath.  Though by  no means impervious, the armor and weave combo was highly regarded by Jax in his days with Dev for its durability and ability to stave off several times more damage than typical medium-armor.
This armor was worn by Jax Maxxin throughout his days as a bounty hunter, smuggler, and  outlaw.  The man had watched Dev get grazed by several blaster bolts in  their time together, the younger man never having body armor of his own, and Jax had even watched in horror as Dev took on a vibrosword wiedling opponent during one of their last missions together.  This final incident led Jax to decide to pass the armor along upon his retirement, considering Dev had not only saved his life but also allowed  Jax to fulfill a lifelong yearning for some form of family.  Unwilling to knowingly send the "kid" off on his own without some form of protection, Jax had his armor refurbished on Nar Shaddaa while Dev was out on a weekend bender.  After Dev returned to the ship, the armor was presented to him in its original case, along with the brand new armorweave purchased by Jax as a compliment to the armor itself.

Dev  also wears a reconfigured utility belt:  four d-rings, four compartments.  The d-ring on his right and left hip each hold the upper brace for the tactical pouches his E-11a1's sit within.  Two d-rings are  on the back of the belt, and can be fitted with any type of grenade Dev  may wind up needing for any particular assignment.  Two of the four compartments hold spare powerpacks for the E-11a1's, while the other two  can hold any combination of lock picking tools, a compass, a leatherman-esque multitool, or more powerpacks.

Weapons:  Two (2) BlasTech E-11a1 Blaster Rifles
  One (1) BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle

Ship:  Modified YT-1930 Light Freighter, Shifty Business.  Complete with two servo-mounted double medium laser cannons (dorsal and ventral), and two concussion missile tubes in the fore of both the port and starboard wedges, the ship is quite capable of defending itself  long enough to bail out of any particularly sticky situation.  The hyperdrive has been upgraded to a .75 rating, while the backup has been beefed up to a class 3; this allows Dev to meet any kind of timetable he  is presented with, and often allows him the speed needed to outrun any type of pursuit he may encounter.
The limited AI and operating system  of the ship was modified by Jax Maxxin, allowing a single crewman the ability to control both the duties of the gunner and of the pilot.   Along with this comes a military grade stealth package, also installed by Jax, that allows the Shifty Business the ability to either modulate its shielding as to avoid detection by most common-place military and civilian sensor arrays aside from visual and heat scans, or  to simply use a feedback loop wired through the transciever to decode the affiliation and denotation (civilian or military) of the ship performing the scan, and send back actual registration numbers for other  YT-1930's or allow the pilot to choose any known registration number from almost two-thirds of the registered ships in the galaxy.  The shielding array has also been replaced with a more hefty model, allowing  approximately 50% more protection than the stock system.
The Shifty Business  has also been modified with numerous hidden compartments, allowing Dev the ability to smuggle contraband without risk of detection by a visual inspection or basic scan.  These include:

A compartment two-thirds of the way down the starboard maintenance crawlway, the faceplate of which is flush with the wall behind the wiring-harness for the sub-light yaw controls.  This faceplate detaches and reveals a small  box shaped storage cabinet, allowing approximately 8-cubic feet of empty space (2ft length x 2ft width x 2ft heighth).

Two compartments on both the port and starboard sides of the gunwells.   These are the largest of the hidden areas, almost offering the same amount of space as would one of the actual living-cabins.  Approximately  200 cubic feet of open, climate controlled space is available on either  side.  (8ft length x 3ft width x 7 ft heighth).  The removable hatch to  each of these units is approximately two inches of durasteel coated in a  polymer designed to keep simple scanners (those typically used by busy customs officials) from reading anything but the ambient temperature of the ship itself and the durasteel of the "wall."

A final compartment can be found in the captain's cabin, just behind the bed.   This is the smallest of the units, and is more for personal use than actual smuggling.  This compartment only offers four cubic feet of storage, but is also climate controlled.  (12in length x 8in width x 6in  hieghth)

Vehicle:  Bespin Motors JR-4 Swoop


Dev Jenkins was born to a very normal family in the quiet city of Hanna,  capitol of Chandrilla.  His father, Harold, was a swoop mechanic who was well respected in the community for both the excellent work of his hands and the affordable, sometimes almost charitable, rates he charged.  Karonn, his mother, was a journalist for the Chandrillan Journal, a small paper based in the city for which she wrote a daily column regarding nightlife and food.  Both Harold and Karonn treasured their little boy, and Dev was never denied love or affection.  He eagerly helped his father around the shop, and would always listen to his mother's dissertations on how to find and enjoy gourmet food and drink.
At  the age of ten, Dev began to show the beginnings of typical adolescent rebellion.  Cursing, staying out past his modest curfew, and traveling further into the city than he was allowed saw him frequently punished by  his parents.  Typically this would involve putting in three to four hours of work at his father's shop everyday after school, though this hardly served as a deterrent; it was not out of the ordinary for the boy  to put in an extra hour or two simply to finish a job he had started.   By the time Dev was thirteen, he had accrued a small base of regular customers for whom he did small fixes for on the side (having been on punishment that much over the years).
At sixteen, Dev performed his first real mechanical fix:  the braking system for a Type-S Racing Swoop.  Dev replaced and rewired the entire system in three days on his first attempt, earning himself a nice little pay day and at the same time cementing what he saw to be his future.  Within a year, Dev was running his father's shop full-time and had a handful of high profile customers from the local racing circuit.
At the age of nineteen,  Dev was working on the swoop of Covell Brindmere, an up and coming swoop racer from Chandrilla who had garnered the attention of several big-time scouts.  A rival racer came to Dev and offered the young man five-thousand credits to sabotage the bike for the race.  Dev refused, but the racer continued to up his offer.  Upon reaching the sum of 12,500 credits to sabotage the bike, Dev agreed to do so on the one condition that he be paid in advance.
The day of the race, Brindmere's swoop failed miserably.  Upon inspecting his own bike, Brindmere found that several minor lapses in attention to detail on the part of Dev had led to the swoop breaking down.  Brindmere confronted Dev about this, at which time the victorious rival racer stepped in and thanked Dev profusely for "everything he had done to make his dream a reality."  When Brindmere received a wink from the other swoop rider, he  easily figured out what had happened.
Dev's reputation was quickly ruined, the accusations making the front page of the sports section of the Chandrillan Journal.  His father's shop was no longer held in good standing, and his parents could not believe what had possessed their boy to do such thing.  His parents insisted that he no longer associate himself with their shop, and even offered to help him pay for his own place if he would agree to move out.  For the first time  in his life, Dev was not receiving the unconditional love he had been so used to getting from everyone around him.  However, he did take solace in the amount of credits he had received.  After much debate, the  young man took a transport to Corellia to find his fortune in the system best known for fast-ships and fast-living.
Dev's shop on Corellia was not successful, however.  Brindmere had indeed made it big-time despite Dev's actions; the racer had just won his debut race on  the Corellian Circuit when he came across Dev's shop, and the now-celebrity racer had nothing but terrible things to say about the mechanic from Chandrilla.  The word-of-mouth bad publicity from such a name was enough to see Dev bankrupt by the time he was twenty.
While  drinking away his sorrows in a Cantina one night, Dev was witness to a fight:  three men against one.  Dev decided to step into the melee for the sole purpose of venting his anger and frustration.  This turned out to be a Godsend for one man, however:  Jax Maxxin had just been stabbed with a VibroShiv when Dev blindsided the group.  Between Dev's sheer size (6'3" and weighing in at a healthy-looking 243lbs) and Jax's ruthless nature, the other three men were pummeled into submission.
Jax  identified himself as a bounty hunter and offered to give Dev "a good few credits" if he helped the injured middle-aged man return the three to his ship.  Dev agreed, and carried two of the three back to the man's  YT-1930.  Upon returning, however, Jax collapsed from the wound.  Dev secured the three marks within the cargo-hold-turned-brig and proceeded to get medical attention for Jax; the middle-aged man owed Dev his life.
Jax  had no son and no family, and thus saw in Dev the chance to leave a legacy.  Over the course of six years, Jax brutally taught Dev everything about the business the older man had come to live and breathe.  How to handle, clean, maintain and modify all types of firearms; manhunting; skiptracing; smuggling; survival and evasion; guile in both word and action, amongst many other things.  Dev took everything the man had to offer in stride, hopping right into the dark underbelly of the galaxy as if he'd been searching for it all his life.
After  those six years, Jax Maxxin retired from the world of bounty hunting, smuggling, and otherwise living on the fringe.  Dev was well rewarded for his loyal, if short, tenure with the old man:  he received the YT-1930 light freighter, Shifty Business, complete with the modifications to the limited Artificial Intelligence, Operating System, shielding, weaponry and stealth packages.  Jax then gave Dev a very short list of contacts whom Dev would be able to trust, including a ship-modification expert on Nar Shaddaa, a smalltime weapons dealer who worked out of Bothawui, and two Republic Customs sergeants:  one on Coruscant, another on Bothawui.  Dev was also presented with his first brand new set of personal body armor:  a completely restored kit of polished chrome Crusader MK III armor, including a black armorweave to wear beneath.  Jax explained how the Mandalorian Iron/Durasteel alloy, when used in conjunction with the armorweave, was extremely durable against blasters and could even stand up to a few lightsaber slashes and  would give him a small extra edge most "green-peas" didn't.
"The  clothes don't make the man, kid ... the armor does.  And this armor's gonna keep you from gettin' fried when you make a mistake you otherwise wouldn't live through.  Jackass."
Since that time, Dev has made a  small name for himself in various circles for his versatility.  His first job had him pick up a Duro white-collar criminal named Andu who had ripped off a Core-World Bank for about 3.5 million credits.  A serendipitous lead led Dev to Tattooine, and after a short confrontation  in Mos Eisley's Bazaar, Andu took off running.  The Duro was promptly shot in the back of both legs and hauled in to Coruscant, and Dev soon found himself twenty-thousand credits richer.
About three years later, after working small time jobs smuggling deathsticks for same-system drug dealers and tracking low-priority fugitives for the Republic, Dev took his first job for The Night; he'd finally gotten his foot in the door, despite it being through their need for smugglers.   This particular job, however, saw him take approximately two-hundred E-15's from a contact of theirs on Muunilinst to Nar Shaddaa for an upcoming confrontation with a resurgent Hutt Cartel.  The run went without a hitch thanks to Jax having already equipped the YT-1930 with a military-grade stealth package, and soon the weapons were in the hands of The Night.

Upon collecting the pay for that job, Dev took another assignment from The Night to get a batch of spice into Coruscant.  Dev, once more utilizing the stealth package and compartments Jax had installed on the Shifty Business, accepted  what turned out to be twice the amount of spice he had been told he'd be hauling with him.  Without a word, Dev accepted the cargo and set off  for the capital of the Republic.  Upon arriving, Dev's pocket Customs Sergeant allowed the ship to land without much more than a once over the  exterior, and he waited for his designated contact to get in touch about the spice.

Within twenty minutes, however, Dev played host to a pair of bounty hunters coming to collect a price on his head from the Hutt Cartel.  Apparently his involvement in the shipment of weapons had been discovered by Lukan the Hutt of Nar Shaddaa, and this had displeased her very much.  The bounty hunters offered to allow Dev to walk away unharmed were he to hand over the codes to his ship, and Dev immediately reached into his pocket and withdrew the small duraplast card that would allow access to the YT-1930.

Nervously, Dev tossed the card between the two of them, eyes wide and knees shaking slightly.  The bounty hunters' attention turned to the card, smirking in  condescension at Dev's apparent cowardice, and this split second of inattentiveness to the Chandrillan would be their demise.  Both E-11a1's  were ripped from their tactical pouches, Dev's face again dropping into  its signature scowl.  Both of the compact rifles had been kept set to the "kill" power band, and the fire selector had been set to "automatic"  prior to his even landing on Coruscant.  The ensuing stacatto red-death  left black pock marks, carbon scoring, and gore where the men had been standing; police reports would later indicate 46 blaster bolts had been fired, more than enough to tear both of the bounty hunters to shreds.

Another  hour passed and Dev, now sitting securely in his ship, was finally contacted by The Night's local drug lord.  Impressed at the ease with which Dev had displayed in getting into Galactic City, and putting together what had happened by the gruesome mess outside of the ship, the  drug lord lauded Dev for a job well done.  Dev ignored this and demanded double the pay he'd been promised.  The drug lord, somewhat shaken by the lack of anything other than a demand for more pay by a man  who'd obviously gone out of his way to secure The Night's shipment, called in the smuggler's demand to his immediate boss and told him Dev's  reasoning:

"You loaded me down with twice what you told me, and I had to deal with the extra ag.  Twice the pay for twice the shipment; the ag I'll give you for free."

This  particular incident, and the manner in which Dev handled it, had the drug lord coin the nickname "Maelstrom" for the smuggler.  The man compared Dev to a Tattooine sandstorm:  rolling in with overwhelming force and killing anybody who gets in the way.  Dev, however, did indeed get twice the original pay, thus cementing in his mind that smuggling for The Night was the thing to focus on, at least for the time being.
Despite having a focus on smuggling, Dev has  seen action in almost every field of Black Market debauchery since that  time.  Dev is obsessed with "always hustling," and as such likes to keep busy with whatever he can, whenever he can:  intercepting Hutt-employed Wookie-poachers as to disrupt business for the Hutt Cartel, hunting down skips for the Republic in his down time, offing those who would oppose The Night's influence, even rounding up and transporting Twi'lek slaves from Ryloth to their buyers throughout the Outer Rim, as well as several other small and large jobs in between.   Dev "Maelstrom" Jenkins seems to be able to do just about everything, much like his predecessor Jax Maxxin, and (until his enlistment with The Night, to whom he is only loyal because of the steady flow of credits) has expressed no inhibitions as to whom he takes the jobs from and what they may entail.
As long as you have the credits to pay, Dev will be more than happy to do whatever you need done.

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Dev Jenkins
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Wow. Nice job!

Added to the index

Just one question though, what's the rating you used on strengths/weaknesses?

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Dev Jenkins
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Just a basic one to one hundred thing for the strengths, kinda like the grading system when we were kids (A+ to F).  

I used negatives on his weaknesses to show how easily exploitable each one is, similar to A+ to F but in reverse.  You know what I mean?

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Dev Jenkins
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I do indeed.

Thank you