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Shoca Von Kreig
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Name: Shoca Von Kreig

Race: Tal-Syn
Famlly: Volfe Von Kreig (son) Lita Von Kreig (daughter)
Age: 153 years
Bio: Shoca is a Tal-syn elder, that is force senceitive and knows of magic. Shoca was the high prestess in her clan for 117 years. When Shoca was 103 the Clan leader got her Pregnant with Volfe, then 5 years after Volfe was born Shoca became pregnant with Lita. After they grew up and left the clan, Shoca was Saddened at the loss of her childern. so she wanted to leave the clan too, she left in the dead of night. with only her ceremonial armor, and blades. she left the clan behind and went to forge her own path.
appearince with her Armor:

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Shoca Von Kreig
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