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Lis'Sah Mao
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Character Name: Lis’Sah Mao
Type: Mercenary/ Melee combat specialist
Job: OmegaPyrE Employee
Gender: Female
Species: Firrerreo
Age: 26
Height: 5’9
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with blue streaks
Skin: A burnished gold that changes color to silver when angry or frightened.

Physical Description:
Avie: Virginie Ledoyen
Mao resembles a human female, but has shoulder length two-tone hair (black and blue), with short bangs that constantly tickle her eyes. She also has nictitating membranes protecting brilliant cobalt coloured eyes that were able to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. Mao is a Firrerreo, a species that has highly developed canine teeth, were extremely long-lived compared to baseline humans, and had the ability to heal quickly-- even able to survive a direct blaster shot if the damage didn’t harm anything vital to the heart or brain. She is trim and of an athletic build, and has the unique characteristic of having gold coloured skin, which would turn into a molten silver hue when angry or frightened.

Lord Nykyrian Mao- Father
Lady Ji'ane Mao- Mother
Devyn Kell Mao- Brother

The Mao Clan is one of the few Firrerreo Clans that escaped the hive virus infection released by the Empire and relocated to the planet of Velmor. Here, under the protection of the Velmor act of political refugees, the Mao Clan prospoered, growing into a family known for their high political ties to the Rebellion as well as their mining facilities of Velmor velmstone and gems. Lady Lis'Sah Mao was born on Velmor, to Lord Nykyrian and Lady Ji'ane Mao.. LiS'Sah grew up in a lifestyle accustomed to every luxury available, and as she came of age, was introduced to Velmor's noblest society's circles. She had everything a young woman of her stature could have, even a suitable marriage was arranged for her. However, all of these things only caused LiS'Sah to feel as if she was in a gilded cage. Finally, the smothering feeling coming to a boil on her wedding day, and seeking a measure of escape, she enlisted that morning into the New Republic Army. Horrified at the actions of his daughter, Lord Nykyrian Mao declared LiS'Sah dead to him; never to be spoken of again in his presence. This proclamation mattered naught to LiS'Sah, because for the first time in her life she was free. Free from the rules, free from the fake smiles, free from the confinements of high society. She spent six years in the service of the Republic Army,  joining a spec ops group called 'sombra' only to be court martialed after having been discovered to be in an intimate relationship with her commanding officer. .There after, using the skills she learned,she joined the various mercenary orders for four years until she finally settled with OmegaPyrE.

Personality: Lis’Sah is a  cocky, insubordinate, a cigarra-chomping, card-playing showoff-- She is extremely rude, preferring to use heavy language when talking to someone angering her or someone she cannot stand. She is a ruthless insulter and a heavy drinker with a tendency to challenge authorities and get into trouble; often to the point of causing cantina brawls during shore leave. She is a hot-headed, but a faithful and trustworthy friend. She takes her job seriously, but not much else. She can handle herself, and is willing to put her life on the line beyond the call of duty for her friends. As a Firrerreo, she believes that one could 'own' another's name, and therefore would almost never give out her first name to another, unless it is a close friend, even to the point of specifically withholding this information in her Service Record. Speaking another's name was considered a form of power over that individual, and being an independent female, she would rather face court martial than to give anyone that power.


Objectives: Mission oriented. She does what she has to do to get the job done, and that is to protect lives…though sometimes this requires the not-so-willing loss of others.

Strengths: Mao is one of the best hand to hand melee swordfighters, enough to be arrogant about it. During her service in the Army, she was assigned to a top secret military group coded named 'sombra', an elite group of anti force user specialists. There, she trained in various anti force user tactics, learning how to strengthen and gain a higher resistance to such powers as drain knowledge, control mind, and  torture by chagrin. She knows Galactic Basic as well as Binary, and due to her family's background in the gemstone industry, she can appropriately price and grade gemstones, jewelery, and precious metals.  She tends to use fast and furious methods in her firearms use, particularly the Westar-34 blaster, and can handle her own with hand to hand melee combat tactics.

Weakness's: Corellian Whiskey, her smokes, and some hard loving. Idiotic wise-ass remarks, and morons in an authority position tend to incur her wrath. She has a tendency to act before thinking things through.

A Quote: “Stop yer kriffing leering, it makes ya look frakking ugly. No...I take that back. Yer just frakking ugly.”

Age 0 Born on Velmor
Age 16 Engaged and Married. Ranaway  to join the New Republic Army
Age 23 Court Martialed
Age 25 Joined OmegaPyre
Age 26 Assigned to a long term private paramilitary contract.

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Lis'Sah Mao
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