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Evans, Yolanda
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-Name- Yolanda Evans

-Profession-  smuggler/thief/con artist

-Species-  Human

-Age-  22

-Height-  5'8

you really wanna ask that?

Blond hair and brown eyes

-Distinguishing marks-
none - not good for business to have them.

Naboo? no - probably the galaxy. Born on a smugglers ship and raised on one.

 Jacob Evans, Astarinya Evans

Strong, known to be hotheaded, quick and usually tells you when she's not happy with you. Can be distrusting and is loyal to those who earn her trust.
She is a double edged sword at the best of times and generally not the picture of what a 'lady' should be. Yolanda is known for disappearing for hours at a time off-duty and can usually be found on one of her new projects (which is usually a weapon or something to do with a ship or equivalent equipment) and she has very short patience with people as such and would not be considered the diplomatic one. If it's an apple she'll say it's an apple - and she is usually fairly blunt and direct. She hates giving speeches and detests pretty speeches that are long winded when it could be said without beating around the bush.
One thing to note is that, especially when she gets stressed, she can have a mouth on her with just a teeny hint of sarcasm.

Born on a ship in nabian space, close to the planet her father was born, her mother of corellian descent, Yolanda started her life on a ship, was raised on the same ship and it became her house, playground and school. When most children played with others she played with the droids and computers, the machines and the controls (much to her fathers chagrin). Her mother died when she was born so she was never raised with a motherly influence and her father never quite got over Astarinya's death - her mothers necklace hanging around her neck most times to this day unless on duty or otherwise.

Her friends became her fathers acquaintances and they taught the cute little girl all sorts of dirty tricks and things you shouldn't be teaching kids. She came to love the high speed chases and while her father was stressed because he had some enemy firing on his ass she was there laughing until she wa sold enough to understand what was happening - becoming the youngest helper in the mechanic and weapons control as she grew up. He might not have raised her in a manner most children services would allow, and had they know they would have had a heart attack, but he did the best he could.

The girl seemed to have an affinity with computers so he fed that knowledge (when it didn't affect the ship...) and he made sure he had a droid that was up for the task of teaching her. C4K1, affectionately known as Deevo by the young Yolanda, was her daily tutor.Her childhood was fast, quickly over maturity wise, and she didn't know any other life. Learning to shoot and fight at a very young age was normal, ship glug to eat was normal and eating out was gourmet.

At 16 he grew ill and they touched down on Naboo - spending close to four months there, the first place she could call solid land as a home and found it... restricting. Her father recovered but was never his former self. He opted to stay on Naboo for a while, and she was approached by Draclau Resources for a job. Seeing an opportunity to use her special skills Yolanda joined OmegaPyrE as a slicer and information gatherer among other things and has served the company since, using it to develop her skills as it uses her to find what it needs.

Personal Strength and High Intelligence
Ability to read people well (that does not transfer to her own behavior)
A natural ability with computers and mechanics
Fast reflexes and a lot of physical training.
Ability to fight well (and not the whole martial arts - dirty fighting)
Knows basic and most forms of code as she spends more time with computer than people.

A mouth that goes with her stress level
The need to feel like she's in control
Trust issues that extend from her lifestyle.
Prefers machines over people.
Has very little diplomatic skills or tact when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues.
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Evans, Yolanda
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