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Anara Valnor
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~Name~ Anara Valnor
~Age~ 20
~Race~ Human
~Height~ 5'3"
~Weight~ 132

~Affilitiation~ Jedi Order
~Rank~ Jedi Padawan

Jessa Valnor - Mother (alive)
Leon Valnor - Father (alive)
Brax Valnor - Older brother (alive)
Drax Valnor - Older brother (alive)
Kian Valnor - Older brother (alive)
~Homeworld~ Naboo

Anara is as punk rock as they come; she has a rebellious streak several miles wide and an feisty attitude to match.To go with Anara's rebellious attitude is a mouth that is constantly writing checks her butt can't always cash, not to mention she is stubborn. She loves life and thinks it should be lived to its fullest at all times. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and family; she would put her own life on the line for anyone she holds dear to her.

Anara is the youngest of three and the only girl. Brax and Drax are twins, Brax being the older of the two. The twins are six years older than their little sister and Kian is only three years older than Anara. All three brothers are extremely protective of their little sister, never letting the rebellious Anara out of their site. Anara has always been a spitfire and so her older brothers were constantly getting her out of trouble. As a child she idolized her brothers; in her mind they were hero's, and so when she was very young she decided she wanted to be a Jedi, that way she could save her big brothers when they needed her. What started out as the silly daydream of a child actually turned into something more. As Anara got older and got herself into even more trouble she started to see that life wasn't as wonderful as she first thought. A lot of people needed help, but most of them didn't have big brothers like her, and her dream to protect her big brothers from harm turned into a desire to do the same for everyone. So now that she is all grown up she is ready to join the ranks of the Jedi and protect the galaxy her own special way.

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Anara Valnor
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added to the bio list  PS. awesome avie!  *whistles*