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Eris Desnae
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-Name- Eris Desnae

-Profession- Sith Knight

-Species- Human

-Age- 22

-Height- 5’2

-Weight- 133

-Homeworld- Corellia

Lana Desnae - Mother (alive)
Ashton Desnae – Father (alive)

To put it simply Eris is schizophrenic. She is a bubbly happy individual, but beneath that chipper facade is a blood thirsty individual. The smallest of things, often times the most outrageous of things, sets her off and then its all over. She paints the room red with delight. No one is immune from her insanity and she never holds herself back. Eris is a chaotic little bundle of sunshine. To go with her schizophrenia is a healthy dose of cunning. Eris is cold and calculating. Knowing exactly what she wants and knowing exactly how to get what she wants. Eris may look meek, mild, and above all far to happy to be a threat, but she is a monster hiding beneath the skin of a pretty blond.

Eris is an only child and the daughter of very wealthy parents. As a child growing up she had everything she could ever want, plus more. At first she was your average child. She was schooled in proper etique, fencing, tennis, and an array of other things wealthy people seem to love. She exelled at everything she did, but at an early age developed a peculiar love for swordplay; not at all lady like. Her parents worried about her, but soon their worry turned into fear. Between the ages of five and ten their little girled transformed from an innocent sweet child into an unpredictable monster.

At the age of 18 she left home in search of the Sith, intent upon coming one. Shortly after leaving home she met Xander Starkiller, who took her as his apprentice. Now, a member of the Sith ranks, Eris travels the galaxy on simple whims, spreading chaos where ever she goes.

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Eris Desnae
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