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Monthly Report
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February 2013

Faction Name
Black Dragon Knights

Faction Staffer
Destota Valentine

Faction Members
  • Destota Valentine
  • Arrbi Betna
  • Sara Arkeloin
  • TB427
  • T'wayq H'jaz
  • Elena Ritnel
  • Ruus Castle
  • Lilly Tenshine
  • Rylan Kordel
  • Jarr
  • Kiskla Grayson
  • Ishtar Freyja
  • Serrin Sarkin
  • Hadrad Domingo
What has your faction accomplished this month?
Completing threads, existing.

What were some of the highlights of the month for your faction?
Establishing a strong relationship with Imperial Forces
Improving our member base
Surviving my continued absence.

How many LOAs did your faction have this month?
  • None
How many threads did your faction participate in the last month? Please mark those that are completed.

 What were your faction’s strong points this month? Weak points?
 Good, strong members
My absence

 What do you see as something that could be improved in the next month?
My personal activity

Free space