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Star Wars: Destiny Unknown [Jcink]
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Against the council's wishes, Anakin Skywalker went to the Senate Building to try and persuade the strike team to let the Chancellor live.  He was faced with a choice that day, let the sith live or kill them.  After some heavy persuasion from both parties of Palpatine and Mace Windu, Anakin made his choice.  Palpatine's evil reign was cut short with a single saber strike.  Soon after, the jedi who has survived the fight agains Palpatine came forward to the public and revealed that their revered Chancellor had been none other than the sith lord controlling the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

This news travelled fast, spreading to the corners of the galaxy like a plague.    The CIS began crumbling, many surrendering outright to republic forces, no longer having a will to fight, knowing the war had been manipulated over the years on both sides.  While the CIS broke apart, save for a few pockets of organized resistance, their former allies as well as neutral systems broke away from the republic and formed the Independent Systems Alliance.  This new galactic faction signed a peace treaty known as the independence document with the republic to ensure that no such war would ever again ravage the galaxy on such a widespread scale.

While peace may be the current state of mind for the majority of the major galactic factions, it is not the only state of mind.  A secret initiative launched by the jedi and the republic has begun, in hopes of removing any evidence of the sith order that may have been left behind by the late Palpatine, the last of the sith order.  Little does the galaxy or any partaking in said initiative know, the sith order is not dead.  For many long years, longer than any would care to count, a single tribe has survived the ages, molding themselves into a new order.  This new order of sith, the lost tribe of the sith, has resurfaced, the planet of Kesh their headquarters.

With a sith resurgence restarting in the midst of an anti-sith initiative, one can only speculate as to what could happen, what could go right or horribly wrong.  The galaxy has changed greatly in the two years since the death of Palpatine, some destinies came to pass others did not.  Yet more lie upon the horizon.

With so many destinies lying in the midst of the unknown, will you rise up and go after yours?

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