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Race Name: Lupine

Home world/s: Figaro Favoura VII (mid-rim planet)
Language/s: Basic

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan: 70 galactic standard years
Average Height: 6' human form, 2.5 - 3' in wolf form
Skin Color: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde
Physical Distinctions: Lupines are born with elongated canine teeth, excellent for biting, and  have claw-like fingertips, which they are able to extend – though neither of these traits give them any more power than someone without them, being largely aesthetic. 

Race Strengths: meta-human hearing and sense of smell, but members of the species can recognize only other Van-Derveld family members instinctively through scent. Their sense of smell is much more finely attuned in wolf form.

Race Weaknesses: Lupines actually have a shorter life span than the average humanoid. During childhood they have accelerated growth, and this continues throughout their life as they get older. The oldest a Lupine is likely to live to is 70 years old.
Race Distinctions: Lupines are gifted with the ability to shift from a human form to a wolf form. This wolf form has no special advantages from your average wolf, with exception to the fact that in wolf form, a Lupine is about 10 to 15% larger in size. There is NO "werewolf" form or any other form in between. Human to Wolf, Wolf to Human, no exceptions. It's thought that the reason that Lupines are able to shift as they do is because they have some Clawdite heritage, though it's unknown why they are limited to only taking a canine form. A lupine's fur color is determined by the player. The history of the species dictates that the race was isolated to a single planet, and therefore any new Lupines have to be offspring of a Van Derveld. The Lupine gene is purely biological. There is no way to be "bitten" and become a Lupine.

Brief History

The Van Dervelds, one of and's largest and most notorious families, were originally created in 2000 by role player Vega Van-Derveld (also known as Dasquian Belargic). In its beginnings, the family was relatively small and confined to back story for the Vega character. As time went on, however, the number of Van-Dervelds grew, as Vega located lost siblings and fathered his own children. Many of these Van-Dervelds became part of The Sith Empire. The family became infamous for their decadence, arrogance and complete lack of morals – with Vega being at the forefront of this depravity, having stooped so low as to sleep with his own daughter. Ket however, went on a bloody rampage, killing nearly everything in his path and becoming one of the most feared Sith simply due to his instability. The family originally hailed from the moon Figaro Favoura VII, or the “Schwartzweld”, where they were ostracized from the community at large, feared for their brutal nature.

(IC:) The Van Derveld clan has existed for at least 5 known generations, originating from Figaro Favoura VII. No one really knows how the race came into being, not even the Van Derveld clan itself. Most Lupines are very force sensitive, but due to their psychotic nature end up as Sith. Unfortunately, no real history can be obtained as the Great Culling (more commonly referred to as The Winnowing) occurred over 70 years ago when the Sith known as Vega Van Derveld wiped out 90% of the bloodline, leaving only Vega, Vega's wife Razielle, their son Darius, daughter Valeska, and Vega's younger brother Ket alive. No one knows much of what happened since that day, as Vega and Razielle disappeared into the black abyss, and Darius and Valeska are assumed dead. The only known surviving Van Derveld in the galaxy at this time is Ket, whom at age 92 has FAR exceeded the normal lifespan for their race. Most speculate this is due to some sort of cloning procedure, but no one knows for sure as the clan has been shrouded in mystery for over 300 years.

At least one active character who will be part of this race:
Ket Van Derveld
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