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Races Template

Race Name: Amazons

Home world/s: Sicarius
Language/s: Amazonian

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan: 60-70 (120-140 SGY)
Average Height: 1.7 to 1.75 meters (5’7” to 5’9”)
Average Weight: 60-70 kg (135-154 lbs)
Skin Color: Tan to Dark brown
Hair Color: Brunette or Black
Physical Distinctions:
- Semi-pointed ears
- Athletic build
- Beautiful
- Claw nails
- Smooth skin

Race Strengths: With more than 20 millennia under their belt for training to be assassins, they have become expert killers with exceptional agility and combat skills. Their genetic manipulation has allowed them to have the strengths they desired with duel hearts, respiratory bypass, low body temp and sight on multi light spectrum. The duel hearts and respiratory bypass allows Amazons to be more durable and able to survive many extreme conditions. Lower body temp that is controlled by an enlarged hypothalamus naturally lowers the body temp close to common room temperature and this makes it a little more difficult finding them with heat sensor.

Race Weaknesses: Their focus on killing and death has left them a bit anti-social with outsiders which is compounded with distrust with all because their past enslavement and planet burning. Since Sith were really the only force users they ever truly dealt with, their understanding of the force is pretty much little to none. No force user has ever been recorded among their race. Their appearance makes it difficult to be taken serious or anything outside of being eye candy like. Being focus on fighting and killing, their education hinders their intelligence to keep them intelligent killers but dim/ dumb everything else. With an enlarge hypothalamus and two livers, their metabolism is sent into over drive making it so they have to take in more food (energy) than normal to supply enough energy for their body to survive.

Race Distinctions:
- Pheromones production
- Two hearts and livers
- Low body temp (15 degrees Celsius/ 59 degrees Fahrenheit)
- Multi-eye lads to change spectrum of light (night vision)
- Hermaphrodite
- High metabolism
- Resistance to short periods of radiations exposure
- Respiratory bypass system

Brief History:
They were once a peace loving race, the Infinite Empire’s invasion changed their ways. When they finally drove the empire of their world, they were left with a burning planet. No longer wishing to be treated as slaves like the Infinite Empire did, they began to rebuild their cities and form new views/ philosophy. They focus on death and killing to shape their bodies and minds into killing machines. As that was happening, they spent generations manipulating their DNA and using selective breeding. Years of their manipulations and selectiveness had driven the lines what was male and female into one line which had both genders in one form. As that became the norm among them, ideals and culture shifted deeper into dark world of assassins, they began to use their beautiful appearances to get close to targets and enjoy the orgasmic fulfillment of killing.

At least one active character who will be part of this race: Me – Persephone
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