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well my race idea is called The Tal-Syn.

Physical features: the Tal-Syn's average hight is six feet five inches tall, their average weight is around 200 pounds, they have varying skin color from jet black to acid green in some cases, the Tal-Syn can't see in a normal way, but they can see thermal heat like from biological sources and energy signatures like from machines and weapons, and finally the Tal-Syn have wings that can be used to fly up to 48 hours with out rest. their wings come in during the time they start to mature and finish when they reach full adulthood. The Tal-Syn's flight speed varies by age, full grown adults can fly 26 miles per hour, and elders can fly nearly 50 miles per hour.

lifespan: 160 years to 180 years

culture: The Tal-Syn are a warrior race, the Tal-Syn are divided up into wondering clans, they train the young from the day that the clan elders deem them ready. when the young Tal-Syn have reach adulthood they are given a mask and a weapon hilt. the mask represents the Tal-Syn's spirit guardian, the weapon hilt is for the Tal-Syn to forge his own weapon and obtain a place in the clan.

General personalty: the Tal-Syn usely keep to themselves unless they are captured, or are willing to leave their clan. The ones that leave the clans personalty differ from each other, some are violent, some are peacekeepers. Planet: unknown (it was destroyed when it's sun went supernova before it was discovered) population: only 3,000,000 exist out of the original 1,500,000,000 tech: the Tal-Syn have mastered the use and making of particle beam weapons and energy bladed weapons. The Tal-Syn also have a mastery of space travel, their ships could be the envy of alot of militarys. They also have advanced energy shielding technology. The Tak-Syn's weapons include, a beam rifle, a beam pistol, mind flash grenades witch can cause the target to enter a stasis like state, and the melee weapons can carry an eletric charge up to being made of pure energy. Weaknesses: emp weapons, (it screws up their vision) and sonic weapons (knocks them out)

Strengths: their tech, their ability to fly, their melee weapons, and their star ships. The Tal-Syn can breed with other races to make a child, though that is rare.  

Weakneses: the Tal-Syn must rest for 12 hours if they exhaust themselves while flying, Females among the Tal-Syn are rare, and force users are an extreme rarity in the Tal-Syn. They have a one in a million shot of being force sensitive. 
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