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Bare-Footed Ugly
« on: 06/04/11 01:34:51 »
Wrote this on May 17th 2004

She woke up to the sounds of no one,
Opened the gate and led to the path,
Her hands shiver as the words are being written,
Accompanied by the cold wind of the night.

Nearly twenty years have passed,
Still she sits alone,
Receiving tiny visits,
Always waiting for her song.

Oh bare footed ugly,
Where have you dropped your shoes,
You feel the ground you step on,
No fumes out of you.
Oh bare footed little girl,
Sitting alone in her tower,
Eating your little leafs,
Knowing there is no one.

She sits in her corner, viewing the world,
Shadows pass by her as the food beings to rot,
No one to comfort, no one to see,
In the background she plays a sweet melody.

Oh bare footed ugly,
Where have you lost your shoes,
Pacing on painful surface,
Ignoring all the wounds.
Oh bare footed little woman,
Sleeping on your pea,
Waiting for a dream,
Refusing to wake up.

Her sun never shines on her,
Always on the others,
She lost all track of time
And now she hums her little poem.

Oh bare footed ugly,
Never wear your shoes,
Always walk without them,
Letting cobbles send shivers up your foot.
Oh bare footed woman,
Never let the pin prick
now that you can bleed,
No man will come to you when
You fall into your sleep.

She looks at the horizon
As the moon takes his leave
Her mind is far away
Dreaming of the day
She no longer will.