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Race Name:              Brarantians

Home world:            Gen'Rai
Language/s:            Brarantian

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan:         125 / 200 / 275 Gen'Rai Years based on Caste (Roughly 35 / 55 / 75 Years in Galactic Standard)
Average Height:         2.8 Meters (Roughly 9 Feet)
Skin Color:            Varies by Sex (Males:  Grey, Females:  Deep purple)
Hair Color:            N/A
Physical Distinctions:      Three fingers + opposable thumb; tentacled faces; leathery skin

Race Strengths:         Physically strong to survive in such a harsh environment, dedicated and motivated to the point of death
                  due to the religious nature of the civilization; the Brarantians have been forced to create incredible                   designs for buildings and transports to survive on world, this has given way to amazing technological                   advances that lends itself also to space craft construction; hard work is the way to salvation.
Race Weaknesses:         Due to their religious devotion, concepts that are outside of their beliefs are viewed as falsehoods no                   matter what facts or research proves.  Research is non-existent outside of the priestly caste; the people                   believe whatever they are told to believe which perpetuates the caste system that imprisons the people;                   eyesight is poor, due to surface dwelling for generations in harsh lighting conditions; Brarantians are                   cold-blooded and must have a constant heat source to survive.Race Distinctions:         Theocratic devotion

Brief History
The Brarantian race traces its established routes back approximately 22,000 Gen'Rai years (roughly 7,000 Galactic Standard years).  This was the time their Theocratic government was created, and from that point established records were kept and the annuls were passed down from generation to generation.  In the beginning, the Brarantians were united by one of their own, a male named Ja'Rai.  Ja'Rai foretold great events, and offered great prophecies.  When many of these prophecies came true during his lifetime, he was proclaimed a deity by the Brarantians and worshiped as their god.  Upon his passing, one of Ja'Rai's sons took up the mantle of leadership, changing his name to Ja'Rai as well.  Over the course of the next several generations, Ja'Rai became the name of god to the Brarantians.  Taken literally in their language, it translates as "Giver of Life," thus in basic their name for their deity translates most aptly as "Giver."  

Over the course of the next hundred generations, the title of Ja'Rai was passed down from child to child, always staying within the direct lineage of the original Ja'Rai.  Each new Ja'Rai was offered absolute power by the Brarantian people, and his words were truth.  There is no distinction between the Ja'Rai who have led their people, they are all Ja'Rai - they are all viewed as one single entity, the same entity that united them eons ago.  
Throughout this time, the Ja'Rai developed a caste system that is still in existence today.  The Ka's (translated as "Carrier") would best be described as the worker caste.  Sometimes called Ka'Roi ("Carriers of Silence") in impolite company, the Ka's have a life expectancy of roughly 200 Gen'Rai years.  They are descended from those who offered their allegiance to the first Ja'Rai.  This is also true of the Bak's (translated as "Takers").  The Bak's would best be described as the warrior caste, and are known for their brutal obeisance to the Ja'Rai.   In any matters of killing or battle, the Bak's are those who carry it out.  The Bak's are chosen at birth, and must each undergo the Hum'Bak (Death Taker) ritual, in which the facial tentacles are removed.  Since the facial tentacles of the Brarantians are intricately connected to their brain stems, this has dramatic effects on their personalities and lifespans.  The Bak's are more aggressive than their brethren, and hold a lifespan of roughly 125 Gen'Rai years.  The third caste is the Ja'Grot (Givers of Truth) and would be described as the priestly caste.  These are direct descendants of the Ja'Rai as well, though not from the line that takes dominion over the people.  Roughly 8,000 Gen'Rai years ago, it was decreed by the Ja'Rai  that no child of the Ja'Rai other than the one who succeeds him will be allowed to live past the time when a new Ja'Rai is heralded.  Thus began the mass slaughtering of the Ja'Rai's brothers (The Ja'Rai is incapable of producing female offspring) when he was initially given control.  This has limited the Ja'Grot caste to those who were already living at the time of the proclamation.  It is permissible for the Ja'Grot to mate with members of any caste, however, and it is the paternal parentage that determines caste.  
It is the duty of the Ja'Rai to produce at least one offspring every other year.  The Ja'Rai chooses for his mate a female from the Ka caste, thus offering a purpose to the women thereof.  It is known, however, that any female who mates with the Ja'Rai is not able to survive the birthing of a Ku'Ja (Giver's Child) due to the pureness of the child.  Still, it is considered a great honor to give offspring to the Ja'Rai, and any female would accept it gladly regardless of her guaranteed death.  (It should be noted that what goes on behind the scenes is both unknown and horrific.  The mothers are slaughtered by the Bak's, leaving no parentage other than the Ja'Rai.  It should also be noted that while the people believe the Ja'Rai is incapable of producing female offspring, the truth of the matter is that females are killed instantly along with their mothers by the Ja'Rai's Bak servants.)  Children of the Brarantians are birthed by the Ja'Grots, and must pass stringent requirements in order to be allowed life.  Any child not passing these requirements are said to be demons, not created by the Ja'Rai, and are to be killed immediately.
Until recently, it was believed that there was no life outside of Gen'Rai.  However, recently a hapless smuggler made his way into the maw, attempting to avoid the authorities, and found his way to the small planet.  Crash landing, the people saw firsthand that they were not alone.  The Ja'Rai, however, cannot be wrong.  Therefore, his declaration that there were none of god's creations outside of this planet was upheld by the declaration that this being was not one of the Ja'Rai's creations, and therefore was a demon.  The man was tortured and killed, and the entire planet of Gen'Rai approved of exterminating any and all demonic presences in the universe.
      Typical Ka Caste      Typical Bak Caste      Typical Ja'Grot Caste
At least one active character who will be part of this race:
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