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Race Proposal Template
« on: 05/17/11 04:50:22 »
Have you looked around the canon races on wookiepedia but just couldn't find a race that suited the character you had in mind?

Well then, traveler, you have come to the right place. To offer your own unique idea of a race for Star Wars: Descension, simply follow these easy steps:
  • Copy the template below into a new thread in the OOC Planning forum.
  • Fill it out.
  • Await for comments by members and staffers who might have good input about your idea, and will tell you what requires fixing or editing in case of need.
  • When the staff approves your race, it shall be moved to this forum.
*NOTE*: If your race comes from a non-canon planet, then you must complete a planet proposal in addition to a race proposal.

Happy RP'ing!
~ Star Wars: Descension Staff

Races Template

Race Name:

Home world/s:

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan:
Average Height:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Physical Distinctions:

Race Strengths:
Race Weaknesses:
Race Distinctions:

Brief History

At least one active character who will be part of this race:
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