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Danika Anya
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Danika Anya

Character Basics

Home Planet:

Playby: Nicole Kidman
Nickname/Codename(s): Dani, Anya, Sweets
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearances Are Everything

Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair: Fire Embers Red
Civilian Attire: 
Tattoo: (location of Tat: along her right hip, curves around with the tip of the dagger and snake on her right butt cheek and the snake's tail and end of the dagger just above her hip bone.) 

What Makes You Tick?

Force Powers:

    Apprentice Level
    [li]  Alter Environment - Wind/Air[/li]
    [li] Basic Healing (Self)[/li]
    [li] Force Rage[/li]
    [li] Basic Telekinesis[/li]
    [li] Enhance Ability[/li]
    [li] Force Senses[/li]


        Unique Skills:

          Character Information

          Character Personality:

          Character History:

          About You!

          Name: Sweet
          Experience Level: Writing on and off since Junior High, Was a member of Ezboard but left after the first Major Hack, only just returned to Yuku/Ezboard
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          Danika Anya
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          Added to the bio index!

          Just a point of reference if you need it and go through the index to find it, biographies are listed by display name rather then the character.