Author Topic: The groin is strong with this one!  (Read 192 times)

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The groin is strong with this one!
« on: 11/17/10 16:45:16 »
[07:14] Xander Starkiller: yep
[07:15] Xander Starkiller: my groin area is very helpful
[07:15] sherydewinter: lol
[07:16] sherydewinter: use the groin, luke!
[07:16] Xander Starkiller: *uses it*
[07:16] Xander Starkiller: the groin is strong in this one
[07:16] sherydewinter: haha
[07:17] sherydewinter: luke... i am your groin
[07:17] Xander Starkiller: groin!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:17] sherydewinter: IT'S A GROIN!
[07:17] Xander Starkiller: Great kid, dont get groin-y!
[07:19] sherydewinter: are you a groin?
[07:20] Xander Starkiller: My name is Groin Skywalker, Im here to rescue you!
[07:20] sherydewinter: kargubatca morchuchupa groin! (jaba)
[07:21] Xander Starkiller: You are unwise to lower your Groin!
[07:21] sherydewinter: let the groin guide you!
[07:22] Xander Starkiller: The Force is with you, but you are not a Groin yet!
[07:23] sherydewinter: No groins! No groins!
[07:23] Xander Starkiller: What is thy bidding, my groin?
[07:23] sherydewinter: Boy, it's lucky you have these groins.
[07:24] Xander Starkiller: Who's more Groin? The groin or the groin that follows him/
[07:24] Xander Starkiller: ?
[07:24] sherydewinter: Only a master of groin, Darth!
[07:24] sherydewinter: err
[07:24] sherydewinter: Only a master of groin, Vader!
[07:24] sherydewinter: no
[07:24] sherydewinter: darth!
[07:24] sherydewinter: hehe
[07:24] Xander Starkiller: actually it was Darth
[07:24] Xander Starkiller: yeah
[07:25] sherydewinter: yup
[07:25] sherydewinter: so there.
[07:25] sherydewinter: Only a master of groin, Darth!
[07:25] Xander Starkiller: Use your aggressive groin boy, let the hate flow through you
[07:25] sherydewinter: Just you consider playing that groin for him!
[07:26] Xander Starkiller: You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a Groin, take her away!
[07:26] sherydewinter: You're safe. When we heard about the groin, we feared the worst.
[07:27] Xander Starkiller: I dont like groin, its rough and irriating and it gets everywhere
[07:27] sherydewinter: Where are you taking this... groin?
[07:27] Xander Starkiller: Groin leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate... leads to suffering
[07:28] sherydewinter: That's no moon. It's a space groin.
[07:28] Xander Starkiller: I have a bad groin about this
[07:29] sherydewinter: Someone has to save our groin. Into the garbage chute, groin boy!
[07:30] Xander Starkiller: This is where the groin begins
[07:31] sherydewinter: The Groin can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.
[07:31] Xander Starkiller: Destroy the Groin, we must
[07:31] sherydewinter: Aren't you a little short for a groin?
[07:32] Xander Starkiller: Henceforth you shall be known as Darth... Groin
[07:33] sherydewinter: I want my groin back.
[07:33] Xander Starkiller: you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking, groin herder
[07:33] sherydewinter: It's not my groin!
[07:34] Xander Starkiller: Do... or do not... there is no groin
[07:35] sherydewinter: I can arrange that. You could use a good groin.
[07:36] Xander Starkiller: and I thought they smelled bad.. on the groin
[07:36] sherydewinter: No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no groin.
[07:36] Xander Starkiller: Luke, help me take this mask off and let me... see you with my own groin
[07:37] sherydewinter: Well, I guess I dont know everything about groin yet
[07:37] Xander Starkiller: He's more groin now then man, twisted and evil
[07:37] sherydewinter: Groin, groin, you must learn groin!
[07:38] Xander Starkiller: No wait I thought you were groin! Its alright I can see a lot better now
[07:38] sherydewinter: Your groin lies with me Skywalker. Obi-Wan knew this to be true.
[07:39] Xander Starkiller: Groin! Most Groin!
[07:39] sherydewinter: You have your groins. Not many of them, but you do have them.
[07:39] Xander Starkiller: Lets go and don't forget the groins
[07:40] sherydewinter: Sir, it's quite possible this groin is not entirely stable. (didn't we have this one already?)
[07:40] Xander Starkiller: (no)
[07:41] Xander Starkiller: Where is the Rebel groin?
[07:41] sherydewinter: Stop that. My groin is dirty.
[07:42] Xander Starkiller: My groin is dirty too what are you afraid of?
[07:42] sherydewinter: I happen to like nice groins.
[07:42] Xander Starkiller: Im a nice groin
[07:42] sherydewinter: No you're not. You're... *kiss*
[07:43] sherydewinter: hehe
[07:43] sherydewinter: i hvae to go in 15
[07:43] sherydewinter: but this was definetly lulzy
[07:43] Xander Starkiller: hehe
[07:43] Xander Starkiller: that it was
[07:43] sherydewinter: can i post it?
[07:43] Xander Starkiller: sure
[07:43] sherydewinter: let's see what others can come up with, hehe
[07:44] Xander Starkiller: another one I was thinking of was Groin! Unlimited Groin!