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Shimaru Ka
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Races Template

Race Name: Shimaru Ka

Home world/s: Honshu
Language/s: Basic, local dialects

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan:80 or so standard years
Average Height: 6' though it is not abnormal for taller specimens to come along.
Skin Color: pale to tan depending on sun exposure
Hair Color: varies
Physical Distinctions: Feline like eyes.

Race Strengths: Improved sense of sight, moderate night vision for example. Due to the planets increased gravity, the Shimaru Ka exhibit improved reflexes and strength in lesser gravity.
Race Weaknesses: Generally lower intelligence levels prevent them from understanding most standard technology or being able to build it. Most Shimaru Ka have a warrior like mentality so they tend to view the world with a code of honor that is followed very closely. Infractions lead to conflicts so they are easily provokable. This lessens the higher in class you go but not to such a degree that it becomes unnoticable.
Race Distinctions: Very lithe, and powerfull. Being forced to live on meager accomadations for millenia has forced the people of Honshu to evolve into an apex predator capable of survival. If a warrior doesn't get you, the wildlife will.

Brief History
When the people of Honshu first crash landed on the isolated planet they were the regular run of the mill human. While a majority of the crew that crashed survived they still had to survive the planet's wildlife. As centuries past and turned into millenia, they grew and evolved to keep ahead of the planets animal life.  In response to predation, they developed keen eyesight both day and night and developed a warrior culture that favored both physical prime as well as skill. Centuries past and these warriors soon instructed subsequent generations until the Shimaru Ka evolved into what they are today. While they are not a very technological heavy race, they are on some base level familiar with it as freighters tend to pass by the planet and drop off bulk loads of basic domestic goods in exchange for mined ore and minerals to take back for profit. Since this doesn't force or infringe on thier life style it doesn't threaten to force technology into the lives of the people and contamination is kept at a minimum.

Off world in lesser gravity some Shimaru Ka have been shown to be stronger and faster if they can adapt to the lapse of gravity and overcome the clumsyness. This is usually why members of the general caste don't leave the homeworld and only upper caste members venture out for brief trips as part of a "cultural awareness" prior to ascending into the rules of the court. Such trips have been less and less frequent through the years however in the wake of the "Blood War" between the Shinjo state and the Lee state. 

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