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Races Template

Race Name: Eldorai

Home world/s: Kaeshana, an outer rim world somewhat near to Endor.
Language/s: Eldorai. It is a language very unlike most others, but can be learned by humans. Eldorai speak Galactic Basic with relative ease once they study it.

Biology and Appearance
Average Lifespan: 3-400 years is considered average. Some may reach 400, but this is exceptional.
Average Height: Between 5'5" and 6'2", with males and females usually the same average height.
Skin Color: Often pale, and subject to easy burning in fierce sunlight.
Hair Color: Can range from black to gold, or silver for the older Eldorai. Brown and red are almost unheard of.
Physical Distinctions: Pointed, extended ears. They have a distinctive quickness about their movements, and they are given to being very thin, almost emaciated. The males of the species are not noticeably stronger than the females, suggesting a more balanced gender system.

Race Strengths: Generally intelligent, reliable and honest. Eldorai are also known for their stealth and dexterity. Usually have some Force ability, even if it manifests in empathic abilities or 'luck'.
Race Weaknesses: Eldorai are generally weaker than humans physically, and are more physically frail. Their light bones make them fast, but at the expense of resilience. Eldorai have a low pain threshold, and are generally quite arrogant towards other races. Eldorai often have mood swings and sudden tempers that can make them vulnerable to the Dark Side, if they are trained in the Force.
Race Distinctions: (Basically think of them as being similar to Hight Elves from Middle Earth. The example existing in SW canon is Fay: .)

Brief History: To be somewhat stereotypical, the origins of the Eldorai are unknown. This is not a narrative shortcut or an attempt to be mysterious! Rather, the few people of the galaxy who have encountered them are uncertain of their origins, though some details can be ascertained from the planet they live on.

The world of Kaeshana is a rim world which has seen few vital events in galactic history. It is a world of unusual appearance, being apparently barren and brown. Closer inspection reveals that thousands of winding canyons, worn through patches of soft rock, criss-cross the planet like a web. In these canyons the Eldorai live among streams produced from a very deep water table and frequent rains. Why the barren surface of the planet does not grow therefore must come down to the powerful ultra-violet light from the planet's star, which fries anything not in the shade of the canyons.

However, the Eldorai are a paradox and a puzzle. They themselves do not believe they are from Kaeshana, and no fossil record of them beyond ten thousand years has been discovered. It is almost as they they appeared, fully formed and technologically advanced, at this time. Over time they expanded over the planet and eventually into space where a few select members became part of the galactic community. Fay, a Jedi Master in the Clone Wars, is an example of this.

Therefore, the Eldorai are almost certainly not from Kaeshana originally, and their small numbers (no more than fifty million individuals) supports this. Their technology is also quite advanced, but unsuited in some ways to the galactic community at large. When their members do venture off the planet they are often the target of slavers, or potential recruits for Jedi or Sith.
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