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Title: Lauda Cavataio
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{{ General Information }}

Name: Lauda Cavataio
Known alias: Lauda Hi'jia
Specie: Force enhanced Being (Dathomirian) -- 8/16 Human, 2/16 Sith Pureblood, 2/16 Hybrid Sith, 1/16 Kiffar, 1/16 Epicanthix, 1/16 Morellian, 1/16 Miralukan
Gender: Female
Real Age: Varies; 39 - 57
Appearance age: Early twenties
Birth planet: Dathomir
Citizenship: Dathomir, Ferro, Sognoterra
Faction: Witches of Dathomir
Clan: Morte Clan
Loyalties: Cavataio Family, Starkiller Family, Morte Clan, Cosa Nostra, Witches of Dathomir
Rank: Dathomiri Spellhunter, Sith Apprentice
Profession: Priestess to the Superior Mother, Cavataio Second In Command
Notable Possessions:
Right Hand: Pervicax ( (Bull Rancor)
Known skills: Fluent in Galactic Basic and Paecean, photographic memory, very high level intellect, higher natural stamina, natural born leader, fast learner Tracking Thread and Powers: Refer Here (
Wikipedia Page: Refer Here (
Video Story: Part 1: Indestructable (

{{ Physical Appearance }}

( ( ( (
Avatar: Ariel Gade | Ariel Winter | Odette Annable | Penelope Cruz
Height: 5'9'' (1.75 m)
Weight: 115 lbs (54 kg)
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Shape: Gently curved
Skin Tone: Bronze
Distinguishing Marks: None yet.

{{ Family }}

Blade Peacecraft
Children: Mira Cavataio, Mirus Cavataio, Lauda Caelum "La'Ca" Cavataio (Dharma Decuir), Celeste Cavataio
Mother: Petra Cavataio
Father: Xander Starkiller
Siblings (Cavataio): Nox Deus Cavataio, Precious the Light, Evilina the Darkness, Loki Cavataio, Leto Cavataio, Lugh Cavataio, Siena Cavataio, Envy Cavataio, Antonio Cavataio, Petra'Dri "Squeak" Cavataio, Serva Cavataio, Michelangelo Cavataio, Ancilla Cavataio
Siblings (Starkiller): Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Alistair Starkiller, Alexiares Decuir, Raven Decuir, Trinity Decuir
Grandmothers: Paige Hi'ja, Sophie Halcyon-Starkiller (d.)
Grandfathers: Jax Starkiller (d.), Zi'lico the Fourth (d.)
Nieces: Natalie deWinter, Summer Widd-Cavataio, Meteora Cavataio, Aeryn Giovanni,  Effera deWinter, Juna Cavataio (d.)
Morgan Cavataio, Zane Starkiller, Kallig Cavataio, Nico Cavatao, Dante deWinter, S'it Cavataio, Roman Priest Cavataio (d.), Nicholas Cavataio (d.),
Aunts: Vivianna Hi'jia (D), Kailey Starkiller, Isobel Starkiller, Leilah Starkiller
Uncles: Mark Starkiller, Mercutio Starkiller, Nico Hja (d.), Santo Hja (d.)
Stepmother: Anna Sachae

{{ Basic History }}

Age 0 - Born to Petra Cavataio and Xander Starkiller on Dathomir.
Age 1
Age 2 - Her mother creates her brother Deus Nox Cavataio with the Force.
Age 3
Age 4
Age 5 - Begins her Witch training with her Ma'dri to which her Pa'tre witnesses and her eldest sister Serva tests her skills when the training is complete. Her Pa'tre tucks in that night and gives her Sith Amulet.
Age 6
Age 7
Age 8
Age 9
Age 10
Age 11
Age 12
Age 13
Age 14
Age 15
Age 16 - Her mother has her little sister Petra'Dri "Squeak".
Age 17
Age 18 - Pa'tre invites her to come visit him and Lauda witnesses him learning a new ability, followed by him teaching her several neutral and darkside abilities.
Age 19
Age 20
Age 21 - Lauda is seduced by Cameron Centurion.
Age 22 - Her Ma'dri gets involved with Glyvain Giovanni and has Adariel, Amazon and Mephisto.
Age 23
Age 24
Age 25 - Is visited by her father and Alistair on Dathomir; meets Sanies Robur.
Age 26 - Gives birth to Mira and Mirus.
Age 27 -
Age 28
Age 29
Age 30
Age 31
Age 32
Age 33
Age 34
Age 35
Age 36
Age 37
Age 38 - Lauda discovers that she has a new set of siblings, twin girls Precious and Evilina, and that they were created five years earlier as her Ma'dri's avatars.
Age 39 - Ma'dri uses the Force and science and has a two twin girls with Anna Sachae, Kristin and Fabula. An outsider is caught on Dathomir, Loque Sage, after which she extends her hospitality to make the man feel more comfortable but it doesn't quite work so well. Lauda visits Corellia where she meets a Jedi Master and kills the clone of his brother after which she gets into an argument with the Jed Master and they don't see eye to eye. Still, she brings the man to Dathomir to meet her mother as he considers joining the Witches. During a wild season of Bull Rancors, Ma'dri sends her and Serva to deal with them, Lauda calls Squeak to help them and Serva gets Natalie. Lauda kills one of the rancors after his duel with Destra and later befriends the other rancor, Pervicax. The new Sith Emperor visits Dathomir and her mother is unavailable to meet him so she sends Lauda instead. During one of her trips away from home, the Witch encounters a former Nightsister who wishes to return to Dathomir. Some time after that, she meets Antonio's general Blade and Lauda discovers her starting to grow feelings for the Jai quickly. Serva tells her about their mother's first love, Winter, and why they live the way they did. As the Unified clans join the Sith Imperium, her mother names her Priests to her.
Age 40 - Spends time with the slave girl called Kari Pujas, assists her mother in training others with Rancors, is present in the meeting of her mother and father about the Hapan planet.
Age 41
Age 42
Age 43
Age 44
Age 45
Age 46
Age 47
Age 48 - Trains Nessarose in the ways of her culture, teaching the girl spells.
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