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Title: The Unseen Path: Episode Two (CVD)
Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/15/15 03:22:09
Previously on ‘Galaxy of Thrones’… Petra held a short, to the point meeting with her Avatars, Precious and Evilina. There they learn how the cult structure was going to be. It was nothing really new just knowing the time had arrived for the cult to take even more control over daily activities of each planet in their holding. Then shocking news came from Petra with the desire of killing her eldest son. Of course, the truth about the matter was not fully given. The information that was truth had been given in a small piece. The larger picture had another son needing to be ended and Nox kept out of view like his father which Petra kept around.

Cue the music… Daaadaaadadada daaadadada (http://

In the chapel like office, Petra placed the datapad she just used to notify her son, Nox about their child Rom’anri being alive still. She remember Nox declaring when he was facing off with S’it the list he said of those S’it and his daughter, Ammit had killed. Neither followed up on claims because they had already seen the deaths both decedents had done before. It was easier to accept the bloodline was erased pretty much and move on from there. An act that she thought closed a door in the future.

Now the sighting of Rom reopened a closed door, Petra had the chance to fix a few features in bloodline that was not available before. That and not knowing really that door was needed until years later. This chance had to be taken before it slipped away. Taking a deep breath, she thought over every which way this could go down if her children knew that their oldest sibling was no more. The belief of death in her mind was better than the truth. Keeping him frozen in a moment like his father was, then placed somewhere no one would know but Petra. She did not know truly if she could kill one of her own. The amount of time invested in her offsprings made the idea of killing them a little harder; however, she was not above making it seem like she would slaughter them all at the smallest whim she might have.

Petra sat down to wait and think. Her mind focus on the different reactions her children could have as she waited for Ancilla and the others.
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/15/15 04:38:09
In the main terminal of the spaceport the city had, Ancilla waited in a patient impatient way. Rocking on her heels, she swore to herself that she saw the boards said the hangers were filled with ships that only arrived. Bad thoughts like failing Petra raced through her head. Another swearing of not passing them when she was coming to the port, then she tried to remember everything around her when she walking through the city.

Ancilla went to the terminal to see who has left the hangers. It had to be known. The panic was too great in the woman to let any sense in. It was just lucky she was an Optivus Res so she got somethings done cause of position.
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Post by: Ava Cavataio on 11/16/15 08:28:47
 Standing in front of her closet, a decision had to be made what to wear that was not her judgement armor. That would have been over the top for just a meeting with her mother. So eyes were scanning dresses. Ava did not know what she wanted to wear, but she knew it would more than what her mother and others in the city would be wearing. Clothes were toss about as an outfit was pieced together.

Finally, an outfit was chosen. As she was getting dress, she shouted. “Squeak… are you coming with me or visit the city?”

“No! I’m saying here to work on the case files… I want to take a few days off for the kids so I’m getting these judgements handled now and this silence will be helpful for me.” Squeak replied back as she had a datapad in hand. It had been a little busy for her on Hapes as laws were being enforced a little harder than her comfort. That was how her aunt wanted to get a world in line.

Once Ava was dressed (, she popped her head into Squeak’s room on the ship. “Are you sure you don’t want to join the circus?” Asking before she actually left.

“No thanks, I’m good…” Replying while eyes were locked onto her datapad. Then Squeak looked up from her pad and saw what her mother was wearing. Giggling came out before she could stop herself, “Are you really wearing that?”

“It will be more than what your Nona will have on and couple of your aunts too… so watch it.” Ava chuckling with the add on, “I even bet your Nona would love to punish you for being a naughty daughter.” Chuckling as she left her daughter in the room, she made her way off her ship and into the spaceport. Ava knew her mother would have sent someone. So entering the main terminal, her eyes scanned around to find a familiar face. The port was not busy like it was hours ago when she first arrived. That was why she waited in her ship to let those that came to the city for another business. If she needed to be somewhere important, she had comms to be contacted on.

There was a face she saw. A panic look on the face was so familiar. Ava walked over to the main booth where Ancilla was having her millionth heart attack. “Soooo… how many panic attacks have you had today, sweetie?” Said in a joking tone to Ancilla.
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Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 11/16/15 10:16:43
Lauda barely took notice of the trip from Dathomir to Sognoterra, her time spent with reading as much of her journeys went on. It killed time. Lauda was never much a fan of space itself, just of the destinations. None of them ever came close to home, of course, but she wasn't closed minded when it came to other planets. Sognoterra for example was quite different, the atmosphere awaiting her artificial and quite different from what truly was on the planet. She still kept an open mind each time she traveled to the planet.

Once her ship landed, she had been ready, changed into an outfit more suited instead of the warm clothes she held on to on the trip. Now though, as the hanger doors of her small vessel opened, she stepped down in her golden attire, taking in the sight of the docks she'd arrived to. Ma'dri had summoned her from Dathomir, telling her merely she wa expecting her on this day, at this hour. Lauda was just slightly early for the meeting, as she was strongly against being late. She was curious though as to what it was that she'd been summoned for.

Outfit (
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Post by: Envy Girls on 11/17/15 00:11:50
A small transport was filled with sounds and scents of sex. It was a joke among some Cavataio about the two women in how they needed sex more than air itself to live. Envy and Siena like the rest thought it was how they were mentally. What was known to Petra and her Avatars that the two nymphos were being punished for their failures when they were in their late teens. They were messing with slaves so Petra placed walls and blocked parts of their mind. Then she wrote them off to be nothing in the family until she was ready to deal with them again.

Their droid entered their room. It was a good thing they had a responsible machine to help get them where they were needed. It reminded them about the meeting and how they were already behind schedule due to their play time. Both did squeal and panic a little because they were told by their mother to be there on time. Scrambling over each other and tossing clothes into the air, the two naked women where all over the room as the droid left without a peep. It went ahead while the crazies did their thing and sent a message to Petra to inform her that her daughters were going to be slightly late.
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Post by: Leto, Loki, Lugh Cavataio on 11/17/15 00:17:09
The boys arrived at the time they were told and departed their ship after landing. They were not saying much because they shared a mind. All three brains worked like they should but they acted more as one. It could be sort taken as a computer with three CPUs. They are linked and operate as one but each one can handle different tasks for better threading. It was one of Petra’s better mistakes when she was created her children.

Arriving and getting off their ship, they left the spaceport and entered the city. They were not waiting on an escort. They were capable men who were told to meet with their mother for a meeting. By the time Ancilla arrived at the spaceport, they were half way to the temple. They were easy to be miss since they had been out of sight from all the other siblings since Ava’s sixteenth birthday.
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/17/15 08:28:53
 Eyes left the screens that were being watched. The woman’s voice was errie as it was so close to three other people that had the same voice. Ancilla know who it was is exactly as Petra and the Avatars had almost purely identical voices. This one was very close but same time was not. She moved like lighting. Wrapping her arms around Ava, she hugged tightly. It was relief that ease her stress levels. “Ohhh Thank Goddess, I didn’t mess this up!”
After realizing her hug was very tight and it was still happening. Ancilla released her hold to back up. This time it was going to be proper with a bow and titles. “Chief Justice… I am Optivus Res Ancilla, and here to escort you with others to Goddess’s chapel.” She was not going to get into trouble for not being proper. However it faded again when she saw Lauda moving through the spaceport.
Ancilla almost tackled Lauda when she ran over squealing a bit to hug her. A little emotional on the level of believing the world was ending and now it was not. Also it ran deeper for her too. Even if she could not remember the details of how Lauda was a great and loving sister, the feelings of how she loved Lauda and felt safe still existed. She hugged Lauda like a sister. Again, even if she did not remember she was actually related to her. “I’m so glad I didn’t miss you…”
Letting Lauda go from the hug, she straighten Lauda’s dress. “Chief Justice is here and I think the others are here or maybe gone ahead to see Goddess… do you wish to go to see Goddess now or wait until I find the others?”
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Post by: Ava Cavataio on 11/17/15 08:31:37
 Laughter was all Ava could do. It was so amusing to see Ancilla act like that. It was known what Petra does to her Optivus Res and their minds. She knew Ancilla one of the older ones, and she seen the treatments done to her. That might been the reason why Ava kept in line as to not acknowledging that her sister was really there. Of course, she seen Petra do a lot to others so she was not going to test it herself.

Once Ancilla did her proper introduction and moved on to Lauda, Ava looked to see where Ancilla was going. Seeing Lauda, she followed by going over and waited as she watched and chuckled at Ancilla.
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Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 11/18/15 02:51:25
It took Lauda a moment to take in the sights, notice a few familiar faces before she was suddenly attacked with a hug, sound effected by the squealing. Lauda wasn't even sure in the first second who it was that hugged her, until she focused and felt her little sister, whom she hadn't seen in years.

"Ancilla," she said quietly against her, smiling softly. It had been years now since they'd met and it was more than clear her little sister had grown up quite well. Pulling her back finally, Lauda took a moment ot take a good look at her. "Sorella, you've grown so much since we last saw each other."

Her little sister informed her of the Chief Justice being present. Did she wish to see Ma'dri or the other first. "It's best I go see Ma'dri now. I'd hate to be late." There would be time for meeting up with others later. Her eyes wondered over to the Chief Justice. Her eyes wondered over to Ava, of whom she knew of but they'd never actually met. Not as far as Lauda remembered. "Hello, Ava. It's nice to finally cross paths with you," she offered with a warm smile, approaching her to give a small kiss to her cheek.
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Post by: Leto, Loki, Lugh Cavataio on 11/27/15 13:04:41
The boys arrived at the temple. Making up into the main section, it was empty as the people did not need to worship at the time because Petra or Avatars were not sitting on the thrones. They looked around for a little bit. This was because it was thousand or so years since they last saw the room. It been yesterday for them really but frozen life still had time doing its job of creating change.

They moved on to the next room that was connected to the temple. The chapel was slightly different from what they remember as they walked in. Seeing Petra at the front of the chapel, they moved in and politely gave a bow to her and said with each word leave another of the three. “Greeting Goddess Mother.”
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Post by: Goddess Petra on 11/27/15 13:43:11
 Petra was in deep thought. Each thought forming a new scenario. Different details always being created in the thinking. As such, plots began to be listed and stored to run on her children when those key acts occur. Of course, her attention snapped when her boys showed up. Watching them, she smiled with approval, and added. “Ah, my boys here before everyone else like always… did you see the others?
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Post by: Ancilla Cavataio on 11/27/15 14:29:21
Oh how great it was to have someone treat her nicer than she ever is. She was eating it all up. Never know when it will happen again. She was often kept in discomfort for Petra’s amusement. To make sure she was not punish, the Optivus Res waved them on and added in a polite tone, “Please follow me, High Priestess and Chief Justice to the meeting with Goddess.”
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Post by: Ava Cavataio on 11/27/15 15:01:19
 After give a small kiss in return on Lauda’s cheek, Ava chuckled at her little sister, Lauda. It had been awhile for her but she could remember holding little Lauda. There was a time she could pass herself off as Petra or the Avatars; however, the older she got the more she took on traits that separated her from the other three.

 “It is lovely to see you, little one and being all grown up from last I saw you.” Ava sweetly put it her words like she learned from Petra. “So let’s  go to see Ma’dri before she our heads.” Ava began to walk to leave while knowing Ancilla would run up to take the lead in the escort.
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Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 11/28/15 12:02:17
Lauda was well aware of Ava, her similarities to Ma'dri, which were quite mistakable. Though no her older sister seemed to have been growing slightly more into herself instead of Petra Cavataio. Though now that Ava had made mention of her having grown up since the last time she'd seen her, the brunette couldn't help but wonder when this was.

It was then that Ancilla suggested they go meet Ma'dri and her older sister agreed. "Sí, lets," she merely added and began to follow the two. "Ava, I do wonder though, when was it that we last saw each other?" Perhaps it was nothing but small talk right now, but it would certainly kill the time it took them to reach the Temple.
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Post by: Leto, Loki, Lugh Cavataio on 12/12/15 01:29:47
 “We might have; however, the chances are small due to the fact we do not know every child the Goddess Mother has had.” The men replied back to Petra with each word being said by another. For someone not use to seeing or hearing it, they could confuse a person, but they felt and thought they were saying it alone. Each one speaking but really none were. It was an odd result in Petra’s project of force manipulation of her children. If they were the only children, they would question about being so off. Yet, hints to what they were going through every moment were seen in Siena and Envy, but not on the same level as the men. So they learned how to use it to show their mother why they were superior.
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“Very true… They’ll be here soon with Siena and Envy being late, of course.” Petra held back her chuckle from her boys’ remark and just added small detail about the others. It was true she held them froze for a few centuries. They did not know how close they were to her husband or where she was going to put Nox once she reached that moment. They were not force users like her other children so she handled them differently. She had checked and tested to see if her ancient rituals carried on. Still she did not desire to push to fully see the limits of what a non-force user could go through with being active like her Avatars and others.
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Silence was her choice, and it felt fine. She was letting the sisters talk to each other while she led and cleared the way for them. It was better in her mind to just keep an ear open to them. She never knew if Petra would ask for details or not after the meeting. Covering her rear was a good move to do since Petra could punish her beyond the normal types.
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 Ava had to think about Lauda’s question. It had been awhile but to pin point she had to pull up memories older than their guide. There was a lot of digging going in her head as she walked behind Ancilla. Then she remembered the last time and it made her chuckle. So she gave her little sister the info. “It had to have been when you were around two and I had to stand in as Ma’dri for you, Serva, and Tony. I had to do that a few times with you but mostly when it was just Serva and Tony. Dathomir was warring often and Ma’dri did not want other clans know about kids that looked like her fighting so she had us take care of you guys.”
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Finally getting things in order, the two picked out their outfits. Both decided on the same green corset and long skirt. They turned to each other for final inspection. Adjustments were made so they would not pop out of their corset. Of course it led to them groping each other. Lips met in a passionate embrace. Gasps and moans followed between the gaps of their lips caressing each other and hands were fondling their top heavy chest. It would have escalated if their droid did not enter. It reminded them that their mother was waiting on them. That was enough to get them cover up and out of their room. Out their ship into the spaceport, they so hope they were not super late.