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Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 01/29/13 19:44:07
Petra had most of her projects to move the cult into control finished. It was time for her key children to meet with her. A request was sent to Nox, Serva, Lauda, Kristin, and Squeak. The location and time was given to them. She was going to use the ship known as Decem X ( for the gathering point. There was a new meeting hall she wished to use.  Also if they wish to bring their assistants that was an approved action. She did have a couple of surprises.

  Walking into the chamber hall that was decorated with marble and gold, it was made to reflect the importance for what the room was for. Three marble tables made an ‘U’ shape that was open to the throne that was placed on a raised platform. Royal purple sheer clothes hung from the ceiling and columns with gold trim. The chamber could be compare to roman temples.

  Two of her children were there already in their seats. Evilina and Precious came to the ship with Petra and did not do what their mother did. They just went to the chamber to wait and use it to ramble to each other about empty subject matters. For Petra, she walked pass them and took her place. Eyes closed and relaxing in her throne was her thing to do as the others arrived.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 01/29/13 19:59:52
A request from his mother to the ship the group used as a hub for their criminal activity. Nox took a transport ship to Decem X right after receiving the message. There were some guesses about why the meeting and he did learn in the invite that other family members. Upon his arrival, Nox checked with the captain how things were on the ship. He was nosey about who was there and when they have arrived. He was putting pieces together in his head.

Nox left the bridge and walked through the halls. The pieces across the board were clear and many fit together. It was the non-Cosa and Hapan matters that did not fit in his mind. He had known a place in regards of his mother’s cult. His walking led him where the chamber Petra desired for the gathering.

  Opening the door all grandiose gesture, Nox walked in smoothly. He walked up to Evilina and Precious. A kiss was planted on each of their heads and a greeting was given to each of them that went, “Hello my sweet sister.” and “Hello my wicked sister.” Those two were the first siblings he ever knew as they came after him in the line from Petra. He did not say a word to his mother and just made a spot for himself between his sisters with his feet rested on the table.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 01/29/13 20:21:43
She had received the quest to attend a meeting with her mother and siblings. Lauda wasn't sure what to think of it but she didn't even think of any other thing but to attend it. Not to mention how how things were becoming so busy for all of them so it became so rare for her to be in the same room with Ma'dri and her siblings. Definitely a plus of the event. She kissed her mate before her departure and had one of the transports of Cosa Nostra waiting for her on the clearing not far from them, waiting for her. The instructions on where Decem X was in her invitation and only after they took off did she share it with the crew. It wasn't that she didn't trust the Cosa Nostra, it was their group but it was still, certain things had their timing. 
The trip to the sector was quite uneventful. Lauda kept to herself, in what was best described as a lounging area, seated on the couch with her datapad in lap. Even away from Dathomir, there was still things that needed to be done for their group and as Priestess, Lauda never postponed any work. The pilot's voice through the intercom alerted her of their arrival, shortly before the transport ship entered the hanger bay of the Decem X. Standing up and straightening her outfit (, she exited the small ship into the large one, making her way through the ship. One of the crew members met her halfway, nodding his head in greeting before leading her the rest of the way, into a large chamber hall, opening the doors for her. 
Her chocolate brown eyes scanned the room quickly and noted three figures already present. She smiled as soon as she saw all of them. "Ma'dri," Lauda said, approaching the throne before she bowed to her Superior Mother and only once she greeted her Mother did she turn to Evilina and Precious, her smile widened a little more as she said: "Sisters." Whether clones, avatars or anything else, Precious and Evilina were still her sisters, more purely Cavataio than any of them. They were still blood in her eyes and because of it received such a warm greeting. 
At last her eyes rested on Nox and her smile remained on her face. "Nox dear," she said, moving over to him to hug him before he could protest. "I trust you're behaving." With that little whisper meant for him alone, she kissed his cheek and pulled away, returning her attention back to the throne.  
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 01/29/13 20:34:26
Looking at the map, it was not far from Hapes as she was thinking. Kristin ordered for a Hapan ship to be prepared for her departure. This was going to be a short visit in her mind. It was not like there was a lot for her to deal with her mother. Going over what had to be done for the government she was placed to administrate over, it was all meeting the deadlines before or on the day of. Kristin was sure she was not in trouble over being successful on Hapes.

  When the ship was ready, the crowned princess boarded it and had it leave that very second. Not being sure how late she would be to the gathering. It was not a long travel time compare to what others might have to do. Couple of hours later, her craft rested on the hanger floor of her eldest brother’s criminal ship. Kristin ordered the extra hands to just wait and if they were going to stay longer than additional orders would be given.

  Kristen went to the deck commander and got the information she was looking for. The route to get to the meeting that Petra so desired to have. Moving her ass to the room where she knew her mother was, Kristin walked in through the already opened doors. Looking at the ones there, it was more of ‘who the fuck are these people’ gaze swept the room. Besides her mother, Lauda was really the only sibling she knew growing up. The other were just faces in pictures and holograms. Yet, it could been said she was learning more about Nox with the dealings the two were having for trade to improve Hapes.

Giving Lauda a hug and sibling lick ‘cause she was Petra’s kid afterall, Kristin just waved to the others that sat together. “Sooo…” Rolled out of her mouth and continued to come from her, “Who else are we waiting for because I have things like a planet to run.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 01/29/13 21:04:02
The man chuckled at first towards Lauda with her remark whispered into his ear. Then the second one was his little sister Kristin being impatient from the start. Nox reminded kicked back and relax in his chair and feet on the table. He gave each of the youngling siblings his two credits. “I am always, little Lauda… you know I’m the model of behavior that you all are measured to.” Chuckling right after, because that would been a scary reality if it was true. Then he went into Kristin with a more no teasing or friendly tone. “For you mini-Kris… We all have other matter we are handling to so sit down and zip it. You know nothing for the reason of this meeting and its best show you at least learn how to be proper among us elders.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Serva Cavataio on 01/30/13 06:42:27
Prep work had to be done. It was mostly just handing meetings off and updating her brother, Tony what was going done in the clan. The new changes that clans no longer existed were a change many of the clan mothers were still adjusting to. Serva was helping in that matter to. So this pulling away from Dathomir to entertain her mother with whatever additional changes she might had was going to be met with protest. Being buried with work was not a pleasant thing, a vacation for her would have been better.

Arriving, and getting to the room her mother and siblings where, Serva could hear her brother dig into another sister of their. She rolled her eyes upon entering the chamber. Nothing was said to anyone as she made her way to her mother. Words were exchanged between the two. It was mostly Serva telling her mother about what priestesses were having issues and Tony saying he wish he was with them.

Serva left her mother and found a place to sit. There was no wanting to deal with the siblings behaving like that to each other. She got enough of it with a clan full of people.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 01/30/13 07:09:30
Another sibling came and it was one she knew. It was evening out in her book so her eldest brother could be taken care of. Kristin glared at Nox as she marched over to the table he was at and slammed her hands on it. Leaning forward, she kept the death gaze on him. With a snide tone, she replied to her big brother. “How about we do this… you retire, old man and we, younger ones, will run the show as it should be.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 01/30/13 18:36:10
That was funny for him and he sat there laughing at his sister. He was never called an old man before. It was over the top and for that reason. He had a response for it. Nox put his feet down to the floor and sat up. Reaching out, his finger poked Kristin’s left breast. A honk sound was added in by him to make fun of her. “Just sit down, Tits.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 01/30/13 20:46:50
Lauda let out a quiet chuckle at Nox's words to her and rolled her eyes just slightly before her attention was turned to the doors once more, seeing one of the twins enter and head towards her. She hugged Kristin back when it was offered and did nothing to remark the siblings lick. It was certainly a family trait. She did however keep her look on the girl when she heard the comment but before she could comment, Nox chipped in, causing Lauda's chocolate brown eyes to dart over to him. Then back to Kristin. Then back to Nox. Really, the two could go on by the looks of it. 

"That's enough, both of you," she finally chipped in when her brother resulted to finger poking as well. Giving a stern look at Nox and then at Kristin, she let the silence linger for just a moment longer before moving away from them and into an empty seat beside Serva, giving her a small smile of greeting. She kept the two troublemakers on her mind though. Nox, though older, sometimes didn't quite seem like it with his behavior. Especially when they were younger. Lauda couldn't really count all the times she had to get him into trouble and while the last years had been peaceful and it seemed like had finally pulled his act together, she didn't want Ma'dri to punish him once more for making a mess of things. And Kristin, though the baby of the family was certainly old enough at this point to get some senses into her head. She might have been Anna's and there for probably special in their mother's eyes but their mother really did the no-bullshit method of parenting and Lauda didn't quite want her to find out the hard way what that meant. Hopefully, they would settle down now before everyone else showed up. 
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 02/01/13 19:35:29
All of this did not sit well with her. One thing about what Nox did that she could let go was the name calling. Yet the poke was enough to ignore her annoying older sister. Kristin raised her hand and swung down to slap the brother that dared to touch her. She would address the brown-nosing sister after slapping Nox.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 02/01/13 19:47:49
It was humorous with how they interacted with each other. Petra spent her time shaping each one to take the role she desired them to have. That way opened a flaw for them all that impaired them how to deal with each sibling. However, all this was enough like her Lauda declared. Petra did not say a word like Lauda did. She took action over words. The force flow out at Petra’s silent command. It grabbed both, Kristin and Nox, completely. Petra’s command sent Kristin backwards, pulling her towards Petra. At the same time, Nox was pushed a way, sending him out of the chamber.

Remaining seated in her throne, Petra said with a hint of anger and lots of authority, “Children… Be like my avatars and keep your mouths shut until I say you may speak.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Squeak on 02/01/13 20:03:06
Running late to the gathering, there was travel time that set her behind because others were closer to the ship’s location compare where she was coming from. Squeak exited the transport ship in the hanger. This was not the first time on the ship. There were many missions she launched from this ship. Because of the lateness, she ran through the ship to get to the chamber. Sliding across the floor, she was trying to stop as Nox slide out of the room.

That was a sight to see, Squeak stood there looking down at her brother. Then she looked into the room. She was the last of those grouped as ‘Child of the cult’ compare to Serva, Lauda and Kristin who were ‘Children of Dathomir’. She reached out with her hand, offering it to Nox to help him up. Also she added her own remarks, “It seems I missed the fun again, big bro.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 02/01/13 20:12:02
The force push was surprising to him. He did not see that coming when he was going to hit Kristin before the slap came down. Thrown out of his chair and sliding out of the room, he had to chuckle as their mother spoke. He looked up at his sister that just showed up. Taking her hand, he rose back to his feet. Like Nox greeted Evilina and Precious, he kissed Squeak’s head. “Oh you know me, sweets… I tried to wait for you.” Nox replied and added a wink.

Arm was placed around Squeak’s shoulders, Nox walked in with her. He let her go to whatever seat she wanted while he sat back down between Evilina and Precious. Feet went back on the table as he waited for Petra to do her thing.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 02/01/13 20:13:51
Hitting the floor hard then being made to slide across the floor, Kristin was pissed off but she was not going to do anything about it. She just got back up. Then she went to a chair and sat down. Nothing was said by her, silence was what she was going to do.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Squeak on 02/01/13 20:22:04
Squeak chuckled at her brother. Hugging him as his arm slide on her shoulder, “Of course… I always miss the fun.” She walked in with him. Departing Nox, Squeak found a chair and sat down which put her next to Kristin. It was a little disappointing that she was not getting to sit with the brother and sisters she grew up around.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 02/01/13 21:21:23
Now that all the wanted children were there, Petra could start with what she planned. She stood up and walked towards the center of the ‘U’ shape tables. She had spent months moving things around in the organizations she had control over. In the similar tone as before, Petra speak again. “Now children… I called you here because there is change. I have moved Cosa Nostra, Hapes Consortium and Witches of Dathomir under the control of Cultum Viventium Dea. Some of you seen it and were part of it… For the family, each of you have a role in the cult, but first the structure of the cult. There is Vivae Dea, Avatar Divae, High Priestess, and the Council of Perfection which has Elder of the Blood, Elder of Scelus, Crown Princess, Generals of the Goddess’s Strength and Elder of Judgement.”

  Some of the positions were easy to figure who were going to be place in that role. The names gave it away, but others were a little harder to guess. Petra was going to tell them who was going to take each role. Which she did right then, “Of course, Livae Dea and Avarar Divae are myself, Evilina and Precious, like you all didn’t know that. For High Priestess, Lauda is going to handle that. I have prepared you for it all your life.” Petra eyes went to Lauda as she addressed the role that her daughter was going to handle.  “You’ll deal with the daily business of Priestess aka former Clan Mothers and force users of Witches of Dathomir. Witches and Jai Warriors are guided by you, Lauda while caring and protects the Book of Dathomir. An additional role is to handle the Council of Perfection, making sure the council is handling their business in the ways that I desire.”

Then Petra looked at Serva, who was next to Lauda. “Serva… I want you as Elder of the Blood, who over sees the daily needs and ensures the stability of the Cavataio family. You know this one pretty well, dear… I trained you what I knew because I want you to ensure everyone taught and understand the different uses of the force.” It should been clear to Serva, Lauda and Kristin why it made sense since Serva was involved with their training and even the grand children of Petra.

Looking at Nox, she basically kept it short. “Elder of Scelus… deal with and grow Cosa Nostra like normal, Nox.” The two had been dealing with Cosa Nostra this way for years and it was working for both. Petra moved on as it was simple thing. “Kristin… Crown Princess is still your duty, and as we expand with governments falling to the cult. The Consortium will be the government over them.” Petra skipped the Generals for the moment. She did not have there at the moment. She looked at Squeak. “I have sent around the galaxy to learn the laws of the universe because of that I want you to be the Elder of Judgment. You’ll be policing and judging those that broke the laws of the cult. Also overseeing the servants of the law and the slaves known as hounds.”

Petra walked over to her throne. Sitting down, she left it open to the floor. “Any questions so far?”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 02/03/13 07:22:53
Sitting in her chair, Lauda watched her little sister slap Nox and shook her head before her eyes darted over to their Mother. She knew why she had told them to stop and they didn't listen. Now, she wasn't going to jump to their defense anymore, they were both adults. And sure enough as she had expected, they were punished for their behavior during the meeting. Lauda merely look away. She tried but if they weren't going to take a hint, Lauda couldn't and wouldn't keep saving them. 

Her eyes moved to the doors as Squeak joined them and her disapproving gaze shifted into a warm smile at the sight of her. 

Lauda couldn't greet her though ince her Mother began speaking, making her gaze shift over to their Superior Mother. She learned now why they were all called. Cosa Nostra, Hapes Consortium and the Witches of Dathomir would fall under Cultum Viventium Dea. She noted the meaning of the now ruling group and make a small nod, so far keeping up with what she and everyone else was hearing. Then came the new titles. She recognized some of them easily and who they would be part of, before Ma'dri confirmed them. Though others remained a mystery until the explanation arrived. 

High Priestes was meant for her. Dealing with the daily business of the Witches of Dathomir, as she had done as the Superior Mother's Priestess however, she would now guide the Witches and Jai Warrior and protecting the Book of Dathomir, as well as handle the Council of Perfection as well now, making sure the council was handling their business as her mother saw fit. Lauda nodded and gave a small smile. It was much of what she had been raised to do her whole life though the Witch never quite thought it would happen so early in her life. Things were changing now though, in how their groups were function and it make sense for the change would happen. 

When Ma'dri was finished with her and look beside her, Lauda turned to look at her sister as well, listening which role was awarded to Serva. That one made quite a bit sense as well. Her sister had been in a certain role as her Mother's helper for a long time now, when it came to Lauda's training but also that of her children. It made perfect sense. 

Then her mother looked away again and Lauda followed her gaze once more, finding Nox. Elder of Scelus, in care of the Cosa Nostra. Another role that made sense. Her brother had been in charge of the group for a long time now though not officially, until now at least. That brought another smile to her face. Kristin's role was clear, that didn't come as any kind of surprise. And when Squeak came at last, Lauda had to peak her head out a little to see her, listening to the role that had been given to her. Her smile expended even further of this news. It was quite a fitting role for their little Mando. Quite fitting indeed. 

Once the explanations ended, Lauda pulled what her mother had said first through her mind. Vivae Dea, Avatar Divae, High Priestess and the Council of Perfection made out of the Elder of Blood, Elder of Scelus, Crown Princess, Generals of the Goddess' Strength and Elder of Judgement. With most of the roles assigned, Lauda noticed some were missing. So when Ma'dri asked if there were any questions, she couldn't help but ask: "And the Generals of the Goddess's Strength, Ma'dri?" She couldn't help herself, it felt necessary for all of them to know who held each role and as such, to know who else was in the Council, especially since she would be handling it.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 02/06/13 02:35:44
“I’ll answer that question after any doesn’t focus on the Generals.” The response was given quickly. It came almost right when Lauda finished the question. Petra wanted to answer that one last. It was because at the moment she reached out with the force and connected her Generals to come to her now. She looked at her other children to see if they had other questions. However, she believed that her raising them all how she did was not going to cause them to ask more about their roles. Questions might be more like what Lauda asked about.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:36:33
Some thought was given into who might be the Generals. It was for sure they would be siblings; however, the list was small. He knew Angelo was his right hand man for Cosa Nostra and Tony was Serva’s right hand man for the clan that would be family now. Ancilla was written off since she was raised as their mother’s personal slave, and Siena was nowhere near being a general since she was busy making porn with her doppelganger (twin) lover Envy. Also if Kristin had Hapes then it was safe for him to assume that Fabula would be in that area. Nox was starting to run into a wall for figuring it out before Petra gave the answer.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:37:24
None of this was new. Kristin was there on Hapes when her mother told the representatives who was in charge on the planet. She already had spent platy of time there. The daily business of the government was handled well by her. Kris just waited for Lauda’s question answered.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Squeak on 02/06/13 02:39:47
From planet police like force to a large scaling as it was known that the cult covered four planets and growing. Squeak did not know much about the cult and those that her mother listed like servants of the law and hounds. A feeling of being overwhelm might be what she was going to experience at first but it never stopped her from doing her tasks.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Serva Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:41:11
Elder of the blood… Serva gave it a moment of thought. She would oversee the family’s needs and stability. Nodding slightly, she saw how it was true when it was said, “You know this one pretty well… I trained you what I knew because I want you to ensure everyone was taught.” It was paraphrased in her head but it was clear what it meant. Serva did spend her time training and testing her siblings and their children for years. It was truly a role she had been doing for years already and with clans being dissolved. There was more time for this role again.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 02/06/13 02:43:55
Since there appeared to be no questions, Petra was stuck with answer the only question out there. The Generals were going to be the answer in the flesh. A grin was shown, she checked with in the force where her Generals were at. Petra spoke again, “The Generals are here with us…” She looked over her shoulder. Doors that went into Petra’s quarters opened and three men walked out. They moved around the platform and throne. Petra moved behind them. “These are my generals to my army I have, children.”

Leto, Lugh, Loki stood at attention like trained soldiers. They looked at the faces that were seated around the tables. For them, only three faces were known. The triplets gave Nox, Evilina and Precious a smile. Then they looked at the other siblings. A greeting was given. As they spoke, each word was said by another of the triplets. “Hello, Nox… surprised? And Hi Evilina and Precious… Also, to you siblings we don’t know, we are Leto, Lugh and Loki.” They had independent minds for the most part but same time their minds were one. That side showed more when they spoke as each word was said by another.

Evilina and Precious giggled when the triplets came out and greeted everyone. They knew what was planned by Petra and that the brothers survived all this time in carbonite. Still, they kept quiet on the matter as they were just witnesses to this meeting like Petra wanted.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:44:44
“Fuckk….. “ Jaw hit the floor so hard that it went through several docks below. If his jaw was that long, he was truly shocked. He never thought he would see those brothers again as he was sure they passed away of old age. Nox was growing sure that Petra had more things hidden if she kept his brothers a secret. He would work on that later.

Nox got up and leapt over the table. He went over to them. Grabbing them into a group hug, he continued his amazement. “Shit... thought you fucker were dust… we got a lot to do, bros.”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Squeak on 02/06/13 02:46:14
Nox’s reaction made Squeak wonder when these guys were around. She never heard of them names and Nox never spoke about them to her. This was puzzling and surprising, more brothers for her to get to know.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:48:37
Look over Petra than at her newly discovered brothers, Kristin was confused how these men were related to her. She could only scratch her head and wonder what the hell.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Serva Cavataio on 02/06/13 02:49:57
The names were familiar however she knew nothing about them. Serva was sure she was in the same boat with Squeak, Lauda and Kristin regarding these newly revealed brothers that Nox seemed to know very well. She was hoping that Petra would give a little information about where they were before now.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 02/19/13 09:35:40
Her answer wouldn't be answered right away. Lauda protested in no way to this answer, patiently waiting to see whether anyone else would have any other questions. And when none came, she again waited for when Ma'dri deemed it time to answer what she had asked. 

When at last the time had come, the brunette looked at her Mother first than at the doors opening, three identical men entering one after the other, coming up to the throne. Lauda instantly straightened her spine and studied them closely. These were the generals to her Mother's army, she heard the woman say, her eyes not looking away from them. The man greeted Nox, then Evilina and Precious. And then they said siblings and introduced themselves as Leto, Lugh and Loki. Lauda was speechless, to say at least. She couldn't say anything, she couldn't look away from the three men. Nox spoke, swearing, sharing with the class that he believed them to be dead, referring to them as bros. 
No one else spoke. And Lauda carefully looked away from the tree and gazed at each face of her siblings, one by one. She could see Squeak and Kristin were confused as she was, Serva didn't seem as confused but she was clearly in the dark as well from her expression. Lauda finally looked at their Mother, opting to ask what nobody else seemed to be: "Ma'dri...our siblings?" Her question didn't really make all that much sense, she couldn't even make it actually sound coherent. Lauda had thought until this point that she knew all her Cavataio siblings. They were her family, the ones she loved and protected, whether they cam before or after her. So this new knowledge... it confused and even somewhat upset her. 
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 02/19/13 18:40:05
A sigh, a why and head brought down to rest on the table. Kristin was giving up on figuring her family out. She saw it so fucked up and she was glad she did not have a job like Serva or Lauda. With her head on the table, she mumbled obscenities into the table. She was going to let the others handle the rest of the meeting.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 02/19/13 18:50:54
Petra shifted her attention to Lauda. “Yes… they are your brothers.” She answered back to Lauda and continued. “They were born after Evilina and Precious and before Siena and Envy. Unlike Nox and my Avatars, the boys did not get all the knowledge from training to gain a life like the others have had so I froze them with the army I built. Then I told my kids at that time they died, so that is why you never seen or heard of them.” Petra paused for a moment before asking, “Anything else, dear?”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 02/23/13 18:47:56
Yes, they were their brothers, Lauda heard Ma'dri tell her. They were born after Evilina and Precious, before Siena and Envy. Unlike her brother and the Avatars, they didn't get all the knowledge from training to gain a life like the rest of them and the three were frozen with the army she built. Lauda frowned slightly. All her siblings had a purpose, they were trained to the best of their abilities and skills. 
And to top it off, those that knew them were told they had died, the rest of them never hearing of them. It was true, Ma'dri had a plan for each them and it was all played out perfectly but what the triplets had gone through was quite different than any of them got. Lauda shook her head in response. There was nothing else. 
Instead, she looked at the three men. "Hello, Leto, Loki and Lugh. Nice to finally meet you." There was really nothing else to say. They were her brothers even if she hadn't heard of them before. And now, she would actually know them since they were part of the council she would be in charge of. 
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Serva Cavataio on 03/01/13 19:42:08
“So…” Serva said and continued to saying. “If they didn’t gain the level like we have in the force, then why keep them? You were Sith so why keep weakness, Mot-thh…e” She tried to get out her word but the three were already going at her. Loki had his hand up and finger touching his thumb. The force was being using to choke out their younger sister. Serva was gasping as Leto was almost instantly behind Serva and telling her to watch herself. He added that they were strong than she would ever be. Then Loki released her so he would not be blame for her death.

Serva rubbed her neck as the three regrouped around Nox. She looked at Petra than back at the three. There was a desire to attack but she was not sure if it would turn into a divided room. Nothing was said by her, she looked back her mother to see if she would do anything.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Squeak on 03/01/13 19:53:00
Squeak was silent as her sister was throwing a question up. It was a harmless one but when the new brothers started their bullshit with Serva. She leaped to her feet and was ready to help her sister out. It was Nox’s reaction that she did not see coming. So she remained behind the table. Studying the situation, there was uncertainty if she wanted to deal with Nox as a gesture of support to Serva or let their mother step in to end it all. The decision was made when the triplets released Serva. Squeak remained standing and alert in case some happen again.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 03/01/13 19:53:44
The news of why they were around still and saved was pleasing to him. They used to terrorize so many worlds. This gave him a chance to think about the things they could do now. For now, he got to see them tease their little sister. Another scene of enjoyment for him, it was from having a sibling put back in line from speaking like a dumb ass. With Squeak jumping up, Nox turned and stood his ground to show her that he would get in her way. However the triplets released Serva and things settled down for the moment.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 03/08/13 21:55:29
Her head snapped to Serva when she heard her speaking but before she could say anything, which was to scorn her own sister for speaking so of family, Lauda witnessed the strength of her three newly found siblings. "Stop," the brunette quickly said and shot to her feet though she didn't move any close and the boys thankfully stopped quickly. Lauda rushed quickly to her sister's side, helping her back to her seat. "Don't. Do. That. Again." She just whispered for Serva alone. Yes, the two had assaulted her sister and she wanted to have a word with them to but at the same time, Serva had spoke of what she shouldn't have and clearly, the three wouldn't stand for it. 
She looked at her sister for a bit before looking at the three. This was not the way and she would never let it become a reality. Other families could do as they wished but this one stood together, no matter what. But there would be plenty of time for that later. Right now, Lauda looked at her Ma'dri. She was their mother after all and this was a family meeting to discuss future plans. Family qualms could be debated in length later. And in private. 
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 04/10/13 15:59:30
“That is enough little children… sit down and shut up.” Commanding angered voice of Petra broadcasted without the hall. The mother was on her feet and slowly walking towards the middle of them. She moved slowly to allowed Nox and the triplets to move to chairs before she got there. The desire of everyone attention on what was going to be said lead to Kristin’s head being lifted up with the force and dropped back onto the table. That was enough to get that child to focus while others were zooming on Petra. Anger was still being broadcasted with her facial expression.

Getting closer to the center of the group, Petra spoke again with command and dominance. “There will not be an ounce of failure allowed. I have shaped you all to work perfectly in the roles I have given you so failure will be met with an eternity of being cursed. I will publicly on Sognoterra, remove very slowly and as painful as possible the force and life energy right out of you. Then I’ll make you into statues to be placed in my temple for all to see until the end of time, children.” A moment of silence was given to let that sink in before continuing. Petra gave almost minute while using the time to look at each one of her children in the room. Starting back up, the tone did not change. “If you kids want to act like inferior little babies with fights between each other, and even try to hide it from me. I’ll you know now… You’ll never see my wrath coming until it’s too late to save yourself or kill yourself. I will get what I desire or you’ll be replaced and punished.”

“Anyone wants to whine now?” Petra questioned as her way of finishing her declaration to her children.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Nox Cavataio on 04/10/13 16:00:05
The man found his chair as quick as the triplets did. Both were seated and listening to Petra as she stated their punishment if they failed. It reminded him the punishment he got that resulted in wife, children and grandchildren deaths. How she pushed one into insanity with a single desire to purge the Cavataio blood line, and then turn another that was a Jedi to the dark side and kill the insane one. She than froze the fallen Jedi and had him placed as a decoration in facilities that Nox worked in. It was a reminder in which she had forced onto him for most of his life.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Kristin Cavataio on 04/10/13 16:00:58
Head hitting the table had the girl bouncing back up in her chair. She sat up and looked around; however she remained silent. Petra’s voice made it clear to stay in that state. Kristin listened to her mother while really trying to hold back her “will she really do that or not” questionnaire thoughts. There was a fear creeping up her spine as she seen the statues before and it was so creepy to look at them for her.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Lauda Cavataio on 04/28/13 07:48:49
Mother's voice made her freeze and turn to her. She could practically hear the anger coming out of her voice. Her attention remained solely on their mother as they were addressed. There would not be an ounce of failure allowed. She nodded. They had all been shaped to work perfectly in the roles they had been given so failure would met with an eternity of being cursed. Lauda nodded once more. The details of the punishment were stored in her mind though the Witch knew that whichever of them failed their mother, they would experience it all. And she never did nor did she plan to. Ever.

And it was true. Ma'dri would know if they failed anyway or if they were to act as inferior little babies. And they would be no escaping. Lauda glanced at Nox. So many times she had seen him defy their mother and over and over punishment had been reached. Among them, he really was the living proof of how Mother always knew and her words held true.

Did anyone want to whine now? Lauda turned to Serva discreetly, watching her carefully. Would she listen to Ma'dri know? It wasn't like she didn't know what happened when she pissed off their mother. She remembered it well enough, what had happened on the first day of her training. It still fascinated her how so many of her siblings refused to learn.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
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Sitting back down as her mother told them all, Squeak kept eyes on the trouble makers while her mother spoke. She knew that failure was not allowed. For her, it was never an option for her in the life she had. Even when the order she bleed for was almost destroyed, she hunted the traitor of the order and got the kill. Squeak stood back up with her eyes still staring at the brothers that caused their mother to get up and yell at them. She spoke firmly, “As the Elder of Judgment, who is immune to punishment for breaking the laws of cult or such acts like one that happen, Mother?”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Serva Cavataio on 04/29/13 19:53:20
Serva rubbed her neck. Glare of death was aimed at the triplets for what they did. The information Petra gave was nothing new for her. She just listened but never stopped her glare. Failure and such was always punished and she got that when she was child during her training and testing phases. So she kept quiet and did not do what her younger sister do which was standing up and throwing questions out.
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
Post by: Goddess Petra on 04/29/13 20:03:47
Waiting to see if any had the balls to speak up with whining, Petra was little surprised no whining from them. When Squeak stood up, her eyes went over to the daughter. It was clear why she was asking her question right at that moment instead of later. Petra scanned around before she spoke. When she did it was very commanding, “Outside of the family, you’ll handle the punishment with your judges and hounds, Squeak. For the family…” Her eyes gave each child a stare down for a moment, “You’ll bring the failure to me and present the case against them. I want whoever it is brought immediately to me. I don’t want weakness and failure infecting my cult. It has existed for more than thirty eight hundred years and none of you… children of mine will bring it down now.”

Petra walked back to her throne to sit down. Then she added her question “Is there anything else you all want to add or question?”
Title: Familia Tempa (Cavataio) - Completed
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((Have permission to move it along by Lauda’s writer so lick the writer and call her turkey… oh and have a good day))

There was a moment of silence for questions; however, no one spoke up to Petra. It could be for many things that held their tongues. She could let it last longer to see who might speak or just end it and move on. Scanning the room to get a feel of what set to make, she decided it was time to act and move the cult forward. She moved forward in the throne and rose to her feet. Slowly she walked towards the center, she was going to speak then leave right after she finished. “Alright, children… Evilina and Precious will send more information to you about how things will be running on detail level. Outside of that, questions will be directed to me from you all.” Walking closer to where Nox, triplets and her avatars sat, she continued, “The Cult will grow… all people will convert or my fists will crush them. Now go do what you were all born to do.”

  After Petra had gone, well almost right as their mother cleared the doorway. The two avatars were up and leaving the room before everyone else. They wanted to get back to the comforts of temple and thousands of worshipers. For Nox, he got the triplets up and his arm around two of them. Even told them about parting with hookers and blow, they all laughed and walked off to have fun. Squeak did not say anything but just elbow Kristin in the side. She even told Kris they were going to leave together. A talk about certain plans that involved Kris planet. Which left Serva, who was pissed and could not do anything about it at the moment; she just nodded to her sister next to her. Then she left that was more a storming off form of leaving in body language.

((Petra, Evilina, Precious, Nox, Leto, Lugh, Loki, Serva, Squeak and Kristin are out))