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Title: Anna Sachae, Genius Technician
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Full Name: Anna Marie Sachae

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species:  Human
Birthworld: Kuat, and  damn proud of it.
Homeworld(s): Ferro and Dathomir. Alternates pretty regularly between the two.

Legal  Status: Single, Kuati citizenship
Relationship Status: Seeing Petra Cavataio
Living Situation: "Special guest" of Petra Cavataio
Occupation: Burgeoning Witch potential, freelance tech expert

Affiliation: Witches of Dathomir

Personality: Completely selfless, driven to help others despite personal danger or loss. Refuses to actively take life and goes to great lengths to stop death in all forms.  Actively tries to improve the world around her, caring nothing for personal gain in the process. Despite the sarcasm, kind and patient with  those who need help, but a firebrand with anyone who tramples on her ideals.

Hobbies: Tinkering, tinkering, and more tinkering

Physical Stats
Avatar: Michelle Rodriguez
Theme Song: "Treasure" by Flyleaf
Motto: "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else."
Height:  5'4"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color: Blackish brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Other: Skin perpetually covered in grease stains

General Appearance: Somewhat short with a healthy body, not gorgeous but undeniably attractive. Anna wears a loose pair of cargo pants with a formerly-white tank top when relaxing or working with her tools. Normally keeps a headset comlink on as well, and generally found with at  least a full pint of motor oil on her body and clothes. Normally unarmed save her stunner. Pictured here. (

Abilities: What Anna lacks in strength over other Force-users, she makes up for in versatility. Her Force potential is strong, but her actual abilities are raw and untempered...not to mention quite specialized. Instead of spending all of her time contemplating the Force  and all things therein she has several talents that many Force-users take quite a while to develop.

Force Powers

Complete History: Anna was born to Garen and Marilin Sachae, their second daughter after Kalmiya. Her life was simple and actually very happy from the start, as her father was overjoyed when Anna took to the workings of KDY like a fish to water. Her relationship with Kalmiya was never quite as good as she hoped, but Anna never questioned the fact that her life was wonderful.

Her  life progressed easily and almost perfectly for several years,  excepting around twelve when Kalmiya ran away. Anna never speaks of her  sister, less out of shame and more out of a strange feeling of guilt. Despite that setback, she managed a position in KDY's tech team at the record age of 14, and shot through every problem they could throw at her, climbing the ranks with unprecedented speed.

Anna's recruitment into the Empire and the resulting hijinks ( led to her summary exile from Imperial space. She's known to have one of the shortest and busiest military carreers in the galaxy...or would be if the Empire would release any of her records. She faded into pretty much ghost status for the better part of a year. It's unknown how she managed to get back to KDY long enough to leave, but...

Around the age of 18, Anna got on a cargo freighter ( in what would be a rather destined flight. Taken by pirates lead by Deus Nox, the crew was murdered or sold into slavery, Anna was raped and stolen as a sex slave by Petra Cavataio. She endured a full year of torture and rape, both of the body and the mind, before finally getting through to her captor ( enough to earn her freedom...and subsequently fall madly in love with her. Under Petra's guidance, Anna honed the Force-sensitivity that was tearing apart her mind and her life into a much more focused power.

Anna lived the better part of the next few months on Ferro, developing her powers and training her body and mind to control what had been referred to as "terrifyingly raw potential". She did this both through meditation, and occasional kinky BDSM romps ( through Petra's dungeons which resulted in massive amounts of blood loss. Her life seemed to finally be panning out as something better than suck.

After moving to Dathomir several months into her training, Anna started spending more time with Lauda, one of Petra's daughters, and thus her own "daughters". Lauda (a product of being raised in the natural world) started taking Anna (a child of technology and industry) on long outings into the Dathomiri wildlands for bonding time. One such outing ( was another date with destiny - it was there that Anna met her own rancor soulmate, Carmenta. While they came to blows initially, eventually it was clear that they weren't going to be parted by any force known to man.

This profile will be updated periodically as Anna's IC history develops, including links to complete RPs in a rough chronological order that suits my mood at the time and is subject to change when I decide I don't like it anymore.
Title: Anna Sachae, Genius Technician
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