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Title: Mikhail Seraph
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*////Accessing_Personnel_Records/Mikhail Seraph//

Physical Data.....///====

Name: Mikhail Seraph
Race: Tapani Human Male
Physical Description: 
Caucasian male, 180.3cm, 
76kg, olive-brown eyes, black hair, 20 galactic standard years of age. Ecto/Mesomorphic body type. Distinguishable crooked smile caused by dead nerves in the lower lip.

Mental Analysis Data.....///====

Physical Fitness Assessment -
In the Pink: No illnesses or complications of note. Eyesight, hearing, and sensory feeling are all in prime condition. Considered by medical staff to be in good condition.
Fit: Jogs and trains regularly. Often spars with others to the point of minor injury. Neither exceptionally strong nor fast, but noted for considerable endurance.
Breaking Point: Constantly pushes himself to the limits of his abilities, which can be the cause of injury if not careful.

Mind -
Personal Code: His personal mantra of doing the right thing, no matter what the consequences, is often left unspoken. 

Friends over Duty: He has more loyalty to persons and ideals than to the military itself

Empathetic: Most likely due to his tragic experiences, Mikhail has an immense amount of compassion for others, and is willing to hear "their side of the story" no matter who they are. 

Dreamy Idealist: Mikhail is very much the idealist, always striving to do what is morally just. Sometimes his commitment to his ideals are viewed by others as reaching for a "pie in the sky".

Special: Mikhail wants to do something important with his life, to the point where he may be having delusions of grandeur 
Hero Complex: Also known as zoological altruism, Mikhail suffers from an innate desire to help/save others and a compulsion to make the galaxy a better place, regardless of the detriment it may cause to himself. 

Emotional: Mikhail has strong emotions that can often express themselves in the form of hot anger of caring sympathy
Naive Saint: He readily takes others at their word, to the point of naivety, and is often saintlike in his actions towards all. 
Background Data.....///====

Mikhail was born on the planet of Pelagon into a commoner family. His father is a widely respected judge and his brother an important lawyer. His own life took an abrupt turn for the worse when he was put on trial for murder. According to his own statements he was only trying to help the women, but she quickly bled out from several puncture wounds before he could help her. The murder weapon was an elaborate rapier that many knew as the personal sword of a young aristocrat. However, the aristocrats father used his immense influence and covered up his son's act, using Mikhail as a scapegoat. Judge Seraph was forced to convict his own son, the only thing he could do was save Mikhail from execution and send him into exile instead. 
According to intel records, Mikhail spent a year of his exile on Fondor as a paramedic, before he left due to complaints about the behavior of the Imperials on the planet. He enlisted in the Alliance Marines not long after. Records of his service can be found under the file: SERAPH, M< AM <138
Title: Mikhail Seraph
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