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Title: Amaryllis Bellard
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{ Character Information }
Name: Amaryllis Bellard
Nickname: Rylli
Age: Twenty-five
Gender: Female
Birth planet: Bastion
Home planet: Kamino, Naboo, Bastion
Faction: Empire in Exile (formally), The Sith Imperium (formally)
Rank: Sith Apprentice (formally Force Practitioner / Imperial Knight) 

{ Physical Apperance }
( (
Avatar: Chloe Moretz | Laura Vandervoort
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 121 lbs
Eye color: Pale Blue
Hair color: White
Skin tone: Pale
Skin type: Sensitive

{ Skill & Abilities }
Force Powers: Here ( 
Trainers: Naha’va, Tethis Aresis

{ Family and Relations }
Significant other: n/aMother: Lenavina “Delilah” BellardFather: UnknownGrandfather: Angel BellardGrandmother: Rebeka Hardgrove-BellardBirth grandmother: Lenavina MarAunts: Katherine Bellard, Korrina Bellard, Lenavina Martin, Naha’vaCousins: Amelia Caezar, Michael CaezarLegal guardian: Naha’vaUncle: Rylan Kordel

{ History }
Amaryllis was born to “Delilah” Bellard and an unknown man when her mother was still a teenager. For the first five years, she lived with her mother, as as well as her aunt Korrina until suddenly she was all alone. According to what she was told back then and could understand, her aunt and mother died in an accident, leaving her with a family.
Expect, that wasn’t all that true. After living in the Bastion orphanage for a month, Amaryllis was picked up by a woman who claimed to be her Aunt Naha’va. It took over a decade before she would learn the whole truth about her family, and how she was truly related to this woman, and having never even known about her birth grandmother being completely different from whom she was led to believe, or even her mother, Amaryllis took a bit of hard time with the knowledge.
Through out the last twenty years of her life, Amaryllis has been trained by Naha’va at times, at others, left alone on various planets when her ‘Aunt’ had to tend to various businesses. The longest she had been left alone was this latest time, when Naha’va didn’t return for an entire year. Now that she had though, the young woman was introduced to the fact that there isn’t more she can be taught by the woman and that it’s time for her to join the Sith and take on another Master. She was also recently introduced to Rylan Kordel of who she knows just that Naha’va had taken him under her wing just as she had done with her.
Even though she sometimes dislikes being with Naha’va, Amaryllis understands that this is the only family she has had her entire life and accepts her as such. Until she meets Rylan and learns that her birth grandmother’s clone is alive and in the Imperium.

Title: Amaryllis Bellard
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