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Title: Sara Arkelion
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Basic Info

Birth Name:  Sara Arkelion
Aliases:  Sara Arkelion, Lady Arkelion, Lady Valea, Lady Saevia, Lady Lumiere, Darth Valea, Darth Saevia, Darth Ferus
Chronological Age (True Age):  262
Apparent Physical Age:  29
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Tatooine
Homeworlds:  Coruscant, Naboo
Racial Heritages:  4/8 Garhoon, 4/8 Shi'ido

Legal Status:  Coruscant citizen, Naboo citizen
Relationship Status:  Single
Occupation:  Schism CEO
Former Occupation(s):  Former Officer of the Imperium Army, Rank: Colonel / Former Imperium Sector Lord

Ex-Husbands:  Aslyn Denethorn, Raze Skirata (Clan Skirata - NPC)
Daughters:  Tanisis Arkelion (, Caiera Arkelion (, Valerie Denethorn (Deceased), Xiamara Arkelion ( (Clone)
Father:  Theron Arkelion (Exact Location Unknown)
Mother:  Amberyl (Last Name Unknown, Deceased)

Current Affiliation:  Schism Corporation, Factionless
Mando'ade Clan:  N/A (Self-Exiled)
Former Affiliations:  Mando'ade, Old Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, Galactic Alliance, Galactic Alliance Remnant, Fel's Empire-in-exile, OmegaPyre, The Sith Imperium
Rank:  Jedi Master
Former Ranks:  Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, Sith Knight, Sith Master

Personal Skills:  Sara can speak and understand Basic and Mando'a with complete fluency, and she can understand but not speak, Hapan and Huttese.  She is a skilled practitioner of the Noghri unarmed fighting style, Stava, and her particular lightsaber technique is a blend of three different lightsaber forms: Makashi, Ataru, and Djem So.  She is skilled with vibroweapons, blaster rifles, blaster pistols, and heavy blaster pistols, as well as explosives, but she prefers to stick with her sword and lightsaber - or her Force abilities, and her knowledge of the mundane variant of Battle Precognition.  Finally, she's a skilled pilot and covert military operations, thanks to over a century of experience in the cockpits of starfighters, small starships, and unofficial (classified) military operations - both in and out of military service.

Personality:  Sara disdains subtlety and stealth, preferring instead to be direct, as she has found it works the best for her.  That is not to say she does not make use of subtlety or stealth, only that when she does, she is far less skilled in their applications then she is with her forte.  Exhibiting a definite penchant for sarcastic, and at times, dry and/or slightly eccentric humor, which is misunderstood often, she has seen too much combat to delude herself with the knowledge that peace is the normal state of affairs in the galaxy - and as such, maintains a vigilant attitude at all times when she is away from Schism worlds.  Or those she calls home.

Activities:  Delving into the mysteries of the Force, running her company, Schism Corporation, and maintaining a state of vigilance against those who would do harm to her or her people . . . and other individuals.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Sense
Magnify Senses

Dark Side Apprentice -

Neutral Knight -
Alter Elements (Fire, Air)[Red Sand (]
Enhanced Force Sense [Red Sand (]
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Choke
Force Spark

Neutral Master -
Alter Environment (Fire)[Red Sand (]
Mastered Telekinesis

Dark Side Master -
Force Lightning

Special Master Ability -
Transfer Life

Force Abilities Desired:
Neutral Apprentice -
Animal Friendship
Force Persuasion
Telekinetic Strike

Neutral Knight -
Alter Elements - Earth
Battle Precognition
Body Adjustment
Force Adhere
Force Deflect
Force Scream
Force Sight

Neutral Master -
Alter Environment (Air, Earth)
Art of the Small
Force Absorb
Force Cloak
Midi-Chlorian Manipulation
Shadow Walk

Special Master Abilities -
Create Life
Force Resuscitation

Physical Characteristics Known:
Avatar:  Kate Beckinsale / Morena Baccarin
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  135 lbs., w/ armor, 127 lbs., w/o armor
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Violet (Normal) Red/Orange/Gold (Using the Force)

Known Possessions:  Her personal clothing, two heavy blasters in thigh-holsters; one DT-57 ( and one T-6 (, and a custom-built suit of armor ( (made of Phrik ( with all of the following built into the helmet: three miniaturized holographic displays that consist of a ninety-foot motion tracker, a sophisticated combination of an echolocation / infrared system which allows her to see in the dark and see heat sources up to 90 feet - although not as well as someone who can see in the dark naturally without the aid of technology, which also features a built-in commlink.  She also owns a repulsor-pack (, a customized / modernized pure black-hued A-Wing starfighter ( she's named Schism, a custom-built Mandalorian saber ( that hides a single-bladed gold lightsaber, and a customized / modernized black and crimson-hued Defender-class light corvette ( named Nova.

Property Owned:
Villa ( on Naboo - Current Residence (Lake Country, Naboo)

Business Ventures:
Schism Corporation (HQ on Naboo)

Personal Squad -
Mercy Varix (, Medic and XO - Captain
Serrakhi, Noghri unarmed combat specialist / assassin - Captain
Grendo, Rodian demolition specialist / grenadier - Captain
Krast, Bothan intelligence specialist / comm. tech - Captain
Standard Equipment:  Alpha Company Armor ( (gender variable) (x4), DT-57 (x4), Vibro-shiv (x2).
Other Equipment:  Varies depending on mission requirements, planetary climate, and other details.

Alpha Company ( - ALL NPC's, will post only if requested.
Title: Sara Arkelion
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