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Title: The Newcomer's Guide to Descension / The Q&A Thread
Post by: Shery deWinter on 12/08/10 17:32:01
So, you’re brand new to this board, haven’t joined one like it before, and feel a little bit lost as to how exactly get around? Here is a 101 guide that should make things simpler. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic, and one of our staffers or more experienced members will reply to you ASAP (http:///domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/smile.gif)

0 – Read the rules ( They provide most of the basic information you’ll require to get the hangin’ of the site.

1 – Create an account (

2 – Post a hello at the introductions (! You don’t need to know what your character is gonna be like at this point. But the members of Descension love welcoming new writers and characters alike, and this would also be a good place to start getting to know people.

3 – If you can, join chat! We’re a friendly bunch, and chat is often used both as a way to pass time and as a way to strike up connections for future RP’s. At the moment, we have an unofficial chat located on Skype. You can send Nessarose deWinter (;u=7) a message to be added.

4 – You can start a new thread so others can join in and meet your character in the Galaxy ( Forum, put a biography up ( (biographies are not mandatory), join one of the open RP’s in the Galaxy ( Forum, open a discussion about an RP ( you wish to start, or basically, almost anything else!

We hope this guide was helpful to you. As people ask questions, we will update it with time.

Happy RP'ing!
~ Star Wars: Descension Staff
Title: The Newcomer's Guide to Descension / The Q&A Thread
Post by: Shery deWinter on 12/08/10 17:32:01
09/12/2010 - We've decided to merge the Q&A thread with the Newbie Guide thread, for simpler and quicker access to all the important information.

We've had a recent influx of members joining Descension (both from on and off other yuku boards), and a lot of questions have been asked as to how to do what on this site. Some of these questions are alike, and others pose good food for thought questions, so we figured we would have an official thread for people to ask board-related questions and get answers as well. Some questions may even lead us to updating the rules/information present on the board to make it more readable and easier to comprehend (

Just a side note; while the motivation to make this did come mostly from new members, older members with questions are more than welcome to ask them as well.

So, if you have any question and there's no one in the chat to answer it, just post here!

Happy RP'ing!
~ Star Wars: Descension staff!
Title: The Newcomer's Guide to Descension / The Q&A Thread
Post by: Rhissai Arckan on 02/08/12 20:16:13
Hey, I've been roaming around your site for a few days and have a few questions. The first is pretty newbish, but then... that's what us newbs are for. I did try to use the search bar, but I've never had much luck with those. So, is there any set place to put unapproved bio's? I see the intergalactic data storage, but I'm not entirely sure if that's an approved only section. If so... where is it? ;P

Also, I kind of love the Miraluka as a race. I can't help but notice that Force Sight is a knight power. You see the problem that I face. If a little waiver isn't possible I completely understand and will 'fuhgetabotit'. No skin off my teeth. I just want to start writing, lol.

Thanks for your patience.
Title: The Newcomer's Guide to Descension / The Q&A Thread
Post by: Lenavina Caezar on 02/08/12 20:45:08
Hi! Biographies aren't mandatory on Descension so whether you want to put up a complete version or just basics of it up to you, just place it it in the Intergalactic Data Storage. We don't approve them, merely put them on the index for easier find. You can always go back to it and update it when you feel it's necessary, the thread is essentially there for you.

We've had some Miraluka people roaming around the board, even a blind person. While the Force Sight is not an Apprentice level of power, there's a section with Enhanced Senses as well as Force Sense (and its subskills) that you can begin with.
Hope that helps. (