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Daos Draclau
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Name : Daos Draclau
Age : 70
Race : Shi'ido
Homeworld : Nar Shaddaa
Birthworld : Lao-mon
Height : 6'2''
Weight : 220 lbs.
Affiliation : TCU
Rank : Crime Lord ; Exhange Sector Boss over the Y'Toub System ; Apprentice Level Force User ; Acting Regent of Lao-mon
Business : Draclau Shipping
Personality : Borderline schizophrenic, suffers from bi-polar disease.
Family : Malice Draclau (Father) / Layla Kinrun (Mother) / Seth Draclau (Brother)
Spouse : Neav Revata (Draclau)
Children : Ashlyn Draclau (Daughter)
History : Born in the Outer Rim on some backwater planet to a common woman named Layla Kinrun, Daos started life without knowing of his Draclau heritage. It wasn't until he reached the age of 13 that his mother finally told him the truth that he was born on Lao-mon, and was really the son of Malice Draclau. He spent the next several years working dead end jobs for a local Crime Syndicate, such as delivering creds to the Bosses, and even helping make money as a beggar. All that changed when he amassed enough credits to track down his birth father, Malice Draclau. After years of seaching, Daos left everything behind and went to Nar Shaddaa, where he quickly rose in the ranks of the reformed Exchange. By the age of 40, he was helping oversee the planetary operations. Five years later, Daos stirred up a coup and killed the man to take over his position. As the aging Sector Boss grew more and more weak, he struck at him after having spent a small fortune to locate who he really was. Finally by the age of 60, some 20 years later, he was the Sector Boss. All through his career, and even from his mother, Daos learned he was Force Sensitive, and made a vow to himself to one day be as strong as his father in the Force.

Character Avatar : Colin Farrell

Personal Vessel
(Vessel Name TBD)
3-Z light freighter
Production information


Product line

YT series


3-Z light freighter


Light freighter

Technical specifications

28 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

800 km/h

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 15


Navigation system



Laser cannon turrets (2)





Cargo capacity

150 metric tons


2 months

Other systems

Escape pod

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Daos Draclau
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