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Rex Crysis
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Name: Rex Crysis
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Race: Mandalorian
Avvy: Jango Fett
Mother/Father: Marlene Crysis (Desceased), Jack Crysis (Desceased)
Other Family: Unknown
Age: 27

Personality: Rex is a quiet man. He dosen't speak unless spoken too and only gives body gestures most of the time. Rex will do any contract/order to the letter. The only thing that will stop him is death. He has the bravery of any mandalorian and the determination to keep him going through the worst. He will also likely behead someone that questions his family, honour, methods and occupation. If he dosen't behead them then and there, then they will be his next, personal, bounty.

History: Rex was born on Coruscant in a shitty little apartment. His parents were in hiding, from what he did not know. At the age of six, his parents left the apartment and never came back. Rex was locked in the apartement with  little to eat and no-one to look after him. He eventually jumped out of his window that was 70 storeys high. He would have died if a certain speeder didn't pick him up by accident. The couple piloting th speeder became his new parents and when he was sixteen he moved away from them and lost contact on purpose. He moved to Nar Shada and became a bounty hunter. After 205 bounties at the age of 22 he was quite rich and bought a suite of special mandalorian combat armour and a sleek spaceship, the Endeavor. He has now, to date, completed 357 bounties and lives in a luxury house on Nar Shada with a shitload of credits. He dosen't really care about the money anymore, he wants the challenge of a bounty more than anything.

Equipment: Two heavy Mandalorian blasters,  wrist mounted flamethrower, net gun(for capturing bounties ALIVE), jet pack, grappling hook, wrist blade and a wrist mounted computer that links to his HUD for navigation and all that jazz.

Strengths: Alot.
Weakness: His jetpack will malfuntion if shot.

TADA! First ever Bio so dont dis!
EDIT: added weapons.
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Rex Crysis
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