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Leilah Starkiller (bare bones bio)
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Name: Leilah Starkiller (last name unknown to herself)
Age: 27
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Avatar: Victorria Johnson

Parents: Jax and Sophie Starkiller
Siblings: Xander, Mark, Kailey, Isobel and Mercutio Starkiller
Other family: The entire Starkiller nonsense

Personality: Leilah is mostly uninterested in contact with sentient beings. She does not see the point in most of what society does, and prefers to be alone. She has been around Coronet enough to understand some of the basic methods of communication and personal interaction, but she finds them tedious, and does not understand emotional complications that often arise. The most powerful motivating force for her to remain in the city and not simply return to the wild is her wish to find her family. She does not know their name or how she could possibly know any of them. The only identifier she has at all is the large tattoo on her upper back, which she hopes is a clue of some kind. ( http://i147.photobucket.c...toos/Unknowns-tattoo.jpg ) Thus far, she has been unsuccessful. It doesn't help that anyone she would question considers her weird and off-putting.


Before the age of 3, Leilah wandered off outside of the house when the door was open and was never found. She had managed to toddle her way into one of the forests of Corellia. She would have died, but she lucked into an area filled with vegetation and found few predators. She lived well on her own for a few years, but a young girl living on her own does not do well without some help. She probably would have slowly died of malnutrition, if she had not befriended a wild dog of the area. Eventually, she simply became part of the pack. She was strangely intelligent about her hunting methods for a lone child who basically had to reinvent the wheel. She made knives out of wood, and even sharpened them. Right before she left, she had even managed to fashion a bow and arrow.

Around age 12, she and a few of her dog compatriots found their way into a city. Although she was reluctant at first to remain, she was enticed by the prospect of a steady meal for both her and her dogs. She remained in civilization and received an education, though she often was ridiculed for speaking with a coarse voice, and something of an accent. She was not happy with civilized life, however, and did her best to remain outside of society when she could. Her personal crowning achievement was choosing a name for herself, which apparently was very important among this society.

When she reached the age of 20, she was surprised that she found that one of the puppies of her friends had grown attached to a visitor. She allowed the pup to go away with the person, and found that breeding dogs was actually somewhat lucrative. She has since remained on Corellia with her business and keeps to herself mostly. She has recently found the urge to explore beyond the outskirts of Coronet, and has considered even going off planet, but has not dared to do so yet.

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Leilah Starkiller (bare bones bio)
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