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Petra'Dri 'Squeak' Cavataio - WIP
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Name: Petra'Dri Cavataio
Known Alias: Squeak
Birthplanet: Dathomir
Citizenship: Susevfi and Dathomir
Living Situation: On the move but has a place on Susevfi
Warrants: None for right now

- Jensaarai
- Witches of Dathomir
- The Jedi Order (Loosely Affiliated)
- Jensaarai Witch
- Bounty Hunter
- Defender (Knight level for Jensaarai)
- Spellhunter (Apprentice level for Witches)

Avatar: Squeak
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches (5 feet, 5 inches with her platform boots)
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Pink, Blonde, Black, Blue, Green, and Purple
Eyes: Emerald

Pose #1 and Pose #2
Squeak has a love for her hair and enjoys changing her hair color. That is why she will go through hundreds of different color changes a year. For outfits, it depends on what planet she is on. The outfits range from fency dresses to naughty, relviving tops and skirts. But when she knows she is going in to battle, she puts on the Jensaarai armor she had to hand craft. The armor is a red'ish shade with a black cloak. She completely encases herself in the armor and had molded the armor to hint animalistic features.

Jensaarai Armor: Picture #1, Picture #2
It was a highly flexible suit of light armor, covered in spun cortosis fibers, capable of protecting a Jensaarai from lightsaber attacks. First a basic, generic, frame was constructed before the armor was further customized to represent an animal the wearer could relate to. Though not a rule, it was common practice for armor to be styled on animals that were not overly aggressive, but were capable of adequately protecting themselves when threatened, such as a reek or Corellian sand panther. If the wearer was so inclined, modifications to the armor included systems designed to better emulate the creature in question, such as built-in macrobinoculars or retractable claws.

Squeak has gone out and upgraded her armor with the help of her mother's old friend, Xander Starkiller. Using his armor design, she and he crafted a new suit. It was base on the Starkiller Industries' Version 2 of the SI-XS battle armor.


- Flight system that allows the armor to move at a speed of 75 miles an hour

- Covered in spun cortosis fibers

- Highly flexible suit of light armor

- De-icing system to allow maximum altitude without failing

- Sophisticated HUD/targeting system

- Weaponized repulsor system in the hands

- Wrist mounted rocket launcher and shoulder mounted anti-personnel rockets.

- Bio-hazard suit that is sealed with filters and recycling air unit

- Personality -
Not shy at all, friendly and loving, cheerful person that disarms others with pleasent and sweet words.
Force: As a Jensaarai, she has master the ways of she was trained in with abilites on both sides. She can be a very difficult person to deal with.
Combat: Being trained with the passion of never stopping or admitting defeat, she is driven, focus, at peace and centered in the heat of battle.
Personal: Walks the fine line between light and dark, while her heart beats for love.

Outgoingness gets her into trouble and whacky sense of humor and behavior adds to getting her into even deeper trouble
Force: Being a Jensaarai the pull to the dark side is even greater and have to fight the urges
Combat: The passion in the fight leads her to be blinded by her surroundings and the drive to never stop or submit puts her in alot of tight spots
Personal: Keeping the balance takes alot and has a drive to find her soul mate

- Family Tree -

- Mother's Side -
- Paige Hja and nameless male slave
- Petra Cavataio
Siblings: Four Sisters and One Brother
- Serva
- Lauda
- Nox Deum
- Fabula and Kristen (Twins)
Nephews and Nieces:
- Natalie (deWinter) - Child of Serva Cavataio and Jonathan deWinter

- History -
Short Story for Squeak is... she was a by product of being an experiment by a twist crime boss witch. Petra Cavataio happened to get her hands on blood and tissue samples from many men and genetically engineered children as a way to create genetic code to build a clone army from. As Squeak was growing up and leaning the witch’s way, Petra again stepped in and changed the girl’s life. Making a secret alliance with the Jensaarai Order, she added in giving them her third daughter. Squeak trained and lived as a Jensaarai. Then one day chasing down murder from the order, she met one of her half siblings, Xan and from there she sent time to get to know him and his wife, Anija.

Long story, Squeak knows it and that's all that matters

- Fun Facts -
Theme Song:
Cry Little Sister covered by Seasons After
Quote: Dead or Alive, you're coming with me
More to come...

- Weapons -
Double-bladed lightsaber
Type: Melee weapon
Color: Pink
Special: Locks and Unlocks at the middle to make two sabers or one double-bladed

Name: Lightsaber Pike
Type: Lightsaber
Color: Blue, Icy

Name: Long-handle Lightsaber
Type: Lightsaber
Color: Violet

- Personal Ship -
Jen'Derriphan XIV (Link: Schematic)

Production Information
Model: Modified Star-Viper-class attack platform

Technical Specifications
21 meter
Maximum acceleration: 4,240 G
MGLT: 110
Maximum Speed (Atmo): 880 km/h
Engine unit(s):
* Quadex IGt engines
* Koensayr N2-f microthrusters
Hyperdrive rating:
* Class 1.0
* Backup Class 10
Hyperdrive system: Equipped 
Power plant: Heavy power generators (4 - 1 per wing)
Shielding: Foward and aft deflector shield generators
Navigation system: Navigation computer equipped
Targeting systems: Carbanti St2x targeting computer with exerimental laser sighting system
* Two Taim & Bak Ht-12 double laser cannons
* Two Borstel proton torpedo launchers
- Standard load: Three torpedoes each
Other Systems: S-foil actuator

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Petra'Dri 'Squeak' Cavataio - WIP
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