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Mark Starkiller - Jedi Master
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Full Name:
Mark Kyle Starkiller
Alias: Captain Starkiller, Mark Halcyon, Master Jedi
Avatar: Karl Urban
Age: Chronologically: 40-76 
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Build: Athletic
Other: Cybernetic Arm/Appears in his 40's (Unknown cause)
Gender: Male
Species: Genetically Altered Being (Human)
Birthworld: Corellia
Legal Status: Engaged to Alexandra Russo
Living Situation: Alliance Starship Legacy; Captain's quarters
Occupation: Jedi Master, Naval Officer, Military Adviser

Alignment: Lawful Good / Light Side of Force
Faction Affiliation: The Alliance
Faction Rank: Captain (Navy)
Force Rank: Master

Feats and Talents

Personal Skills:

  • Ace Pilot
  • Advanced Force Training
  • Elite Lightsaber Combat Training
  • Extensive Combat Knowledge
  • Force Sensitive
  • Gifted Mechanic
Known Languages:
  •  Binary (Understands)
  •  Galactic Basic Standard
  •  Hapan
  •  Huttese
  •  Mando'a
Lightsaber Skills

Single-Bladed Combat Styles

  • Form III: Soresu - (Mastered)
  • Form V: Djem So - (Mastered)

Other Combat Skills:

Miscellaneous Lightsaber Styles

  • Sokan - (Mastered)

Martial Arts Styles

  • K'tara - (Mastered)
Force Powers

Apprentice Rank Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Animal Control
  • Basic Telekinesis
    • Force Choke
    • Force Push
    • Force Pull
    • Force Throw
  • Enhance Ability
    • Breath Control
    • Force Jump
    • Force Speed
  • Enhance Senses
  • Force Sense
    • Farsight
    • Force Comprehension
    • Force Empathy
  • Force Persuasion
  • Meditative Trance
  • Telepathy

Lightside Powers:

  • Control Pain
  • Force Flash/Stun Droid/Ionize
  • Force Healing (Self)

Knight Ranked Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Enhanced Force Sense
    • Battle Precognition
    • Comprehend Speech
  • Enhanced Telekinesis
    • Force Grip
  • Force Barrier  
    • Force Deflect
    • Protection Bubble
  • Force Spark
  • Psychometry/Telemetry
  • Shatterpoint
  • Tapas

Lightside Powers:

  • Force Healing (Other)
  • Force Meld
  • Mind Trick
  • Plant Surge

Master Ranked Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Intuitive Aptitude (Technopathy)
  • Mastered Telekinesis
    • Force Repulse
    • Force Wave

Lightside Powers:

  • Electic Judgment
  • Force Light
General Appearance:

Mark's hair is dark brown and ranges from short to shoulder length. His eyes are a deep blue color and his skin is a light bronzed tan color. He wears his facial hai in a 5 o'clock shadow and rarely lets it grow any longer then that. His wardrobe consists of Jedi tunics and robes he wears on a casual basis and when in a military situation arises he is seen wearing some form of armor made for a Jedi which protects the chest, shoulders and neck as well as a kama around his legs to protect from shrapnel.


Mark is something of an enigma, he prefers to remain quiet while in a group of people but doesn't hesitate to speak up to voice his beliefs. He is a very loyal man that will defend his friends and his people from harm. He suffered a major head injury and lost most of his childhood memories but they come back to him slowly over time. He is very regretful for the things he knows he does and usually denies himself most pleasures and happiness to defend the people. He tends to be very black and when it comes to good and evil but he does see some shades of grey.


Lightsaber - (Blue Blade) - A lightsaber constructed with black rubbers grips, the hilts themselves were made from Songsteel to prevent them from being cut in half when attacked. It is constructed with Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulses which allow them to function underwater. It contains a rare Pontite Adegan crystal.
Jedi Armor - Customized combat armor made for a Jedi (Helmet not included), durable and doesn't restrict movement, Alliance symbols emblazon on the shoulders, Captain rank pips fixed on the chest piece, tinted blue.
Jedi Katana - A hand crafted Jedi Katana created on a forge in Tython. Comprised of Songsteel, folded over 200 times.
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Mark Starkiller - Jedi Master
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