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Lexis Ferran
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      General Information
Birth name: Shana Draclau
Known alias: Lexis Ferran
Birth planet: Coruscant
Faction/Business/Loyalties: The Criminal Underworld // Seth Draclau
Profession: Thief
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty one  (Thirty five all together)            

Physical Appearance

Avatar: Isabelle Fuhrman / Jennifer Love Hewitt
Height: 5' 2½" (1.59 m)
Weight: 109 lbs
Eye Color: Originally Dull gray / Now brown
Hair Color: Originally Jet Black / Now brown/dark brown
Species: Shi'ido/Nagai Hybrid (1/2 Shi'ido, 1/2 Nagai) with alterations
Body Shape: Curved
Skin Tone: Originally pale with gray splotches / Now tanned
Distinguishing Marks:  


Mother: Melina Maer (genetically, deceased) 
Father: Malice Draclau (genetically), Seth Draclau (cloning source), Xander Starkiller (maker, without any genetic connection)
Seth DraclauSkorn Draclau (half-brother)Erinyes Draclau (half-sister)Sandrius Draclau (half-brother)Lono Draclau (half-brother)Demala Draclau (half-sister)Daos Draclau (half-brother)Leylah Ultron (half-sister)Adriana Draclau (half-sister)Jennica Sorsten (half-sister)
Children: None yet
Other family: Chloe Draclau (niece), Milly Maer (cousin), Severan Maer (uncle)
Masters: Xander Starkiller (second version), Ferran Catiuai, Seth Draclau, Jack Satriani

        Basic History
Over three decades, as Seth Draclau and Xander Starkiller met, the two formed a business relationship that would benefit both parties for years and years to come. Xander was already a self-proclaimed Sith Lord and quite able in many abilities, including the ability to clone. Though shapeshifter himself and a Sith Knight, Seth did not know this ability and it made the young man curious. So he proposed a project for Xander – make him a clone of himself, a in female clone with slightly altered options. Thus, Xander Starkiller would clone him an infant girl who was practically identical to Seth in every way, except in her gender.

From the very beginning, Shana was unnaturally loyal to Seth, however could not stand the sight of Xander Starkiller. Whatever the reason was for this, no one could tell and she would never live long enough to understand it herself.

At the age of one, the young girl walked and mimicked talk though she could not understand it fully. By the age of four, she clearly showed a genius level much like Seth. But even more, a perfectionist strike. No drawing she did was to be seen before she was satisfied with it, no ability was shared with others before she was sure of herself. She demanded perfect from everyone around her. If her outfits were folded right, she would scream insanely; when anyone tried to touch her and she was not sure their hands were utterly clean, she would throw things at them. Much like Seth, she loved to hear her little voice but it was most heard by her brother. She liked to talk to him. There were even times when no one could really tell when one finished and the other began. And yet they understood each other perfectly.

However, there was one thing that was very curious about the little one from the very beginning. Like Seth, Shana was born with pale skin, dark gray freckles and dull gray eyes. However, unlike him, Shana loved the way she was. Even if her big brother always preferred to look human and keep others from seeing how he really was, this was not the case with the little one. Yes, she wanted to learn how to change, she would have done everything to be like him on the outside because that was what he wanted for him. But beyond that, she loved the color of her skin, her eyes, even each and every freckle on her face. Many times when it was just the two of them, she beg for him to change to what he really looked like, just so she could see him for he really was. To her, that the perfect version of him because it was who he really was.

Upon her fifth birthday, the little girl got sick. Clinical testings showed that she had a disease infants die from and could easy move past, how it had a lot worse effect on Shana. Within months, her condition got worse. No matter what healers tried on her, if she would even let them touch her, or what scientists tried to make her drink, everything failed. She just kept getting worse. Despite her small age, Shana had begun learning some sort of manners and discipline. Most of the time. She still didn’t allow just anyone to lay a hand on her, she insisted upon her drawings even when she was too week to keep her hands still, which ultimately made her perfectionist manner worse. To the end, she was a bitter little creature, angry all the time. She refused to see anyone but her brother, or even speak to anyone else.

But when her last day arrived, she knew it had come. Shana asked for her maker then. When he finally agreed to see her due to their relationship through her life, she had one thing to tell him. “Don’t let me die. Make me better. Fix me. But don’t let Seth be alone.” It was the last thing the little girl said before she took her last breath and closed her eyes, her breathing stopping moments later.

(Picture modified by Seth Draclau)

"Don't let me die. Make me better. Fix me. But don't let Seth be alone." It was the first thing Shana remembered from her earliest childhood. It was left in her memory on purpose.

  The second version of Shana came a year later. Xander Starkiller put his best efforts, behind Seth's back to make her. He fiddled with her DNA structure far more then he had done so with the first one. He tuned down her temper and need for perfection, made her more open to the world around, terminated the possibility of the disease (or so he believed) and when he had done so much, he wasn't satisfied so he altered her Midi-Chlorian levels to a much higher level then his business partner ever had. Days before her birth, Xander sent a message to Seth to come see him in the lab. Shana's brother came just in time to be there for her birth and was suddenly enraged by what had been done. He had not wanted for another Shana, not after what had happened to the last one. Xander Starkiller however managed to settle his mind at ease, ensuring him that this version would be different.

Shana would grow up within the Starkiller Industries facility. There she would be visited by a tutor from an early age. Seth chose to believe Xander and made sure this one would be prepared for the world beyond those walls. However, Xander had other plans for her as well. Secretly, he began to train her to make a Sith out of her. She responded quite well to his training, focused the left over perfection on it. She always wanted more lessons, always insisted on further training. So much that Xander ended up leaving one of his lightsabers so she could do as she wished. And many times, when anyone came to see her, she would be training, and training. Often to the late hour.

Little did either her maker or her brother know through the years of her growing up that her disease hadn't actually been terminated fully but instead began to sneak up on her much slower then in the first version.

Occasionally, she would show the personality the first version had. She would grow distant sometimes, demand to see Seth, not let anyone near. Not even Xander could reach her in those times. But soon enough, whether Seth came or not, it would go away and it wouldn't show in later periods.

After passing her fifth birthday, which was somewhat a good sign that everything would be alright with her, Shana was free to leave her then residence since it was considered somewhat safer. And as the years moved, she was showing prospect of being a very carefree young lady, wanting to have a good time, talk to people endlessly. Most of all, she always loved to visit Seth and see him away from the facility itself. It felt more natural not to be within those walls, even if she had never known anything else before it. It was during one such trip that Shana waited, at the age of eight. She was rushed to the healers who did the best they could before she was awake. However, once she did, the girl was clearly up set and calling out for her brother and maker, refusing assistance from strangers. The men tried to assure her they were doing in her best interest but Shana didn't trust them nor did she want to. She wanted nothing to do with them. Just go.

When Xander finally arrived, he butted heads with Seth who insisted his sister stayed in the best hands but Xander kept insisted that she be returned to his facility. When asked what she wanted, Shana easily turned to Xander. “You promised to make me better. Please, Master, keep your promise.“ Even though he had never actually made such a promise to her. Seth finally gave in and she was set back to the SI facilities where she would remain on bed rest while her maker and his scientists tried to find the cause of her illness. For an entire year, they found none, until her maker finally realized where they had to look and there it was – the same thing the first version had, only in a far more advanced stage then anyone could have imagined. By now, it looked like an incurable tumor.

Seth was furious again. He was given a promise that the issue was resolved and that Shana would be unharmed by the same thing. But it turned out Shana had always known. It made little sense even to her but she simply knew she would not last for a long time. Still, Xander wouldn't give up on his apprentice and creation so he continued his tests and finally found the cause.

Shana never had a disease within her genes. She had a flaw within them. It was in fact a substance from his own labs that would destroy her eventually. Nobody had seen that coming, not until that moment. He came to her and told her the problem, told her he would not clone her again, not wanting her to go through the same thing. But Shana refused to give up on life. She wanted life. She wanted to grow up. She wanted to be her own person.

So once again, she pleaded. “Then you know what you must do, Master. You have to set me free into the world. You have to let me go and let me find my own way back to you and Seth.“ It turned out this version of Shana wasn't the least bit bad. She was loyal and full of life. She wished to live but she also wished to learn again, be Xander's apprentice and be in Seth's life. This time, she wished for her brother to come. And when he finally came, she could barely speak. “Seth.... I love you. I know you didn't want me to come to this world again. But I wished to live. I still wish it. Let me be born again. But set me free so I could live and come back to you.“ Seth did not understand, not until she passed on and he came to speak to Xander. He nearly killed him then. Luckily, he did not draw because it was matter to question, whether the Sith Lord would with or the very capable swordsman that Seth was. He agreed then.

Shana would be born again, but this time, she would be set free.

Despite Seth's initial anger, he finally agreed and Xander went to making another clone. This time, he altered her appearance far more then before, cut down on the things that made the first version who she was, added to her agility and let her develop.

Age 0 –
Shana is born for the third time. It is immediately clear that her eyes and hair don't quite match the previous versions.
Age 1 – 4 – Shana is given time with her big brother. Her maker one nights tell hers 'It's just destiny, child' as she sleeps. Her memories are then erased and she was left near an orphanage on Coruscant, where she was created, however, she would never be taken there.
Age 5 – A family takes in a small child sleeping on the street. They call her Janey.
Age 6 – The same family throws her out after believing she had stole from them.
Age 7 – 9 – A young man, Ferran, living on the street with her tries to teach her to read. He also teaches her to pick pocket.
Age 10 – Another family takes her in. They call her Lilly because she loves the shape of a planet. Lilly likes the name Lexis that their daughter has. She steals jewelry from the woman and is sent to the minors court. For the first time, refers to herself as Lexis Ferran.
Age 11 – Finishes her sentence and returns to living on the street and stealing food.
Age 12 – 14 – A family takes Lexis in. They threat her right expect the man tries to rape her one night at which point Lex cuts him with broken glass. She gets sent back to court and accused of showing violent behavior for no good reason. The judge believes her and she is let go.
Age 15 - 18 – Lexis denies a family that wants to take her in. She's tried of the family crap in her life. Gets very good at stealing and starts stealing good clothes as well.
Age 19 – Ends up at court again, in front of the same judge that believed her when she said she was almost raped. This time, it's for stealing an expensive item of clothing. The man pardons her again and invites her to dinner with his wife and grandchildren.
Age 20 – Continues to visit the old judge and his family. Never steals anything from them.
Age 21 – Is convinced by the old man to get a job so instead of getting a real job, goes to get a criminal job. Meets Jack Satriani, kills a man trying to kill him. Meets Seth Draclau and learns about her origins. Meets Rylan Kordel and goes on a hunt with him. Age 21 - Learns her brother has been taken hostage in a asylum on Nar Shadda and sets out to save him. 
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