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Lssrin'av, aka Sedona Ojal
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Player: Sedona, Lil (I go by both)

Basic Name: Sedona Ojal
True Name (unpronounceable): Lssrin'av
Species: Hanoori
Gender: Spore producer
Birthworld: Del Fann
Structure base: Human
Age: 418

Affiliation: Jedi Order
Rank: Knight
Hanoori Rank: Master Conductor

Avatar: Christina Hendricks
Height: 6'5
Weight: 547 lbs.
Hair color: Bright red
Eye color: Multi-toned Green
Skin tone: Pale

Personality: Sedona is the consummate keeper of the peace. She does not indulge in emotions until she can be sure she will not act upon them, nor does she ever deviate from the disciplined regiment that she has pushed herself to follow. She enjoys witty banter and is known to throw a sarcastic comment in the mix on a rare occasion, but smiling and laughing are two expressions that almost never cross her face. She is stoic to a fault and sometimes will pursue a pacifist course of action to a point that could be dangerous to herself. She believes in the communion of life everywhere and dedication to the people of the galaxy.

History: Lssrin'av was born to a pod with an abnormally high survival rate: 8 out of the 40 survived. She remained on Del Fann for 70 years training with her podmates, who were all determined Force Sensitive. Seeing as they were the first Force Sensitives born to Del Fann in over a century, the sudden boom caught the attention of the Grand Conductor. All of them were taken under her care and trained in the Hanoori arts. When Lssrin'av left, it was because she felt she needed to learn about the Galaxy to commune with it.

She quickly found out that her spores were worth a great deal of money, and began her venture into the galaxy as a drug producer and saleswoman. However, since there were no middlemen or labor costs involved, she was able to afford to sell her spores at an extremely low rate, and thus she made herself a number of enemies. This got her hacked up into chunks and left for dead. By a stroke of luck, there was one piece that was large enough to regenerate her body, and it was then that she took her money and put it into her education.

She entered herself into the engineering academy on Courscant and began her work constructing massive ships. She specialized in Mon Calamari like design, as they appealed to her love for organic nature emulated in all things technological. After a decade on the planet, she met her first husband, Benjamin Whittacre. They lived happily together until he died of old age. Out of mourning, she secluded herself  to the planet of Bunduki.

There, she trained under Jakex, the great master of Teras Kasi of the time. He was a powerful Epicanthix man with decades of experience training martial artists. He taught Lssrin'av to tone down her emotions, which were clouding her abilities, and began teaching her the ways of Teras Kasi. Not to mention, he helped her develop her Basic name: Sedona Ojal. She remained on Bunduki for the next 50 years, and after Jakex died, she served as the Bunduki Teras Kasi grand master. After that, she returned to Del Fann.

She resumed her training in the Hanoori arts, focusing on advanced shatterpoint techniques. In her studies, she found a particularly complex and loud harmony that lead her to Corellia. There, she updated her training on building starships and started up her practice. She met her second husband while she followed that shatterpoint line. Once again, she watched her husband grow old, but he helped her carve out her new form before he died.

The next century or so was filled with a variety of schoolings, trainings and jobs varying from building more capital-size starships to working for the police department on Courscant to selling hand-crafted jewelry to professional fighting.  She was trying to accumulate knowledge on everything that she could, convinced that knowledge was the perfect communion with the galaxy. Approximately 30 years ago, Sedona went home to Del Fann to consult with her Grand Master on where to go next. He told her to go to the Jedi Order. Since then, she served the Order faithfully, and found a certain amount of the Harmony for which she always searched. She trained 2 padawans in her time as a Knight and happily saw them promoted. Until recently, she never sought promotion to Master. She refuses to be allowed that title until she has found the proper inner harmony to acquire the ability Enhanced Shatterpoint.

List of powers:
Apprentice: Alter Elements I (Air, Earth, Water/Ice), Basic Healing (Self), Basic Telekinesis, Enhance Ability, Enhance Senses, Force Senses, Breath Control, Farsight, Force Choke, Force Comprehension, Force Empathy, Force Jump, Force Speed, Telepathy, Control pain, Force Flash/Stun Droid/Ionize, Force Healing (Self), Dancing Lights, Unseen Instrument

Knight: Alter Elements II (Air, Earth, Water/Ice), Battle Precognition, Basic Art of the Small, Body Adjustment, Combustion, Comprehend Speech, Enhanced Force Sense, Enhanced Telekinesis, Force Adhere, Force Blinding, Protection Bubble, Force Camouflage/Cloak, Force Deflect, Force Grip, Force Scream, Mental Translocation, Shatterpoint, Tapas, Force Meld, Force Stun, Plant Surge, Improved Dancing Lights, Improved Unseen Instrument

Master: Blinding Flash, Sonic Burst, Force Absorb

Long term study in Enhanced Shatterpoint, not mastered yet
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Lssrin'av, aka Sedona Ojal
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