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Marius Varix
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Basic Info

Full Name:  Marius Varix
Age:  29 
Gender:  Male 
Birthworld:  Corellia
Homeworld:  Coruscant

Legal Status:  Corellian citizen, Nar Shaddaa resident
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Nar Shaddaa
Occupation:  Mercenary

Affiliation:  The Criminal Underworld
Rank:  Trainee

Personal Skills:   Marius is a novice practitioner of K'tara, a decent pilot, and can speak and understand Galactic Basic and Rodian.  But his true strength is his skill with a sniper rifle; for a merc with so little experience, he is considered by some to be an artist at long range.



Physical Stats
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Hair Color:   
Eye Color:   

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Marius Varix
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