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Lita Von Kreig
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full name: Lita Von Kreig

Race: Tal-Syn

Sex: Female

Age: 45 years

Family: Volfe Von Kreig (Brother)

Allignment: unknown

Weapon Skills: is very skilled in ranged combat (meaning guns) but not so good with a sword.

History: Lita was one of the best shooters in her clan, she could out shoot any clansman. then her brother went into a self-exile, this enraged the clanleader causeing Lita to suffer. the clan stripped her of her postion in the clan, and exiled her not before takeing her armor and weapons though. she had nothing but clothing, the clan dropped Lita onto Nar Shaddaa. she needed money to get off planet to find Volfe, but all she had were the clothing on her back. so Lita resorted to selling her body.

personalty: Lita is kind, genorous, and loving. but she is not a push over, she will fight back if you are trying to cause her harm. she knows when to give up at the right times.

stranghs: is a very skilled shooter, and has a strong will

weaknesses: can't focus under pressure, is afraid of water, and emp weapons.


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Lita Von Kreig
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