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Rast Lindermann
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Name: Rast Lindermann

Species: Human

Age: 22

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 215

Homeworld: Dantooine

Family: John and Sarria Lindermann, Father and Mother. Like most jedi he was separated from them at    an early age.

Affiliated: Jedi

Personality: Calm, collected, and goal oriented. He contemplates the best way to accomplish something before taking action.

History: Taken from his family by the Jedi at the age of five. Rast only has a few, hazy, memories of his parents. During his training he’s focused on developing his lightsaber skills and augmenting his combat abilities with the force. There’s a war being fought, and he intends to make sure the Jedi are there to see the end of it.

Strengths: Great at combat and above average force power

Weakness: Can be overconfident and self-assured, like most young men, he thinks he's capable of beating the odds.


AN: While I do enjoy playing characters with rich histories to play on and use to my enhance RP, I also like to play/create that history with others. And in instances like this one, I’m far more interested in creating that past through RP and fleshing it out with your influence. Rast Lindermann wasn’t born into greatness, nor was it handed to him in a background by an npc, hard work and persistence will define his rise. Besides, it’s hard for a padawan to have a detailed past without a knowledge of this board’s cannon history, without it becoming clichéd, that I defiantly lack.

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Rast Lindermann
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added to the bio list.