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Isobel Dessel (WIP)
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§ General Information §

Name: Isobel Kala Dessel
Known alias: Isobel Kala
Gender: Female
Specie: Human
Age: in current roleplays ( Twenty-nine, Forty seven/eight)
Birth planet: Spira
Citizenship: Spira, Dathomir, Ferro, Sognoterra, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa
Profession: Mechanic
Tracking Thread: Refer Here
Video Story: Part 1: Never Too Late,
Wikipedia Page: Refer Here

§ Faction and Alignment details §

Faction: Witches of Dathomir (The Criminal Underworld), Factionless
Loyalties: The Starkiller Family, Jennica Sorsten
Alignment: Neutral, Semi-Darkside
Ranks: Force Practitioner Knight, Dathomiri Spellhunter
Clan: Dreaming River Clan
Powers and spells: Refer Here

§ Physical Appearance §

Avatar: Dakota Fanning | Mia Kirshner | Elizabeth Hurley
Height: 5'3'' (1.60 cm)
Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
Eye Color: Sky blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Body Shape: Skinny, slight curved
Skin Tone: Pale
Distinguishing Marks: N/A
§ Family §

Significant Other: Jennica Sorsten
Mother: Sophie Halcyon-Starkiller (deceased)
Father: Jax Starkiller (deceased)
Siblings: Xander Starkiller, Mark Starkiller, Kailey Starkiller, Leilah Starkiller, Mercutio Starkiller
Children: None yet.
Aunts: Amberyl Starkiller
Nieces: Lauda Cavataio, Aurora Starkiller, Morgaine deWinter, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter
Nephews: Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Alistair Starkiller
Grandnieces: Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller
Grandnephew: Zane Starkiller
Cousins: Tanisis Starkiller, Caiera Starkiller
Sister-in-law: Shery deWinter

Masters: Xander Starkiller, Natalie deWinter, Jennica Sorsten (informal) ,Ti'Cira Hawk
Students: Jennica Sorsten (informal)

§ History §

Age 0 - Born as the second to last child of Sophie and Jax Starkiller
Age 2 - Branded by her parents by the family symbol.
Age 3 - Was given a brother, Mercutio Starkiller.
Age 4 - Accidentally set some of her father's papers on fire. Her punishment was beating. Shows a lot of force potential.
Age 5 - Was arranged as an agreement tool between her parents and a Dathomir witch. Watched her parents be brutally murdered by a young man and separated from her little brother.
Age 5 – 12 - Lives on Dathomir. Suffers nightmares of her parent's murder. Fails the trial by fire test, she shows no capability to use any powers/spells.
Age 13 - Is told that the man that murdered her parents is Xander Starkiller, her eldest brother, by the witch that raised her.
Age 14 – 17 - Is labeled as a non-force user despite her patron's insisting of her strong ability. Is trained as a mechanic to be sent to Ferro, by her clan mother, to work as a hire hand on Petra Cavataio's pirate ship. At first innocently, begins to notice the life of Petra. Forms a short lived relationship with one of her slaves which causes her to learn her dual sexuality.
Age 18 - For the first time has a different nightmare in which Xander Starkiller murders her little brother Mercutio after which she sets her own bed on fire. However, the process cannot be repeated on will. This is discarded as fluke and Isobel is sent back Ferro to continue her work.
Age 18 – 25 - Works on Ferro and sleeps as less as possible to avoid having nightmares.
Age 26 - Is foretold by a Dathomiri that she will meet face to face with Xander Starkiller someday.
Age 27 – 29 - Leaves her work and Ferro to go looking for Xander after hesitating for a whole year.Meets Jennica Sorsten on Nar Shaddaa, in he Corellian sector. Forms a semi-friendship with her at some point. Is invited back to Nar Shaddaa during a mechanics event there, makes her first step towards Jennica. Their relationship begins shortly after.After meeting Xander and Kailey and being reunited with Mercutio, Isobel's training with Xander began. Her eldest brother helped her break free from the power block she held since a little girl and trained her to knighthood.
Age 47 - Isobel is invited to her brother's wedding to Shery deWinter to which she took Jennica. Due to Nessarose's picking dancers for Alistair, she danced with her nephew. Shortly after the wedding, back on Coruscant, she met Ti'Cira Hawk and later, Jennica's half brother Seth Draclau who didn't sit quite well with her due to his blunt questions.
Age 48 - Her birthday is celebrated with her family and Jennica and after she had met another Witch not too long ago, Isobel contacted the Cavataio about her training. When her lessons with Natalie deWinter were cut short, she returned to Dathomir some time later to find herself the right tutor, only to run into Ti'Cira Hawk again who picks up her training. Some time after that, Isobel and Jennica attend the annual ball on Cato Neimodia.
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Isobel Starkiller
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