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Winter Midori
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- Legal Status -
Name: Winter Midori
Known Alias: Isis (Sith Name) and Isis Vondiranach
Birthplanet: Ferro
Citizenship: Ferro and Telos
Living Situation: Castello di Tenebre

- Midori Crime Family
- Ancient Sith Order
- Matriarch of the Midori Crime Family
- Sith Sorceress
Rank: Mistress

- Description -

Jenna Jameson
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Mental Age: close to 150
Physical Age: 36 (third body)
Height: 1.7 Meters (5 feet, 7 inches)
Weight: 58.96 Kg (130 lbs)
Measurements: 81-56-84 cm (36E-22-33)
Hair: White
Eyes: Hazel

Pose #1 Pose #2 

- Family Tree -
Spouse: None
- Rianna a.k.a. Rukmini (Sith Name) - Father: Kamon Vondiranach
- Julius
- Calphurnia (Antony)
- Stephen
- Sarah (Xanthius)
Siblings: Two Brothers (All three are triples)
- Cesar
- - Sister-in-law: Nia (Corona)
- - Nephew: Nicholi
- Jason

- Personality -
Mind games give Winter gratification on many levels. She gets off from watching and inflicting many forms of mental pain and toying on to her slaves and victims. She is manipulator like no other. Add in obsessive about being absolutely perfect, her cruelty is leaps and bounds any one in her family. Makes anyone fair game for her trick but at the same time there are pure moments that show a more true side of her that she tries to hide; the true side that she loves her children and searches for a soul mate.

- History -
Born, lived and dies soon
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Winter Midori
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Added to the bio list!

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Winter Midori
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Winter's saber, the one she received in the ritual when she was thirteen.

Winter's force forge Sith sword, the one she received in the ritual when she was thirteen.

Midori Sword - Winter took from a Midori tomb on Korriban when she was fifteen

The  Massassi sword was a shatterproof blade used in ancient Sith rituals. The was made from cortosis and had a three foot long blade. Winter stole  it around she was eighteen and since than used for her brothers' master  rituals and her children's knight rituals.

Winter  made two light sabers that lock together to make a double bladed saber. She built them around thirty 'ish.

Winter has large supply of explosives for her terrorist acts through her life. The explosives range  from Disruptor, Energy, Thermal and even have stored nuclear bombs (dirty bombs too).