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Enclave (Complete)
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We are uninvited guests
In this melancholy world
And soon you learn
That the only thing worth to treasure,
Are the people that actually care
Then why are there still tears in your eyes?


Jedi Temple
One Month after the events of "White Wedding"


Drip, Drip

The sound was maddening. It was impossible to pinpoint, and impossible to ignore at the same time. It was the sort of noise that drove men to either drink, or climb a clock tower with a high powered rifle.

Drip, Drip

It wouldn't have been so bad, he surmised, if he didn't know exactly what it was. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the steady trickle of dark red blood that ran down his arms and cascaded in small drops off his knuckle, from a finger still curled around the pommel of an activated lightsaber. Sapphire blue like his own eyes, the blade had been drawn and slain many enemies, and he'd rarely paused or hesitated, but this time he wished he would have, as he watched the small lithe figure writhing in agony on the floor, her arm a couple of paces away from her body.

It was amazing, in that detached, horrified state, what the human mind thought of. He thought it was strange how his own lightsaber wound had made him bleed and was so minor by comparison, and hers was completely cauterized and not bleeding at all. Furthermore, he couldn't believe that he'd actually severed the arm of his student. His self control was slipping by leaps and bounds.

Would she ever forgive him, he wondered. How would his Naval Chief even react? He would have her whisked away to the infirmary where her arm would be reattached and saved, to be certain, but he was a Jedi Master. He shouldn't make those sorts of slips. And yet, in a heavy training enviroment, he'd simply fought and reacted to a threat, and incoming sense of danger. She'd simply failed to react to him, and that was a lesson in and of itself. He'd had four of his fingers severed by his own mother during a lightsaber training exercise once.

He looked down at his hand, and the blood trickling down it. It was running down his left arm, down his wrist and over the brand new black band that Kiskla had given him after their wedding. He blinked a couple of times as Elena stopped thrashing and raised her head to look at him.

"I missed." She said, her voice soft.

Destota cocked his head to one side. "You failed to anticipate the angle of my attack," He replied. "What do you mean...?"

"I should have...asked...Kiskla."
She said, and laid her head back against the floor. Destota tore at the comlink on his shoulder and keyed in an emergency. He deactivated his weapon and went to her, raising her head and hooking one arm around her chest to lever her up into a sitting position.

"I'm sorry," He said into her ear. Her hair was frayed and soaked with sweat, as his was. They'd been locked in a duel for over sixteen hours when the accident had happened. She was excelling at Lightsaber training and in the last couple of months had come so far in her ability that he was stunned.

"It's okay, Master..." She said with a gasp. "I'll live."


So I'm trying to teach you something
But you turn away
So I'm trying to show you the Path
But you walk astray
I would cross the Seven Seas
Just to get to you
I wouldn't sleep a thousand nights
To give what belongs to you.


9 Years ago
Hanna City
Military Training Academy


"Captain, sir!" Came the crisp voice of a young cadet. Destota turned to look at him, rushing forward with a datapad in hand.

"Yes, Lieutenant, what is it?"

"Sir, there has been a training accident. Three cadets were wounded, one severely."

"What happened?" He asked, taking the datapad and skimming over it.

"They appear to have lost engines. One cadet appears to have saved the group from certain death, an...Elena Ritnel?"

Destota froze. She was a neighbor. Younger than him by five years, he'd never much thought of her as someone to love, but she was certainly a lovely young woman, but since they'd joined the academy, and as he'd risen through the ranks of the Black Dragon Knights, he'd kept his eye on her carefully and now he was in a state of panic.  As close as he got, anyways.

"Where is she now?"
He asked.



"Hanna MedCenter."

"That's a civilian facility, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

"The medical costs will be astronomical."

"Affirmitive, sir."

Destota looked at his watch. "Inform Colonel Hoolua that I will miss our meeting," He said and turned on his heel. "I have other business to attend."

Turning back only after he'd made decent distance from the flag, he found a offical Military speeder and slipped inside, issued his clearance and sped down the road to the hospital. He parked in an ambulance spot, and rushed inside, looked at the triage nurse on duty. "Elena Ritnel," He snapped. "Where is she?"

"I can't tell you, are you fam..."

"I'm her commanding officer." He lied. "She was wounded in training. I need to see her."

"Room 1-C, but I'm warning you, Soldier, I'll call your Commander..."

"I am my Commander," Destota snapped back. "So do tell me, Miss, what are you planning to do? Stop me from seeing my cadet?" He was on the verge of losing his temper. His father warned him against that.

She backed down and pointed down a hallway. "That way." She said, disapproval clear on her face. He didn't waste another moment. He turned and sprinted, using the Force to boost his speed. He saw the door to 1-C and stopped, taking half a moment to straighten his uniform and then pushed the door open. Her mother, Marla Ritnel, rose to meet him with a fire in her eyes.

"You...are you the one?"

"Sorry ma'am," He said, stepping inside and closing the door behind him. "The one?"

"The one that she's been calling for?" Her ice blue eyes searched his uniform for a name but clearly only saw his rank. "Captain...?"

"Valentine, ma'am. Destota Valentine. I'm...well, I'm your neighbor."

She nodded, narrowing her eyes. "Did you hurt her? She's been asking for you."

He used the Force to keep his face straight and nerves calmed. Hurt her? Not in the literal sense, but her pained smile would forever be burned into his memory at their first intimacy. "No. I am...her friend."

"...Friend?" Came a harsh rasp. "Fucker, you're more than that and you know it."

"Elena?" Came a stereo voice as Destota and Marla spoke her name at once. He turned and stepped to her side. "I came as soon as I heard, Elena." He whispered. "What happened?"

The raven haired beauty pushed herself into a sitting position and struggled to salute. Destota put his hand over hers. "Drop the formality, Cadet." He said, his voice soft. "Tell me what happened?"

She sighed and looked up at him, her eyes betraying the love that she felt for him. He did his best to keep the concern out of his expression. "We lost a lateral stabilizer. Cadet Tylis couldn't control our port roll..." her eyelids fluttered and for the first time Destota picked up a hint of the Force in her. She was using it to fight off the large amounts of sleeping drugs they were pumping into her. "So I stepped in, I stabilized...just before we hit the ground. I wasn't strapped in." She smiled slightly and his heart broke. "Doc says both hips are shattered. Says I'll be a bit shorter now too, with both femurs shattered." Her eyelids fluttered again, then she reached out and grasped his hand tightly. "Destota, you're going to be here when I wake up, right?"

He looked at Marla, her eyes brimmed with tears. "Of course."

"Thanks, Captain." Elena's eyelids slid shut then snapped open again and fixed directly on his. "Destota?"


"I still love you." He sensed her falling into a deep sleep and suddenly he noticed how dry his throat was. He frowned and tried to force a breath past the lump in his throat.

Forcing calm, he spoke to her mother again. "I need to step outside and make a call. I will be right back."

"You'll stay, won't you?" She asked, her voice a whisper. "You'll stay here, next to her?"

He nodded once. "For as long as she wishes my presence."

Marla reached out and put a hand on his arm. "Destota, why did she say she still loves you?"

Turning back to the sleeping girl, he could not find words. Instead, he stepped into the hallway to make his call.


The token of all I was
I traded for my escape
To see a new horizon
And my burden finally rests now
In the depths of its water grave
But the waves of the river will always remember

Forever isn't long enough
In the company of you
My heart will always beat your name


It was hard for him, being back in this place. A hospital, next to Elena. She was under heavy sedation, and the Doctor was taking great care to reattach her arm. He felt hollow and sick inside. Granted, he'd never been engaged with a student in lightsaber combat for so long, not even with Kiskla, he felt like she should have been able to deflect him.

"Is she going to be all right?" He asked the facility director.

"We deal with Jedi all the time, Destota." The Vice admiral replied. "We know how to handle Lightsaber wounds. But you need to stop amputating your students."

"Its not as though I meant to do it,"
He said, indignant. "It was a simple training accident. These things happen."

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Enclave (Complete)
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We didn't care if people staredWe'd make out in a crowd somewhereSomebody'd tell us to get a roomIt's hard to believe that was me and youNow we keep saying that we're okayBut I don't want to settle for good not greatI miss the way that it felt back then I wanna feel that way again
ChandrilaHanna City Medical9 Years Ago
Did I really just say I loved an older man, a man stronger in the Force and physically stronger than anyone I've ever front of my mother? I sighed. The med center didn't have pain killers hard enough so I was just using a Jedi meditation to calm myself and keep the pain at bay. God. What was I thinking? Destota was five full years older than me. Even though we all married young on Chandrila, it was becoming more of a taboo now. Would he be seen as a pedophile or anything? I sure hoped not. I was fifteen. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm old enough to get shot at and fight in a war, then I'm old enough to make love to the man I love. 

I sighed inwardly, not letting anyone know I wasn't asleep. I think I'd even fooled him, though I could sense him out in the hallway, conversing on his commlink with someone. It sounded financial. Was he really worried about his finances over me right now? That shocked me. Then again, maybe it shouldn't. I could sense he loved me, but I could also sense a desire for professional distance between us. Before this accident, anyways. I was destined for the Knights, just as he already was. He was a hero of the people, revered like none since Mon Mothma herself. 

It didn't really make sense before I knew him well, but once I got close, I suddenly saw what they all saw. I saw a towering mountain of a man, strong and fearless. I watched the holonews and watched the videos of him running into direct lines of fire and exchanging ballistic ammunition, blaster bolts, Lightsaber strikes, and in some cases, fists and booted feet with the enemy. There was a very well documented duel in the streets of Hanna City between him and a fallen Jedi, where he'd won his true fame, trying in desperation to save his friend from the Dark Side, as well as trying to evacuate parts of the city, stop damages, all while having a lightsaber duel with his enemy. 

After that, there had been no denying how deeply the people of Chandrila adored him. He was not stupid, either, which I found an admirable quality in a leader. Of course, this was all the product of a mind that had grown up hearing of his exploits and I had fallen in love with him as a mere child. Then again, if one man could generate the loyalty and love of an entire population, then obviously he was doing something right. 

I must have zoned out for a moment or two, because the next thing I knew, I heard his voice next to my bedside, speaking to my mother. 

"I'm sorry to have done this without your permission, Mrs. Ritnel," Destota was saying. "But I saw few things in the way of an alternative." 

"Oh Destota, I don't know how we'll ever pay you and your family back for this." Mom was saying. What the hell was going on? 

"You won't, ma'am." He replied, his voice calm and steady. Just like in the newsvids. "She is...exceptionally special to me, as well. My family has nothing to do with this, I have taken this responsibility personally." 

I heard Mom crying hard and then suddenly it became muffled. He must have been letting her cry on his shoulder, into that perfectly groomed and perfectly tailored uniform of his. 

"Mrs. Ritnel, you should return to your home and attempt to get some rest. I will remain here with Elena, and keep you apprised of any progress she makes." 

She must have nodded and left without a word, because a moment later the door clicked shut and I heard the chair settle next to me. "Open your eyes and speak with me, Cadet." He said softly. 

I allowed my eyes to snap open and focus on those perfect, slightly glowing blue eyes of his. I sighed, member one of the Destota Valentine fan club right then. "Sorry, sir." I said. "My mother worries. My family does not have medical coverage to handle the bills from the operations I will need." 

"Stand fast on that logic, Cadet." He said, reaching out and taking my hand. I was a dwarf next to him. At nineteen, Destota stood at six feet four inches already and was nothing short of a mountain of a man. "I've handled that." 

"Handled it, sir?" I asked. 

"Your surgeries will come. You will walk again, however it may take a couple of months. I have requested experts be flown in from Coruscant on spinal and bone reconstruction." 

I stared at him, stunned. "Why, sir? I mean...I'm not...You didn't do this because, did you?" I glared at him a moment and he smiled. 

"Well, yes, that would be a part of it indeed. However, as a student of the Naval academy, you will need to be able to stand upright on the bridge of your vessel, as well as be able to fight in a war if the need arose." 

I stared at him blankly. "What are you talking about, Sir?" 

"I've read your file, Cadet. Even before I met you. Your test scores stand out higher than anyone. You don't need to hold a rifle and serve on the front. You need to stand on the bridge of a Battleship and deliver precision guided whoop ass into enemy vessels. That is, if you'd accept your appointment to the academy." He cocked a blonde eyebrow in that way that made my heart race. 

"Absolutely, sir!" I said, and twitched enough to make my shattered bones grind and ache. 

"Very good Ensign," He said, then paused with a strange look on his face. I wasn't sure what to make of it and was about to ask when I suddenly felt his breath close to me, and I looked into his eyes just as our lips met. My heart hammered and made my body throb in pain and pleasure at once. What exactly was I thinking? I reached up and pulled him closer and kissed him deeper. When he pulled back slightly I kept one hand on the back of his neck and looked into his eyes, gasping for breath. He didn't seem winded at all, just very calm, and very...what?  "Elena?" He said softly. 

"Yes, Destota?" 

"I love you, too." 


Remember the airport dropping me offWe were kissing goodbye and we couldn't stop I felt bad cause you missed your flight But that meant we had one more night

Do you remember how it used to beWe'd turn out the lights and we didn't just sleep Remind me, baby, remind meOh, so on fire so in loveThat look in your eyes that I miss so much Remind me, baby, remind me
ChandrilaHanna CityBlack Dragon Knights Medical Center
You loved me once, Destota. I don't know why, or what I'd done to make you. Maybe you just became jaded because of the battles you fought, or the friends you had to watch turn to the dark side. Maybe you never knew it, Admiral Valentine, but there was one friend who revered you so deeply that they'd never turn their back on you. I heard about Camelai. And I know about what happened at Amuund. I know why you brought Chandrila to real power again, and I also know why you were allowed to do just that. We all know. You're the Force on our world. Not just the Jedi, but also the true might of the Chandrilan people. We rallied behind you the way we rallied behind Mon Mothma so long ago. And we will, until you win. Or you die. Which ever. 

"Ow." I said as the MD droid finished his none too gentle reattachment. The pain was gone, but my fingers on my newly re-attached hand still tingled a bit. I didn't look at my Master, although I knew he was watching. I couldn't sense him in the Force, but then again, he did that a lot these days. He hid in the Force, probably because the Sith Lord he'd laid a smackdown on back on Coruscant was still looking for him. But I knew his trepidation, I didn't need the Force to know that about him. I've known him longer than anyone except his Father. His little blonde wife only knew him on the surface, not like I did. You learn to know someone in combat in a way that nobody else will ever know you. His cousins, those tall and handsome boys might know him well, but they so rarely came around these days. 

"Are we finished here?" I ask. 

"Yes. Avoid losing your arm for at least seventy-two hours, though, Admiral." 

"I'll do my best." I groused as I got up, rubbed my hand and still felt the lightsaber passing through it. I sighed and turned to Destota, who was standing with Rear Admiral Jeromi. Someone under my command, technically, but so senior in Fleetops that even I didn't dare to countermand or challenge him. I snapped a saulet with my still-numb hand. "Fully healed, sir. Permission to report to my rack." 

Destota nodded, and Jeromi looked between us and said, "Admiral Ritnel, don't let Master Valentine sever any more limbs. This sort of behavior is not in the budget." 

Destota grinned, and I had to admit that I was also amused and headed for the door. It stayed open a moment behind me, and I turned back to see the towering Jedi Master following me out. 

"Something more, Admiral?" I asked. 

"Elena, I do want to apologize. I'm not entirely sure what happened, and I am very sorry that I hurt you." 

"It is not your fault, sir. I did drop my guard. I thought I had sensed from you, based on your shutdown in the Force, that our training was at an end. I apologize for that, Destota." 

"The error was mine," He insisted. "And I do find myself lapsing into Force concealment far too often of late. This error is mine. Take the next seventy two hours off, like Old Jeromi said. Get some rest." 

"Due respect, sir, I'd rather resume our training in the morning. I will not become a Jedi by cowering in my quarters or in mess." 

He raised an eyebrow at me. "Very well. But we'll resume at 0700. Take a meditation trance." 

He turned and moved away from me, and I sighed inwardly. At his wedding, I had professed my love for him and been immediately shot down. Now I was finding it easier to get over the love I felt and move on with my life. Hopefully forever, this time, I could be his Apprentice and serve at his side to win the Galaxy from the Sith.

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Enclave (Complete)
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Our sun is set, our day is done, I'm left here wondering
Is this the end, my final words to you
Day turned to night and now you're gone, I'm left here pondering
Can this be true, are we really through

You were the wind beneath my wings, taught me how to fly
With you I lived among the kings, how could this ever die

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever,
And I Always Will Be


Hanna City
Jedi Temple


I've been out of the Conscripted services for Seven years and 0700 still comes too early sometimes. Destota groused silently. He looked over, his wife was, as usual, still asleep at this hour. He leaned over and kissed her lips softly, as not to wake her, and moved silently to dress and depart for the Temple. Their home was on the edge of Hanna City, on the far side away from the Military base and the Jedi Temple, so he could escape his mundane life at times. He chose his StealthX, and zipped over the City and landed in his personal landing bay before meeting heading down to the Temple proper where Elena waited in the largest training room.

"Good morning, Admiral." He said, hanging his jacket on a hook. She was sitting cross legged before him, no doubt in meditation. When he approached, however, her eyes snapped open and his finely tuned senses blazed a warning down his spine in the Force. She sprang forward, igniting a lightsaber as she went. It was not the training weapon they'd been using for some weeks, it was a freshly made, orange bladed weapon. His own blade was in his hands before he realized he'd moved, and he caught her leading attack and shoved it away.

He could sense her clearly in the Force, and he allowed himself to open up and be sensed in the Force as well. Orange and blue flashed again and he suddenly lost her blade for the barest instant before she brought it around in a sweeping attack at his head, then followed through with a snap kick to his ribs. He braced in the Force and ducked under her slash, then dropped a pommel strike across her cheek that never connected. She was moving again, and in the Force he sensed a calm power and acceptance that had never been there before. She wasn't attacking him, she was dueling him. It was a perfect harmony of the Force, and they could remain locked in battle for a very long time.

He twisted at the waist, snapping his wrist at her weapon and just catching it, then rotated his lower body around and brought his boot around to connect with her temple. Instead it met wrist, and her lightsaber was driving up under his guard, aiming for his chest. He closed his eyes and shoved in the Force, but was again met with a display of power so raw that it shocked him. She'd opened herself last night, constructing her weapon, and the Force had tempered her very well.

With a leaping backflip, he landed a few paces from her, slightly winded, sweating, grinning.

"Very well done, Elena." He said.

"Thank you, sir." She said, deactivating her weapon and returning to her cross legged posture. She slumped with fatigue, clearly not as tempered to extreme uses of the Force as he was. "It was a very amazing night of meditation."

"This, I can see."
He said, sitting down in front of her. "Have you practiced your basic Force skills?"

"Yes Master. I believe I have mastered use of Farsight."

He nodded. "That is excellent news. Soon, I will teach you to use that in Battle Precognition."

"Will that help me in the theatre of war?"

"Yes, greatly. I used it against the Empire in our last engagement to great effect."

"I cannot wait, sir."


Hanna City
8 Years Ago


"You mean to tell me, because you love this girl, you dedicated a fair portion of your savings to her?"

"It is only money, Father, It does not carry any great weight to me. I have saved the life of someone I care deeply for."

Vince shook his head. "I cannot believe you, Destota. You are so reckless."

"That is what you mentioned previously," Destota replied, coming to a stop at the entry to the barracks. In his left hand was a clear plastic bag which held three of his fingers from his left hand. "During the council session, some hours ago, at which time you'd noticed I'd been seriously injured doing something I did not wish to do."

"Killing Sith is what we do, son."

Destota rounded and glared into his father's eyes, nose to nose with the elder Jedi. "Killing Sith is an act of violent aggression. The type best met with coordinated strikes from Jedi, and the Military, Father. Your policy of there only being two at a time is outdated and flawed beyond all acceptable reason. There are entire enclaves of Sith out there. I have seen them. I have fought them. You refuse to accept this because you are blind." Turning on his heel, Destota slammed open the entry to the barrack and then slammed the door shut behind him.

Single Sith. That was a joke in and of itself. Did the Jedi only come in pairs of two? He shook his head. Father diluted himself, thinking like that. At least Mom thought Pragmatically. That is probably why she is gone now. I wish you were here, Mom. I need your advice.

"You look pissed."
Said a voice from a doorway.  Interrupted in his moment of grief about his Mother, he looked up to see the raven haired figure of Elena standing against her open barracks door. "Wanna talk about it?"

"I need to get to medical first."
He said, holding up the bag. She cocked an eyebrow.

"You know, you're not supposed to pull it that hard."
She said with a grin. "You don't want to pull it off, Jedi Valentine."

"Ha ha."
He said. "Come on, you can watch me get them re-attached."

They walked together into the medical center, where old Admiral Jeromi re-attached Destota's missing fingers and stitched up a wound on his forehead. "What did your father say, Jedi Valentine?" The old man asked.

"He's a pretentious wanker, as usual."
Destota replied. "He thinks that Sith only come in pairs, every twenty years or so."

"How did you lose these, then?"
He asked, examining his handiwork.

"Well, a Sith Lightwhip caught my lightsaber hilt, and then the second Sith tried to take my fingers off with his shoto."

"I see. won, obviously since you're still here?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes." Destota replied. "I killed two Sith that were once very close friends of mine."

"I apologize for that, Captain Valentine. But you are good as new now."
Jermoi patted Destota on the shoulder. "Go out there and keep us safe, Captain."

"As you say, sir." Destota replied, snapping a crisp salute to Jeromi and exiting with Elena. He flexed his hand, his newly re-attached fingers still numb from the bacta treatments, and looked up at the woman he'd stood by for so long as she recovered. "Good evening, Lieutenant Ritnel." He said with a sly grin.

They stopped in the hallway, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and began to pull him down to her slowly. "Good evening, Captain Valentine." Their lips met in an electric arc that sent chills down his spine. He kissed her back, gently and tenderly, then released her and stepped back to look at her. "How are you feeling?"

"Better. The pain is less every day. Jeromi says I should be back to normal inside of another week."

"Ready for fleet duty then?"

"Oh yes sir. I'll be attending exercises soon."

He took her hand and they walked slowly, her much-needed pace after so many surgeries. "And you'll be promoted to Admiral in the April list," He said softly. "I just found out when I got back planetside."

She blinked. "Three months, sir?"

"Yes. If you want to stop advancing in rank, you need to stop doing so damned well."

She grinned. "Oh then please show me the error of my ways, Captain Valentine." He looked at her, her smile was exactly what he expected from the tone of voice, and with a feigned sigh he allowed her to pull him into her quarters. "Work, work, work." He groused playfully as the doors closed.


We were one, we were all, we were the only
Future full of hope, nothing could stand in our way
But dreams can change, visions fall, I feel so lonely
I would walk through fire for just one more day

You were the angel of my life, taught me to be free
Now I'm a stranger in your eyes, walls are closing in on me

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever
And I Always Will Be
Missing you, in my heart you are The One
And you Always Will Be


Hanna City
Jedi Temple


I think on some level I always knew it would end painfully. Learning she'd been deployed with the Alliance assault fleet, and I left for Byss on almost the same damn day wasn't going to be conductive to a steady, lasting relationship. But after what happened with Camelai, I knew that I didn't really want to be with another woman until I found the so-called Shield. Besides, I thought you were dead. How could I have possibly known? Besides, this is Destiny, between Me and Kiskla. And I love her, more than life itself, the Force...even Chandrila. I don't know what to make of that.

"Hey. You awake?"

The voice snapped him out of his reverie. "Apologies." He replied, looking at Elena. "You have learned Farsight, Force Shove, Basic Telekinesis, and now you must take the time to learn to read a battle." He looked at his chronometer. "And that is not for this eve, Apprentice Ritnel. We must both retire. I will meet you here in the morning, 0700 once more."


When I turn to the east, I see no dawn,
But after darkness comes the light
And when I turn to the west, the silent night hides all
Where is the light that shines so bright

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever
And I Always Will Be
Missing you, in my heart you are The One
And you Always Will B

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Jedi Temple Training Area


I stared at the door that Destota had departed through. We'd trained hard, harder than I'd ever worked before. My Force senses felt alive and bright, but my body felt dim and weak. He said this would happen. Battle meditation, it was called. Learning to read the battle and plant courage and fortitude in those she commanded would come in extremely handy at the next fleet engagement. 

I sighed heavily and exercised my skills again and again, using the Force to reach out and sense the immediate future. I was shocked when I sensed another presence creeping towards me. I blinked, and looked around to see a young man in dark robes and recognized him instantly. He was a former fixture of Destota's first training academy, and he was a fallen Jedi. Slightly hunched, Redec looked like he'd seen better days, and I certainly wasn't in the mood to deal with him. 

"Where is he?" The young man asked. 

"Who?" I asked, standing and drawing my lightsaber hilt. "Destota?" 

"Yes," He snapped, throwing back his cloak. "Where is..." 

"I'm right here, Redec." Came Destota's calm voice. He landed softly on the floor behind him. "I'm never far from you, you should know that."

"Is this your hell, Valentine?" 

"Oh come now, young man." Destota said, circling around behind him. "You've been bumming around Chandrila for the last ten years and I've allowed it, even though I knew that you were the one behind the attack behind Kiskla and I." 

I bristled. Here was a Sith about to attack me and Destota has to step in with his calm routine and stop all the fun? I listened though, to news about his attack on the Jedi Masters. 

"You are weak, being with that woman." This amused me. A fellow member of the Grayson-hater club. "You both deserve death." 

Before either Redec or I could move, Destota had him, around the throat, and a meter off the ground. At well over two meters himself, Destota held the young man above his head, who was obviously no weakling, as though he was nothing more than a ragdoll. "I've allowed you to live, in the hopes that you would find yourself." Destota's voice was deathly calm, but in a way I'd never heard before. "And I am beginning to grow annoyed at your nonsense." 

"Then kill me." Redec replied. 

Destota complied, throwing him against the wall with all of his strength, then pulled a comlink from his pocket, called security and then turned to me. "Are you all right?"

"I could have handled it." I replied, more acid than I meant to be. 

Destota shrugged in reply, and then simply left. I seriously wanted to hit him. 


Orbital Spaceport
7 Years ago


The last time I saw Destota was on a holovid. He was deploying to a place called Anobis, and he sent a video message to say goodbye and apologize for not being there when she shipped out on her first tour of duty. 

She outranked him now. It was March, and the first tour of duty of a newly appointed Naval Captain was always the hardest. She shrugged, standing on the bridge of the Hand of Schism, a Hapan battle dragon that the Chandrilans had purchased a number of years ago. Aging, the vessel was usually a patrol unit, but this particular time she'd been assigned to the Alliance picket route, running through the deep core. I sighed, throwing my duffle over my shoulder and heading down the ramp into the Hand of Schism


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Watching her patiently, Destota watched the half dozen objects around them floating and beginning to swirl. She was getting used to using telekinetic power, even if she was never going to be as powerful as a Valentine in that area. His family was well known for their strength in this area.

"So what is the Sword of the Jedi?" She asked with a gasp, following his instructions of trying to have several exchanges at once. "Is there some kind of cream for that?"

He grinned despite himself. "The Sword of the Jedi is responsible for leading the charge. My mother passed the brand onto me in the Force."

"What happened to her?"

"She died in a battle against ten Sith Lords. The story says that she died after she killed six of them and gravely wounded two others, but her wounds finally overcame her."

"Where was your father? Isn't he a Jedi Knight? Not to be insensitive, but he should have been there by her side..."

His blood began to boil. For 24 years he'd been blaming his father for his mother's death, because in truth, it was his fault. He should have been next to Lucia when she faced the final onslaught by the Sith, but instead, Father had decided that after he and another Sith had slain the two Sith "responsible" that he'd saved the galaxy, following the rule of two. Mother, though, had known better and fought on, bravely leading Chandrilans into battle against the Sith and coming away with a victory at the cost of her own life.

"He is a coward," Destota finally replied. "And he remains a coward, locked in his office at all hours until one day he will die, old and useless in the Force. No longer the burning fire that the Valentine family once carried. That duty is mine now."

"I'm sorry. I don't remember your Mother."

"Its all right," He replied, watching the items spinning around their heads. "Most of my memories are Force impressions these days."

Stepping close to her, he took a swing at the bridge of her nose. In her enhanced state of mind, she put one hand up and blocked it easily, ignoring him again. He grinned. "Well done, Jedi Ritnel."