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Re: Crimini e Culti (Invite)
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What Petra desire was achieved, she had the criminal cult centered on her. The former priestess was nothing more than a slave and she got proved right again that her Mirus was the choice to be her hand of destruction. Petra leaned in and kissed his cheek. Then whispered into his ear about how he pleased her with the killings and his tongue. Then she placed his mask back over his face.

Petra looked over at the new cult members and former priestess. She ordered them to clean her up then load her into the shuttle Petra and Mirus arrived in. The broken priestess was going to leave a life of doing what Mirus wanted. She did make it known to her new worshipers they were to refill the criminal cult with more worshipers while continuing to make drugs to enslave them into the cult. Petra told Mirus they were done and she went to the shuttle to leave. Well, once the priestess was loaded in the shuttle, then they would leave the planet for home.