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Brumhilda deWinter [WIP]
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: Brumhilda deWinter

  • Physical: Brumhilda appears as a woman of 25 years old.
  • Mental:  Call it a roulette. The ball spins between possible age groups and randomly falls on one. One moment she could act and think like a four year old, the next forty years old, perhaps a teenager, or suddenly burst into tears because of a bad memory.
  • Actual: 7.
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5"2
Weight: 100
Hair Colour: raven black,  it reaches down to just above her buttocks in luscious waves
Eye Colour: emerald green
Skin Colour: pale
Scars:  Brumhilda's body is covered with scars as shown here(although  private areas are covered, but not  work safe).

Current Rank (Trainee/Adept/Elite or equivalent): Padawan
Affiliation: Jedi
Home World: None.

Personality: In a nutshell, Brumhilda is sweet, innocent, pure and loving. Sometimes it's hard to believe that both of her parents are Sith, since she has no  traits that even hint at it. She's also terrified.

Strengths (social, racial, combat, etc.):
  • Able to reach out (might call it empathy on some weird level) - there is something about Brumhilda that makes the people around her generally want to hug her and  keep her when she's not going through a trauma (while she's under a great strain people tend to believe she's mentally insane). She also feels the surface of people's emotions (such as "why are you sad?" the way a little kid would ask a crying grown up)
  • Quick healing - A side effect of her mother's genetic tampering with her is quick healing. Seconds for surface wounds, hours for scratches that don't pass the epidermis, and rarely over a week for serious things.
Weaknesses (social, racial, combat, etc.):
  • Her current form communication with the force - a strength and a weakness. Brumhilda can only move metal because she claims only metal lets her move it, whereas older things with souls, such as rocks and water, keep telling her they wont let her move them until they deemed her ready. They haven't yet. Basically, she "talks" to inanimate objects through the force, and she doesn't even do it well.
  • Physical  Strength - She's 5"2 and weighs like a stick. What physical strength?
  • Unable to read/write/tell the time/basic math
  • Brumhilda takes things very  literally, and finds it hard to make elaborate plans. Rarely can she think about things in the future because she's so focused on the now. However, this doesn't keep her from  falling back into episodes regarding things that have occurred in her past.


Brumhilda is  the result of the brutal rape of  Shery deWinter by her brother,  Jonathan deWinter. After the rape, her father kept her mother a prisoner for nearly a year, forcing her to carry the pregnancy to term. Shery managed  to escape after contractions began, and baby Brumhilda was born. Due to  Shery's personal morals (a female child is not to be murdered in any case. Males are redundant to her personal line and her acceptance of them depends mostly on their fathers), she couldn't kill her, and extended her disappearance from the public eye in order to try to care for her kid. However, utterly terrified that too much of her brother would seep into the girl, she used the Force to tamper with the child's genetics. She also messed with Brumhilda's growth; having no intentions of dealing with a baby, she decided speeding up the aging would be great. By the end of  the process the baby was altered so that in appearance, it was a clone to the mother (albeit much shorter of stature). Several months later, when Brumhilda had the appearance of a six year old child, her mother decided she wasn't fit enough to take care of her, left her under the care of a well paid nanny, and disappeared entirely from her life.

Life with the nanny, however, didn't make things better for the child. The nanny turned out to be a drunk who hated her mother, and would often beat the girl with her cane for no other reason than the appearance of her face. Any memory  Brumhilda had of her mother was forgotten within the two years that she  lived with the nanny. One evening, when her nanny had gone too far, Brumhilda lashed out in self defense and accidentally killed her (a violent, and uncontrolled force push to the body of the old woman). She didn't exactly understand what she had done, only that she had murdered an old woman. Terrified, she ran away from the apartment, and found herself living on the streets. Because of her quick growth, which was still ongoing at the time, Brumhilda's control of her limbs was awkward,  and she often had to hide in dark street corners to keep herself out of  situations that might have resulted in her needing to outrun anybody, feeding mostly out of dumpsters.

A few months of this passed by when she was found by the Jedi for the first time. She was brought to the Academy, where, after a quick inspection, it was decided that it would be best to have her undergo physiotherapy for the body, and at the  time, that was most of what she did. Brumhilda was content and happy during her stay, but this would not last. One night the Academy was broken into by her father and another guy. Her father had come for her after learning she was kept alive after the birth and climbed on top of her while she slept. When she opened her eyes his hands were rummaging over her body and his hand covered her mouth so she could not scream. She was certain he would kill her, but then another man stormed into the  room and said they had to get out of there fast before they were caught, and so Brumhilda was dragged away and kept as a prisoner by the second man.

She spent two years as his captive, in a little room with walls covered brown, to which later she always referred to as "the cocoon". Time was mostly spent by working on the physiotherapy the Jedi had taught has as a mean of keeping her sanity and give her something to  occupy with. Then one morning the man suddenly walked into the room and  pulled her out, taking her away. Brumhilda was tossed on Tatooine, where the man explained that her father had been paying him to keep her locked up, but that he had run out of money and so she was free. She looked fifteen now - almost a woman grown. As she scowers the streets for the second time in her life, she comes to learn that she looks exactly like her mother, a woman she cannot remember, but is already terrified of from the word on the street.

A year and a half passes. Driven to near starvation, Brumhilda steals a pear at the market  and is noticed. She tries to run away and makes it as far as the edge of the stalls when she bumps forcefully into Kyle Solo, a Jedi Knight. Solo had once been the apprentice of her mother (before she was kidnapped and raped), and thinking that she was her, almost kills her right there and then. When he realized his mistake, he covered the cost of the pear and took Brumhilda on as his padawan. The two formed a very deep friendship, and Brumhilda fell in love with him, a love she had never confessed. Kyle began to train her in usage of the Force, often resulting in her feeling inadequate due to her repeating failures of doing the simplest things such as moving a pebble. During their training  something inside her mind 'tapped' open and she found herself communicating with the objects she was trying to move; rocks, water, glass. Old things with old souls who she said would not let her budge them. After much training, she was only able to move small objects of metal. Man-crafted, relatively new. With the lightsaber she never got much beyond how to basically hold it without slicing her limbs off the process.

While Brumhilda and Kyle were on a mission for the Academy, they were surprised by a Xander Starkiller, sent by her mother, who had come to fetch the girl. Solo died in the conflict and Brumhilda was dragged away against her will. Again. During her brief stay as her mother's prisoner, her mother sew ropes through her body while keeping her conscious and then hung her a piece of art at the deWinter ball.  Despite her quick healing, the scars given to her from her mother are the only scars she has never healed from, and they continue to adorn her  body till this day.

At the end of the ball, Brumhilda was released, with her mother's promise echoing through her mind ("I am letting you go so that one day you may return, and on that day, my sweet  daughter, you will come willingly and join the Sith as well as me.") she returned to the Jedi. New nightmares ensue and as lack of proper sleep combined with the trauma of losing her master and friend, slowly she begins to hear voices inside her head. As the voices become louder and louder she realizes it is the temple, mirroring the guilt she felt for Solo's death, and soon the Temple itself began to scream inside her head, telling her it was her fault and that she did not deserve to walk its walls until she brought Solo back.

Terrified, Brumhilad left  the Academy on a pirate's ship and ended up joining them as her ability  to communicate with the metals that build the ship make her a form of a  girl/pet. She remains half a year with them, during which they built her a ship of her own; the Fluffy Ship. This was also when Brumhilda stumbled across Jason Starkiller, a boy she liked who only later turned out to be Xander Starkiller's eldest son. The two fell in love and when caught by their parents during the Yule Ball, they decided to get married so they could remain together despite her mother's threats.

Brumhilda rejoined the Jedi, where a master who could handle the mess she was could not be found, and in the meantime was put in charge with care of children. It was a sunny afternoon when she was visited by an old friend, Xan Qenadius, who told her he had captured her mother and tortured her, ripping truth from her lips, and he then informed Brumhilda of how she came to be; the product of incestuous rape.

That was when Brumhilda utterly shattered inside, and became a suicidal and desperate child, constantly seeking ways to end her life without breaking her vows to Jason. If not for Jason's care, she would have most likely succeeded by now.

Important Items:
  • A green crystal, given to her by her  former Jedi Master to keep safe a few days before he was murdered. She always carries it on her in one way or another.
  • A violet crystal, which talked to her  in a crystal cave, convincing her that she would use it when the time to make he blade came. It still hasn't. But she keeps it in a drawer regardless. 
  • The Fluffy Ship:  a tiny ship the size of a small apartment that on the outside, looks as  though it's made entirely out of fluff. The ship was made with the help  of the pirates while Brumhilda was with them.
  • Wedding Ring, given to her by Jason Starkiller on their wedding night. Although she doesn't wear it on her finger, it is constantly with her.
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Brumhilda deWinter [WIP]
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