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Lady Cyrena Báthory Drakul
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Lady Cyrena Báthory Drakul

Principle Title: Duchess of Doan, Formally the Empress of the Sith
Secondary:     Countess of Báthory

CEO of Doan Mining Industries
Vornskr Breeder: Breeds Vornskr's at her estate on Cachtise. Currently has Nyx, Cthulhu, Korbonos, and Thanatos at the Coruscant Estate.

-Rank- Sith Knight
-Master- Lucian Drakul

-Age-                     128
-Species-               Garhoon
-Height-                 5’7''
-Weight-                115
-Eye colour-           Black
-Hair colour-          Black
-Homeworld-          Čachtice Estate, Doan
-Living Situation-   Unknown

-Appearance- Long waist length hair the colour of ebony and skin that glowed like polished alabaster, so much that the perfect black line of eyebrows and the thick black of her lashes were an almost startling contrast. Her lips are stained a brilliant vermilion hue, and her eye makeup dark and perfect. Under normal circumstances, her eyes were twin obsidian orbs, but when the hunger rose, her eyes shift to a tri-coloured grey hue; from charcoal, to storm cloud, to a pale winter’s sky. The last color was a grey so pale that it looked white. Set in almond shaped eyes lined with dark makeup, her eyes were extraordinary.

The Doan Royal House.
Mother: Lady Nicole Delancre Bathory   (Age: 240 Alive)
Father:  Lord Gerran Bathory of Somlyo (Age: 358 Alive)
Sister:   Lady Geneva Bathory                 (Age 126 Alive)

Husband: Emperor Lucian Drakul (deceased)

-Personality- Regal, sadistic, and vain. These are just some of the words to describe Cyrena of Bathory. She is quite the bombshell enigma. Like a darkly elegant ice queen, she glides across the scene with all the poise of a royal goddess; yet hovering behind her placid gaze and deliciously pouting lips is a steel trap that can spring with deadly force at any moment. She is by all accounts, a female serial killer, equal parts brutal and regal with her vainful needs that begged for gendercide. Like a venomous, delicate flower, you must look. But definitely don’t touch.

As the oldest daughter of Lord and Lady Bathory, Cyrena was given every luxury available to her. She is an educated woman, who could read and write in four languages. She was an aristocrat with a disdain for the common folk around her, especially of the mining caste of her homeworld. Despite this, the beautiful mistress of the Cachtice was known for her lustrous black hair, pale skin, and brilliant dark eyes the colour of obsidian. As part of the Noble House of Doan, she has lead and overseen the mining facilities as CEO of Doan Mining Industries and of the mining caste on her home planet.

Cyrena at an early age, was left to manage the family seat-- especially the task of disciplining the servants. The countess carried her 'disciplining' to a point that would be considered sadism. She would beat the girl servants with a heavy club, and she would often stick pins into the upper and lower lips of the girls, their flesh and, and under their fingernails. But what gave her the title of the ‘Bloody Lady of Cachtise’ was her own unique beauty regimen. Dozens of girls were lured, bought, or even kidnapped to satisfy the notorious for murdering young women and bathing in their blood in order to retain her youthful appearance. Rumors began to circulate, people claiming to have heard screams emanating from within the estate s they spoke of disappearing girls and of murder, but no one had dared approach the regal twenty eight year old Countess. After all, she was of royal blood and was especially well connected-- and few would dare to try to prosecute.

A strong business sense
negotiations and protocol, highly educated

The scent of blood. Young females with beautiful skin, preferably within their teens.

Mastered Knight Level Powers
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force Grip
Force Spark

Force Drain
Spear of the Midnight Black

All Neutral Apprentice Powers
All Darkside Apprentice Powers


Last known residence was at her Doan estate, currently traveling to wild space in the search of the Garhoon homeworld, leaving behind her sister as the overseer of the familial properties. 
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Lady Cyrena Báthory Drakul
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