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Uueg Tching(WIP)
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Name- Uueg Tching II

-Profession- Pirate

-Species- Human/ Anzati

-Age- 150

-Height- 6'0''

-Weight- 185lbs


-Distinguishing marks-

-Homeworld- Atrisia

Father: Volfe Karkko (Deceased)
Mother: Empress Oeana Tching( Deceased)
-Half Brother: Char Tching ( Deceased Emperor).
-Nephew: Char's son Eoaq Tching III ( Atrisian Emperor)

-Personality- Uueq from early child hood was a cold and hard creature who addapted into his military role with ease with the Galactic Empire. After the fall he went rogue.

-History- (in the works)

-Strengths- Force Sensitive, Anzati Racial Traits, Assassin Guild Trained, Imperial Academy Trained.

-Weaknesses- Human emotions, Anzati thirst for soup.

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Uueg Tching(WIP)
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added to the bio list!