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Full Name: Razelle Charlotte Breuner

Age: 22
Gender: Female 
Species: Human 
Birthworld: Ando Prime 
Homeworld(s): Endelaan

Legal Status: Fugitive from Imperial law; citizen of Endelaan
Relationship Status: Single
Living Situation: Building herself a house on Endelaan, except when deployed.
Occupation: Special agent for Nessarose deWinter

Affiliation: Nessarose deWinter, and nominally to the Sanguine Potestatem.

Personality: Razelle has been described as "irritating," "paranoid," and "overly bold." Trained as a spy and eventually a double agent, she was taught early on that healthy skepticism keeps you alive. As a result, her trust issues are very easy to spot. On the other hand, she's been known to give complete trust to another as a self-defense mechanism, putting her life in their hands as a signal of either submission or just confidence in her safety. Confidence is a recurring theme with Raz - she knows she's good, and often overestimates how good she is.

Her demeanor can be summed up in two words - casual flirt. Everything and everyone around her with a sense of humor or a nice body is the target of her innuendo at some point or another, usually in the form of either a joke or an insinuation. While she definitely has a lot of sex, it wouldn't be accurate to call her a slut; having a lot of sex is very much the norm on Endelaan. She's got a light-hearted sense of humor and is quite informal for a trained military agent. Then again, the informal demeanor combined with her overconfidence can definitely come off the wrong way to people who don't put up with that kind of thing.
Raz is extremely loyal to Nessarose, which is a new thing for her. In the past, she's been cited as duplicitous, traitorous, and extremely dishonest. At least two of those still hold true today, but not since the two of them met has Razelle ever contemplated betraying Nessa. That said, she doesn't see it as her job or even a good idea to simply stand submissively by and let the Sorceresses push her around just because she doesn't have the ability to kill things with her mind. Her "attitude problem" is notorious among Nessarose's entourage.

Hobbies: Holovids, gymnastics, sex

Physical Stats 
 Nova Terra (Starcraft)
Theme Song: "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who/Limp Bizkit
Motto: "A shot in the dark tends to result in friendly fire."
Height: 5'5" 
Weight: 127 lbs. 
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Other: A few scars, normally covered up by clothes/armor. None on her face, anyway.

General Appearance: Raz is definitely a lovely sight - "eye candy" according to Nessa - which is largely due to her exacting physical training regimen. She's toned and taunt, with visible muscles when she's in a situation where she needs to use them. Her body is quite curvy, considering how athletic she is, but it's still compact enough to move around when necessary. Her hair, back-length and blonde, tends to find itself tied into practical knots and ponytails to keep it out of her way. Normally, when off-duty, she dresses practically and comfortably. During missions, her body is covered in armorweave mesh with plasteel plating, protecting her plenty while keeping her nimble and light.

Combat Training: Razelle's combat training comes mostly from Imperial instructors. This is probably a good thing, considering how unpolished and inefficient the average Alliance combat trainer is with his regimen. She's qualified to handle most small arms and explosives, and got passing marks on several kinds of heavy weapons. Raz earned marksman and sharpshooter medals on a dozen kinds of longblaster and two slugthrowers, and she's a superb shot with most guns she picks up given a few moments to concentrate. In addition to this, Razelle was taught CQC knife fighting and picked up at least the first tier of three separate martial arts styles, which she uses together to accentuate the strengths of each while negating their respective weaknesses.
  • Echani - Analogue to aikido/tai chi. The Echani martial art is smooth and flowing, with liquid strikes and sinuous movements that make it look more like a dance than a combat style. Echani offensive strikes are practiced repeatedly until the motions are perfect, then placed at nerve clusters to have a disabling effect on the body. Defensively, Echani is a grappling style, catching attacks and using the opponent's momentum against them before finding disabling locks.

  • K'thri - Analogue to muay thai. The art of K'thri is cinematic, rapid, and violent. It feels furious and looks fantastic, but trades overwhelming offense for almost any kind of defense. A K'thri practitioner's savage assault is often too fast to find an opening in which to launch a counterattack, but the style lacks effective blocks or counterattacks of its own.

  • K'tara - No analogue. A master of K'tara combines a knowledge of anatomic vulnerabilities with sudden, efficient, and brutal strikes to disable her opponent in the fastest manner possible. Rather than outlast or outfight an opponent, K'tara teaches that a fight won before the enemy is ready to fight back is the greatest victory. The use of pressure points synergizes very well with Echani.
Mechanical Training: While it wasn't the primary aspect of her training, Raz found herself interacting with machines so frequently that she eventually decided to take courses on tech ops and get certified on at least three things: slicing, security, and general maintenance. Since her days as a double agent, these skills have been used more than her combat skills, and she's improved in them as a result. Now, likely being the most tech-savvy person on all of Endelaan, she gets even more work with them than before.
Infiltration: The primary direction Razelle's training went in was infiltration, intelligence, and surveillance. She was taught how to slip past guards surreptitiously, how to inject herself into a given facility's staff without raising too many questions, and the most important parts of a target to observe from which angles and what distances. If it needs to be done discretely, Raz has one hell of a handle on how to do it. Since she first learned how to move without making a sound and how to approach a man from his blind side, there has been no part of her life that has not involved her talent at remaining undetected while learning things she shouldn't.


Complete History: Coming soon.

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Razelle Breuner, Double Reverse Quadruple Agent
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