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Cassandra Thane
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Basic Info

Birth Name:  Thane, Cassandra N.Age:  19
Gender:  FemaleBirthworld:  SocorroHomeworlds:  Corellia, SocorroRacial Heritage:  Human
Legal Status:  Corellian citizen, Socorrian citizenRelationship Status:  SingleOccupation:  Soldier
Affiliation:  Factionless, currentlyRank:  Trainee, currently
Personal Skills:  Cassandra has a wide variety of skills due to necessity.  She is skilled with gun and blade, as well as stealth, deception, and misdirection when necessary.  Over the course of her life, she has learned to speak and understand Galactic Basic, Olys Corellisi (Old Corellian), Devaronese, Drallish, Rodian, Huttese, and she can understand the Selonian language and Shyriiwook.
Personality:  Cassandra has no personality, save that which she is instructed to have - with one exception.  She has been called any number of things - relentless, merciless, savage, fierce, the list goes on.  Through it all, her only other notable trait is a sarcastic sense of humor that is distinctly Corellian in origin.
Known Physical TraitsAvatar:  Cassandra (Dragon Age:  Dawn of the Seeker)Height:  5'6"Weight:  131 lbs.Hair Color:  BlackEye Color:  Brown
Possessions:  Personal clothing.
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Cassandra Thane
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