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Cyllena Tarnarath
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                           Player Contact Info
IM: PM for info

Full name: Cyllena Jade Tarnarath
Nickname: Cy, Lena, CJ
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human, Morellian
Occupation: The Alliance Ground Force
Birthplace: Morellia
Personality: Cyllena seems to be rather taken with looking at the flaws and weaknesses that are present in the other people in the worlds around her. She is rather quick to get jealous of another woman when they get too close to a man Cy might have her eyes on. The woman is a romantic at  heart and yet the ironic part of herself is that she has difficulties when it comes to expressing love or her feelings for another. She is very determined often to the point of being a bit stubborn in the matter. The dark auburn haired female is very temperamental which also leads to her aggressive and hasty nature. If she is too restricted in matters at hand (like with rules made to benefit the wealthy or those that are her superior in rank) Cyllena quickly becomes rebellious. Interestingly enough, this adventurous female also has a good memory for  things, be it small details like someone’s birthmark or a scar upon their face that others might miss, to past transgressions where she or another person was royally wronged and thus must face either her temper or her idea of justice.

  • Color ranging from a light to dirty sea green,
  • precious stones like the turquoise and the blue agate,
  • Lilies,
  • a good ale and/or beer,
  • Horseback (or what counts as a horse) Riding (especially over an open field or along the coast)

  • Authority that are bullies
  • Small tight places (She has Claustrophobia)
  • Being Locked in an Enclosed Space (She has Cleithrophobia)
  • Bright 'Girly' Colors
  • Being Viewed as being weak just cause she's a female

Height: 5'10"
Weight: ranging from 150 to 160lbs.
Hair Color/Style/Texture: Russet Brunette with Highlights of Rich Auburn, messy soft waves often worn down or in a single loose braid, draped over the right shoulder. But also dyes it a bright red, blonde and even a dark brown... depending on her mission.
Eye Color/Shape: Gunmetal Blue, Almond
Identifying Marks: Scars from past battles
Skin Tone: Ivory to Pale ocher skin tone
Build: Slender, Lean Athletic (toned but not bulky muscular build)
Detailed Description: Cyllena was born with a diamond shaped facial structure that features a slightly upturned nose making the nasal  openings slightly visible, almond shaped eyes that are slightly hooded,  hidden beneath low softly angled eyebrows. Rounding up the unique features many sculptors and artists would love to capture upon canvas or  in stone, are the woman’s lips with their thin upper portion and a fuller bottom lip that many a man would die trying to kiss and nibble upon. Well that would be if they could get past the smack to the face by  the bludgeoning end of the rope dart she welds. Cyllena hates that she was ‘blessed’ with ivory to pale ocher skin tone, but doesn’t mind admitting that her slender, lean athletic form comes from the years she has put into staying in shape and healthy.  The woman understands that to many she appears as a toned but not bulky in her muscular build, of course she only really has enough muscle so she can lift and move things  without having to ask some guy for help.
Clothing: Opting to wear clothing  that is a mix of cloth and leather, when not wearing her armor, she might easily be confused or mistaken for being a woman of Corellian descent, though she is not. Her usual choice in garments are a light sea green blouse top, wrapped at the waist by a leather decorative corset, and a small vest over her shoulder blades. Hanging slightly from her hips is a mix of leather and cloth belt with a loincloth like flap and many dangling ‘fringe’, that almost end at the ankle of her knee high riding style leather boots. Her  hair she wears comfortably down or in a single loose braid that is usually drooped over her right shoulder. This is done so it doesn’t get in the way when she is in the middle of a fight or battle with her rope dart, prevents dangling up in the weapon’s ‘handle’. Cyllena does not wear makeup though many think she wears a bit of rouge upon her high crested cheek bones or even applies paint upon her lips. Cyllena would rather drive a dagger into her gut then act in such a girly fashion.
Equipment: Enforcer Blaster and a Energy Crossbow
Skills: (Ordinary everyday skills)
Hand to Hand Combat
Melee Combat
Ranged Combat
Wilderness Survival
Basic Wound Care
Handiness: Right handed mostly, but oddly eats with the left hand.

Father: Joseph Tarnarath

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Cyllena Tarnarath
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