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Darth Immortus: Current Threads
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Completed Threads
Cabal Therapy - Darth Immortus' coup on Ketaris
The Breakdown - A Day of Reckoning - Immortus takes control of Taris
Gathering Power - Immortus names Darth Cerrabus as the Dark Lord of the Sith
Unification - Celebration of the Empire's unification and resurgence
Lightning War - Imperial takeover of Bastion
Honey, I'm Home - Personal with Saelia Serath
Cruel Ultimatum - Diplomatic summit between the Empire and the Alliance
Slaughter Pact - Meeting between the Empire and Kuat Drive Yards/Cameron Centurion
Let's Make it a Night - Charitable soiree' on Ketaris
Dark Rituals - Diplomatic summit between the Empire and the Sanguine Potestatem
Do Bundle Up, it's a Bit Nippy - Imperial takeover of Mygeeto
We Can Build You - Imperial faction purchase of genetic research laboratories
Our Goal is Singular - Imperial faction purchase of shipyard on Taris

Current Threads
Pardon Our Past - Diplomatic thread between the Empire and the Witches of Dathomir
Primus Inter Pares - Personal with Saelia Serath
Matters of Extraordinary Delicacy - Expedition with Saelia Serath
The Price of Progress - Mission with Cameron Centurion
My Husband, the Pig - Personal with Saelia Serath
Unstoppable - Faction takeover of Muunilinst
My Husband, the Pig - Personal with Miles Penneford and Saelia Serath
Six Meetings Before Lunch - Personal with Saelia Serath
Talk It Out - Personal with Miles Penneford
Come to Jesus - Personal with Avadreia Lacroix
A Plan of Attack - Personal training thread
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